This is the category page for minalima on minalima stands for House Of MinaLima, a brand by two designers from the HarryPotter and Fantasticebeasts films. HarryPotter and Fantasticebeasts. As of June 2021, there are three physical shops worldwide.

  1. House of MINALIMA, London, UK (main branch of MINALIMA London).
  2. Japan House of MINALIMA OSAKA, Osaka, Japan
  3. New York, USA In Harry Potter New York shop (Minalima New York)

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  • 14 May 2023.
  • 13 September 2023.

MINARIMA Osaka Maruzen Marunouchi 'British Exhibition' Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts graphic items on display 10 May (Wed) - 23 May (Tue), 2023.

Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store, 4th Floor, Western Book Corner "Haripota, Fantavi & Minarima Area" More items and expanded business ♪ September 2023 Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store "British Exhibition" Maruzen British Fair A British exhibition is being held at the Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store, a large bookshop located right next to Tokyo Station. [...].

  • 16 October 2022.
  • 21 November 2023.

The Magic of MinaLima (English edition) was wonderful! Love at first sight when I saw the actual book♪ MinaLima Osaka Sales start♪ The Magic of MinaLima (Japanese edition) 20 January 2023! Pre-orders begin♪

THE MAGIC OF MINALIMA Starts selling in MINALIMA OSAKA ♪ 15 October 2022 Pre-sales have started at MINALIMA OSAKA shops ahead of the commercial date. The Magic of Minalima" is the name of the graphic designer duo "Mina" from the Harry Potter films [...].