Black family tree tapestry.

MinaLima Osaka's best spots â- Daily Prophet Newspaper (prop PROP used for filming the movie), leave a message in the Hogwarts notebook â- Huge Black family tree on the wall! More realistic♪

Hello! I'm Pancake Man Dumbledore and this is my decision.
Welcome to  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome  Welcome Â

Harry Potter's designer shop, TheHouse of MinaLima OsakaHave you already been to 'The World's Most Beautiful Place'? What? Not yet? That's... a very wasteful thing to say... www. It's a wonderful wizarding world and I urge you to visit.

Table of Contents

Minalima OsakaWe will introduce [hidden spots], [recommended goods] and [photo spots] where you can further enjoy the

HOUSE OF MINALIMA OSAKA, exterior of shop, March 2021.

Now, I'll get right down to it, so listen carefully... oops, it's letters, so read it with your eyes... (laughs)

[Hidden spot] Paper planes in Harry Potter's Ministry of Magic liaison memo|MinaLima Osaka.

Harry Potter Ministry of Magic internal liaison memo paper planes (Minarima Osaka).

Paper aeroplane from the Ministry of Magic in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Purple paper with an 'M' for Ministry of Magic. I wonder what's inside.

[Hidden spot] New Salem Salvation Army distribution leaflet from Fantabi|Minalima Osaka.


New Salem Salvation Army Mary Lou Barebone distribution leaflet (Minarima Osaka shop).
Film props (PROP) replica from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).
Save america from witchies!
Photo of Mary Lou Barebone of the New Salem Salvation Army.

[Hidden spot] Letters from Hogwarts - Letter of Admission|Minalima Osaka

Envelope from Hogwarts (Minarima Osaka).

The merchandise on display suspended from the ceiling is a MinaLima art print of Harry Potter's Hogwarts acceptance letter. Many letters from Hogwarts dance above it.Â

PROP replica Hogwarts admission envelopes dancing near the ceiling of the back table and PROP replica Hogwarts admission letter in the centre|Minalima Osaka.


PROP replicas identical to the real envelopes from the Hogwarts acceptance letters are also available (MinaLimaOSAKA) MinaLima Osaka

Hogwarts Envelopes and Letters of Acceptance, handwritten by MnaLima â™" i.e. envelopes and letters handmade for you one by one by the designer who created the real thing, Mister Mirafola Mina. In other words, the real thing! The Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance, handwritten and addressed by MinaLima, is presented in a dark blue case.

PROP replicas identical to the real envelopes from the Hogwarts acceptance letters are also available (MinaLimaOSAKA) MinaLima Osaka

2. 2. Are there envelopes and a dark blue case in the centre of the admission letter that dances near the ceiling behind the counter? For those who do not know so, this contains a similar envelope and letter to the real thing!

PROP replicas identical to the real envelopes from the Hogwarts acceptance letters are also available (MinaLimaOSAKA) MinaLima Osaka

You can watch Mina of Mina Lima's production on a tablet monitor... The price is 233,800 yen as of 2021. Addresses can be tailor-made according to your own wishes other than Harry Potter.
Apr 2022 Price ¥ 398,800 Aug 2023 Price ¥ 574,800

See manager Mina's Instagram. w

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MINALIMA Osaka branch????. . The letter of acceptance to the school of magic, handwritten by Mirafola Mina, one of the designers of MINALIMA, arrived from London today: ????? The letter is on display and for sale at the MINALIMA Osaka shop? . The letter is also included in the envelope? . The letter can be made to order with your name on it. For more information, please contact our staff. . MINALIMA Osaka shop OPEN Every day 12-7pm ? 1-10-11 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan. #houseofminalima #london #minalimadesign #minalima #harrypotter #hogwarts #acceptanceletter #handmade 1TP7 Todermade #original #owl #???? ?? #? #??#???? # Minalima # Harry Potter # School of Witchcraft # Hogwarts # Admissions # Handmade # Custom-made #?

?Mina?A post shared by @thisisminachanx -.

With 'Hogwarts Permits and Letters' of the same quality as this film prop,The Dursleys, 4 Privet Street, in Harry Potter Studio Tour London.The best way to get the most brilliant photo is to take a photo with a It will be a picture of the best of the best!
With 'Hogwarts Permits and Letters' of the same quality as this film prop,The Dursleys, 4 Privet Street, Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo.The best way to get the most brilliant photo is to take a photo with a It will be a picture of the best of the best!

[Hidden spot] W.W.W. (Weasley Wizard Wheezes) packages and round cards|Minalima Osaka.

Weasley Wizard Weeds Prop in MinaLimaOsaka

MinaLima Osaka.Weasley Wizard Weeds decoration. Shop run by Weasley's mischievous twins 'Fred' and 'George'.s graphic design products, shop interiors and art prints.

