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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) Introduces and explains the wizarding world of Harry Potter, with a particular focus on USJ (Univa in Japan).

USJ Harry Potter area General menu How to play summary MAHOUKAI.COMFirstly, if you're new to what's in the Harry Potter area and don't know anything about it.USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary to see what's on offer, what you can play with, what's fun and what you can eat.

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  • 10 April 2023.
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USJ [New] Hogwarts Four Dormitory T-shirts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff), Hogwarts Crest T-shirt, Hogsmeade Village Sign T-shirt (white, navy), Hogwarts Express logo T-shirt USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Filch's Confiscated Goods Store,

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man from Wizarding World.com (*´▽*) No. USJ [New products] Hogwarts Fourth Dormitory T-shirt, Hogwarts crest T-shirt, Hogsmeade Village sign T-shirt, Hogwarts Express logo T-shirt "Harry Potter Area" Universal Studios [...].

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Summary of Harry Potter (former Toshimaen site) admission ticket reservations and purchases|Studio Tour Tokyo

This section provides tips and information on how to book and purchase tickets for the Harry Potter 'Studio Tour Tokyo', which will open on the site of the former Tokyo 'Toshimaen'. As the number of pre- and post-ticket purchase reports has increased, we have created an organised summary page. If you read this page, you will be able to get a better understanding of the "Harry Potter Studio [...]".