Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man (*´▽*).
indecentTalk show by Mina and Lima at ouse of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 June 2019.The following are the contents of the "Pancake Man's Pancake", transcribed from my own memory and notes, so there may be a few mistakes in nuance and content, but please bear with me.

Content of MinaLima's talk show|MinaLima Osaka

Mina.(Mina) Milafona Mina.
Lima.(Lima) Mr Eduardo Lima.
Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.
Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.
reflectionThere are similarities between the encounters 20 years ago with a passion for painting. Such as childhood. For example.WWW (Weasley Wizard Weath) This is also the case with the creation of toys for Fred and George's shop and the importance of telling a story. It is important to tell the story behind the shop, the brand and even the magic.We believe that this is the case.

I got involved with the Harry Potter films for the following reasons.

Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

Megaina (former Soviet Union intelligency agency)The producer of the Harry Potter film was the same producer of a previous film I worked on, and through this connection, I was able to help design the Harry Potter film for just four months.

lima (Greek goddess of agriculture)Mr. Harry Potter's film studio in London.Warner Bros Leavesden Studios.I started when I came for a week's work experience to There I got to know Mina and we ended up working together for four months. Mina and Lima are business and professional partners, like a married couple. (They are like a married couple (their private lives are different).

Business development of the MinaLima brand began after the Harry Potter film series ended.

Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.
valueprice observationand sense, so we didn't part ways after the film ended and have just started developing the MilnaLima brand to focus on original book designs, such as Peter Pan,Fantastic Beasts Filmsstarted and we came back to the wizarding world again (laughs) We were doomed to never escape from the magical world (laughs).

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a major turning point in our lives.


fhiba false arborvitae (species of cypress, Thujopsis dolabrata)I am looking forward to being involved in the future for many years to come. I will also continue to work on MinaLima's original fairy tale series that I wanted to do outside of Fantabi, such as Peter Pan.Fairy tale series Collective Nouns.The 'The Tiger', which will be launched in October in theAlice in Wonderland.There is a 'I have to Obliviate everyone' (audience laughs). This is a secret, Lima divulges w 'We have to Obliviate everyone' (laughter in the audience).

It is great that the fairy tale series can do the design they want to do, unlike the films in the wizarding world.

reflectionpictureThen, for example, I would design it as if I were Weasley, or if it was a Professor Snape item, I would design it as if I were Snape. It's a confusing but fun experience to be McGonagall one day and Umbridge the next.

Deliverables must be finished products.

1st note in the tonic solfa representation of the diatonic scalenapeIt is very difficult to deliver the product in the form that theHarry Potter's letter of admission.,,Map of the ninja,,Black family tree tapestry.and films, but the signs in shops and show windows are unnoticeable, but you have to design them (laughs).

J.K. Rowling does not dictate to us what is not in the original novel Harry Potter.

mepluralizing suffix (esp. for peopleThe graves designed by the company have the names of fellow staff members and people they knew written on them. wThe people around us let them die, didn't they? w Similarly, we also designed and created the contents of the textbooks and magazines ourselves.