[Hidden spot] W.W.W. Cornstalk Style Box at Sneaky Snacks|Minalima Osaka

[Hidden spot] W.W.W. Corn style box of sneaky snacks Minarima Osaka.

MinaLima Osaka W.W.W. (Weasley Wizard Weeds).The corn-style box of the Harry Potter merchandise is on display and unfortunately not available for sale as Harry Potter merchandise.

[Hidden spot] Let's look for the floor tiles too...

MINARIMA OSAKA There are also [hidden spots] hidden in the floor...

MinaLima Osaka

[Hidden spot] Tile sheets for the 'Cheating Snack Box'|Minalima Osaka.

[Hidden spot] Tile sheet from 'The Cheating Snack Box', Minarima Osaka.

There will be more to come... and maybe even a tile sheet for Principal Dumbledore.

[Hidden spot] Nostalgic Harry Potter footage|Minalima Osaka.

[Hidden spot] Nostalgic Harry Potter video A video is playing to introduce the graphic design.

MinaLima OSAKA

The picture shows Dumbledore showing Harry the memory jar.
The label on the bottle is stunningly beautiful, but it was designed by MinaLima.Â
Those who wish to watch at their leisure may take out the chairs that fold down in front of them. (As of December 2022.unavailableNo seating allowed(Is)

Minarima Osaka In shop

MinaLima OSAKA

[Hidden spot] Authenticity of the Daily Prophet newspaper! Props used in the filming of the Fantabi & Harriotta movies (PROP)

THE NEW YORK GHOST, the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Harry Potter PROP (movie props), Minarima Osaka.

MinaLima OSAKA The new york ghost

Top right: *The new york ghost*, Fantabi-era newspaper, 6 December 1926.
Below right: *The WIZARD'S VOICE, Fantabi-era newspaper, 6 December 1926.

MinaLimaOsaka THE DAILY PROPHET (Daily Prophet Newspaper) Film Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter PROP (movie prop) MinaLimaOsaka

MinaLima Osaka THE DAILY PROPHET (Daily Prophet Newspaper)

Medium:*THE DAILY PROPHET (The Daily Prophet) *Published 29 November 1926.

This issue has a picture of Hogwarts, but the date of publication indicates that it is from the Fantabi-era.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter PROP (movie props) Minarima Osaka

MinaLima Osaka THE DAILY PROPHET (Daily Prophet Newspaper)

Family Salvaged in Latest Death Eater Attack
Is you know who is recruiting albania's giants?
This article is from the Harry Potter-era Daily Prophet newspaper... around the Half-Blood Prince.

[Hidden spot] Leave a commemorative message in a Hogwarts notebook.

Commemorative note on visit MINALIMA OSAKA MINALIMA OSAKA in JAPAN

MinaLima Osaka GuestBook

Minarima Osaka staff prepare a 'guest book'!

The antique wooden desk is just like a classroom at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Feel free to sit down and write down your thoughts on your visit to MinaLima... These notebooks are used by the students of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of the Fantabi-era. They are also on sale here.

Commemorative note on visit MINALIMA OSAKA MINALIMA OSAKA in JAPAN

Write to the guestbook â†' model: Shinoki

Staff of Minarima Osaka, 'Guest Book', March 2021, Book 5.

As of March 2021, the MinaLima Osaka guestbook is also the no.5 5 guestbook. And the notebook is a Hogwarts notebook from the Harry Potter era.Â

Recommended goods] Art prints of textbooks and book designs|Minalima Osaka

Art print Hogwarts textbook design MINALIMA OSAKA MINALIMA OSAKA in JAPAN
House of MinaLima OSAKA art print

Top left: how to recognise Umbridge's Unholy Blood Top middle: the Beetle's Tale Top right: textbook on Potions.
Bottom left: this is magic by Gilderoy Lockhart Bottom middle: history of Hogwarts Bottom right: SECRETS of the DARKEST ART 'Deepest Darkest Art'.
Particularly shibboleths are the 'Deep Dark Mysteries' in the bottom right-hand corner of the WWW. Anyone who knows what this book is about deserves to be called a true Potterian (laughs).

Recommended goods] Notebooks with Hogwarts textbook designs.


House of Minalima Osaka Hogwarts Textbook Design Notebook
1. A History of Magic A History of Magic Journal
2.Advanced Potion-Making Advanced Potion-Making ? Edition II Journal
3. defence against the dark arts Dark Arts Defence: Basics for Beginners Journal
4. phantom animals and their habitats Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Journal
5.History of Hogwarts Hogwarts: A History Journal
6.The Tales of Beedle the Bard Journal

Recommended goods] Tapestry of Nagini (Maledictus) PROP Replica

Minarima Osaka [Recommended Merchandise] Nagini (Maledictus) tapestry PROP replica Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie Fantastic Beasts and the Birth of the Black Wizard.

It's a new Fantabi 2 item... and the price is... expensive.

[Photo spot] Wallpaper for the Black family tree tapestry.

