MAHOU DOKORO, Haripota Shop.

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MAHOU DOKORO is the name of the limited-time pop-up shop and permanent online store opened by the operating company BENELIC in July 2021 as the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts merchandise shop.

MAHOU DOKORO online store information

Mahoudokoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop Permanent branch born â

A permanent shop, Mahoudokoro Akasaka, opened in Akasaka, Tokyo | from June 2022.

Mahou Dokoro Mahou Dokoro opens in Akasaka, Tokyo! Harry Potter goods shop from 16 June 2022 (Thursday)

[Visit report] Mahoudokoro Akasaka wizarding world street shop Harry Potter goods and Fantabi-items New products and photo spot 9 and three-quarter line â

[Reservation method] Mahoudokoro Akasaka Start reserving the date and time of entry in advance on line.

Harry Potter Mahoudokoro Sakae Park Store Permanent shop established (Nagoya, Aichi).

'Harry Potter Mahoudokoro' Sakae, Nagoya, 'Oasis 21', 29 September 2023 (Friday), to be opened as a permanent store♪ (Aichi Prefecture)

Visit Report] Harry Potter Mahoudokoro Nagoya Haripota & Fantabi Collectibles

Pop-up shop as the official Harry Potter merchandise shop in Japan [seeDolly Varden (goddess of wealth)The company] has stalls in department stores and commercial event areas, mainly in Tokyo, on an irregular basis. For information on stalls in each location, please refer to the report page at the bottom.

MAHOU DOKORO and Wizarding World Best Merchandise Collection (also known as Wizacolle, formerly Potacolle ), Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts ( Fantastic Beasts) merchandise sales events. Wizacolle was an irregular, limited-time pop-up shop that closed in June 2021.

  • 25 August 2023.
  • 3 November 2023.

'Harry Potter Mahoudokoro' Sakae, Nagoya, 'Oasis 21', 29 September 2023 (Fri) Permanent shop to be opened♪ (Aichi Prefecture) Further information to follow.

Harry Potter goods shop Mahoudokoro is born in Sakae, Nagoya! Benelic Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Yokoyama), operating in partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products, is pleased to announce the launch of the Harry Potter merchandise shop in the hit film series, Harry Potter [...].