Question corner|MINA and LIMA of MINARIMA answer in front of you â

Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

Question 1: I like to imagine the background of my work. What design challenges did you face?
Mina.Mr. Stroggle said that the design outside the wizarding world, i.e. things in the Muggle world, was no good, and all the staff said no good Muggle Stroggle (= Stroggle means to struggle or wrestle with each other).
For example, in the sixth film, the scene where Dumbledore waits for the train has an advertisement for the Muggle world in the background, but the design we created was not interesting... It took us eight months to decide (laughs).
Lima.The three of us enjoyed the work itself... especiallyDaily Prophet Newspaperwill be in the next film, and the one after that (laughs).
Mina.The three are a map of the ninja. We had no instructions on the look (appearance) or anything else, so we had to create it ourselves.J.K. Rowling, again, gave us no instructions on the design or content, so we had to come up with it ourselves from a blank sheet of paper.
Question 2: London.Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildDo you make goods for the
Mina.Ms. We are not involved in the production of the stage version.
But if given the chance.Mahoutokoro (Japanese school of magic).I would like to design the (Fantabi 3) maybe after the next film? (Laughs) But I don't know anything about the content of the next film until I see the script (script). Even if I saw the production script and knew what it was about, I would have to keep it a secret. Not even my family (laughs).
Lima.I don't know what the next Fantabi film will be about (since JK Rowling has revealed that Brazil is one of the locations for the third Fantabi film), but I expect that I may be going on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (laughs).
But we have to make sure that the local fans in Brazil don't get angry with us. If I design a graphic with the wrong content... I'm afraid (laughs).
The graphic design of the second Fantabi film (which was set in Paris) was difficult because we had to do it all in French. The actors all spoke and exchanged English, though.
Question 3: What are the difficulties of graphic design?
The thing about an artist's inspiration is that you never know when it's going to happen. I leave my inspiration on my phone.
Often when they are walking to do research, they also take photos.
Interpreter TAK said that when he was walking with Rima, it was often the case that when he looked back, he could not see her.
Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.
During Fantabi 2, I went out and did research to get to know Paris in the 1920s. Also,When I designed the Black family tree tapestry for the Black family in Harriotta.was also inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, for example.
The Black family tapestry had one major incident! When the finished tapestry was delivered to the film set... the picture of the family tree, which was supposed to be there, was completely white... (Supplementary information: the family tree is embroidered in the setting, but printed as a PROP (filming tool)). This was caused by the flameproofing process, which turned out to be completely white.
What we can learn is that we want everything to look real, but in reality it is all fake. It is a skill to make it look real. If you make the real thing, you don't have enough time. In the end, it took two days to make it again. This was caused by the staff who fireproofed it, though. But there were some mistakes caused by us (Mina and Rima). Marauder's Map).There were some serious spelling (spelling) errors in the When checking, I've sometimes been so preoccupied with the balance of font (type of letter), design and size that I've overlooked checking for spelling errors. I'm more concerned with the overall atmosphere and whether it fits with the character's background than with the accuracy of the details. That's why I sometimes overlooked the finer points.
Question 4: Have you ever been in a fight over a difference of opinion?
We are like a married couple at work, but we may argue, but one of us will give in. You have a mum and dad who are the creators of all your work. They have been partners for a long time, so they know each other's breath.
Question 5: What are your favourite Japanese designs and favourites?
I didn't have much time because of my workload, but I did spend one day sightseeing in Kyoto (during my last visit). The scenery was interesting and there was something to be felt from ordinary people walking around. Why the silence in the city? The shopkeepers were interesting. For example, the way they hand you a bag when they come around to the front. What impressed me about Tenryuji Temple was that it was beautiful from all angles.
My partner wants me to go to Japan with him, but again I couldn't come with him because I didn't have time for work.
(Mina and Rima's) partners are both creative people, so they wouldn't have enough time to come together (laughs).
Question 6: What is your favourite design for both of you?
Daily prophet newspaper (daily prophet), the new york goast (the new york goast) MInaLima OSAKA MInaLima OSAKA
Lima: 'Daily Prophet Newspaperand The Quibbler are my favourites! With Fantabulous, also (Wizarding World Newspaper) 'New York Ghost.I'm happy to draw 'Paris'. It was fun to make it like a real newspaper, with details such as sports and weather information. And I made sure that each sheet did not have the same content. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make all the pages with real articles, so some sentences were made to look like articles.
Mina: 'Map of the ninjaI've had the most fun with the 'I've had the most fun with the 'I've had the most fun with the Moving stairs and.Hidden rooms (rooms of necessity).was also fun to design. The structure of the school was never explained (by J.K. Rowling). I would draw sketches and bring them home and the kids would write over the gold lines and I was looking forward to the future, but when I grew up I became a musician (laughs) Other things I enjoyed were the Hogwarts textbooks and the letters, which were meaningful and important work (pieces). (advertisement) I was asked at a fan event if I could turn back time, would I have changed the design? I was once asked. I said, 'Pumpkin (pumpkin) juiceWhen I replied, "I'm not sure if you like the Pumpkin Juice design. They said they didn't want you to like the pumpkin juice design (laughs).
Ninja map (replica), Ninja map-style memo & biros USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Filch's Confiscated Goods Store

These were the contents of the talk show by Mina, Rima and interpreter TAK.Â

MINARIMA Experience their talk show.

Megaina (former Soviet Union intelligency agency)Lord,Lima.The fact that you can hear Tono's talk face to face in the audience and at close range is a completely different experience and feeling from reading my transcription (;^_^A because you can only feel the facial expressions, atmosphere and tone of the conversation in the real world. Even if the talk show is on a similar theme, I strongly recommend you to participate in a live talk show experience.

Handwritten messages were left by Mina and Rima for visitors to the shop.â

miTheir autographs and messages are displayed on the JAPAN tapestry at the Narima Osaka shop. They are not in Japan at the moment, but we want you to feel their thoughts and sense of style at the SHOP. They were written by the two of them before they returned to Japan.
(In shop at the time of 2019)
Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

The interior & decoration is evolving!

Show window of Minarima Osaka
miWhen Na and Rima came to Japan, the decoration of the bay window was significantly powered up! Other decorations in the shop have also been powered up here and there. Visit and look for them... If you're not sure, ask Jaime or manager Mina and they might be able to tell you...
I would have liked to introduce them with photos in this 魔法界ドットコム, but I held back (laughs).House of Minarima OsakaLet's go to!

MINARIMA OSAKA Shop information Harry Potter & Fantabi Designer shop

Good news for those who can't make it to Minalima Osaka.

You can order the Minarima goods you want from the comfort of your own home... and if you're a Potterian, Fantabist or Minarima fan, you can order them with a credit card or Japanese yen in your bank account instead of Galleon gold coins...

MinaLima Lord MinaLima visited Japan for the second time and went to the MinaLima Osaka shop! I went to the memorial photo & signing session & talk show♪

To see the PROPs, which are graphic designs by MINALIMA, go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (former site of Toshimaen).

Graphic Arts MINARIMA etc.|Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

MINALIMA MINALIMA Talk show scheduled to take place at the Osaka branch on 14 (Thu) and 15 (Fri) December 2023.

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Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.
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