Minarima Osaka Wall-to-wall Black family tree tapestry Replica Wallpaper
House of Minalima Osaka Commemorative photo with the Black family tree on the wall.

The big-sized Black family tree was also introduced at the 2018 Hankyu UK Fair, but now it's even more powerful! The texture and feel of the "Black Family Tree" wallpaper is now even more realistic, just like the real thing (PROP).

Minalima Osaka Black family tree|Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy.

MinaLima Osaka, Draco Malfoy of the Black family tree.
Draco Malfoy.

Minalima Osaka Black family tree|Bellatrix Lestrange.

Belatrix Lestrange


Bellatrix Lestrange, MinaLima Osaka, Black family tree.
Bellatrix Lestrange.

Minarima Osaka Black family tree|Sirius Black.

Sirius Black.


MinaLima Osaka, Sirius Black of the Black family tree.
Sirius Black.

Minalima Osaka Black family tree|Regulus Black.

Regulus Black.

Minarima Osaka Black family tree Regulus Black.

Regulus is already deceased (dead), so his face is painted as a skeleton.

MINARIMA OSAKA Black family tree 4 Locations.


Regulus, Sirius, Bellatrix and Draco are located on the far right of the Black family tree.


Minarima Osaka Black family tree|Alphard, Andromeda Tonks (née Black).


  1. Alphard Black
  2. Andromeda Black (Andoromeda Tonks | Black)

Alford has also been burned off the face of the family tree. The reason is that he was excluded from the Black family because he provided funds to support Sirius' lifestyle after he left the Black family.

This is because Andromeda Black married Ted Tonks. Andromeda and Ted are the parents of Nymphadora Tonks.

MINARIMA OSAKA Black family tree|Narcissa Black.


Narcissa Black (Narcissa Black).

Narcissa married Lucius Malfoy and changed her sex to Narcissa Malfoy and, as you know, she is the mother of Draco Malfoy and a biological sister to Bellatrix.

7 places in the Black family tree.


For a summary of Harry Potter's family tree (relationships), see this summary.

If you visit Minalima Osaka, please look for it and take a souvenir photo.â

The authentic (PROP) 'Black Family Tree Tapestry' used for filming the movie is on display at the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London.The following is a summary of the information provided.

attention (heed)
The wall is expected to only be visible for a limited period of time, although it has not been decided when this will change, but art prints will be displayed on the wall after a while, so those who want to see and photograph only the Black family tree should hurry to Osaka/Minamihorie!
but due to its great popularity, as of April 2022, it is still on display on the walls of the 'Black family tree'.Â

Photo frame for wanted persons (for photo spots)

[Photo spot] Wanted photo frame (for photography), free to use.
MINALIMA OSAKA Photo frames for photography

You can feel like Sirius Black! You can freely use it to take a commemorative photo of your visit to the shop... and of course, it's free... Sirius Black's wanted poster-style photo frame.

[Photo spot] Tapestry of MinaLima Japan|MinaLima Osaka

MinaLima Osaka [Photo spot] Tapestry of MinaLima Japan.

  Take a photo in a unique pose in front of the commemorative design tapestry of MinaLima Japan.
You can take a photo with the photo frame and tapestry (≥▽≦)b

The tapestry is being changed to another tapestry from spring 2022.

Photo spot] Exterior and bay window of Minarima Osaka.

[Photo spot] Exterior and bay window of Minalima Osaka, Hary Potter & Fantabi & Minarima.
House of MinaLima OSAKA's bay windows also have a great layout

The exterior is also picturesque wherever it is photographed... The decorations in the bay window show windows are changed on an irregular basis. The photo shows it as it was when it first opened.

[Photo spot] With large fingers on the wall.

[Photo spot] With big fingers on the wall Paint the outside wall of the Minalima Osaka shop.
House of MinaLima OSAKA On the right side of the exterior

W in line with the index finger, which is typical of the MinaLima design.

Please note: When filming outside shops, please be aware of passers-by and cars, and do not disturb them.
Also, if you come here by bicycle or other means, please be careful not to park in an obstructive area!

[Photo spot] Jamie, a member of staff.

[Photo spot] Jamie, a staff member! Minalima Osaka.

Sorry! We've also introduced Jamie, the face of MinaLima Osaka, as a photo spot. If you're lucky enough to meet Jamie and he's not busy! If you're not too busy, you might be lucky! (If you are lucky enough to meet Jamie, you will be happy with your life... I don't know...)

The cheerful staff of Minarima Osaka â

The cheerful staff of MINALIMA OSAKA Jamie Tak Mina
MINALIMA OSAKA Mister Jamie, Mister TAKU, Mister Mina

This report will definitely make you want to go to MinaLima.

House of MinaLima OSAKA Store information (opening hours, map etc.)

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We will try our best to write even more enjoyable articles for you to enjoy...

Black family tree tapestry.
Check for updates!