HOUSE OF MINALIMA OSAKA, exterior of shop, March 2021.

House of MinaLima OSAKA Graphic designer shop for Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts

House of MinaLima, the shop of London's favourite Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts film graphic designer duo.opened a branch in Japan as 'House of Minalima Osaka'.

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House of MINALIMA opens a shop in Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan.

House of MinaLima OSAKA | Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Graphic Designer "s Store

MINALIMA OSAKA show windows on the exterior of the shop.

Photo: September 2023 Show window of MINALIMA Osaka MINALIMA's Rima (left) and Mina (right) welcome you to the show window of MINALIMA Osaka.

Opening date: 12 April 2019 (Friday)

Hello! This is Pancake Man the Wizard of 魔法界ドットコム with big news for witches & wizards in Japan! As we have already announced on 魔法界ドットコム & Twitter, the House of Minarima in the UK has expanded to Japan and Minarima Osaka has finally, finally opened! The opening day was packed with Harry Potter fans before opening time.

Period of operation: operation will be extended beyond November 2020!

Minalima Osaka was open for a limited period of time from 12 April 2019 to October 2020, but has been further extended beyond November 2020 for fans of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Minalima, and Minalima Osaka is still open.Â

Celebrated 4th anniversary of opening!On 12 April 2023, Minalima Osaka celebrated its fourth anniversary since its opening... Congratulations!


House of MinaLima OSAKA

Photo House of MinaLima OSAKA, April 2019, shop exterior when it first opened.

Minalima Osaka

HOUSE OF MINALIMA OSAKA, exterior of shop, March 2021.

Photo House of MinaLima OSAKA, March 2021.

Magic of Minarima Japanese edition Sales start Friday, 20 January 2023 - Minarima Osaka.

Photo House of MinaLima OSAKA, January 2023.

name of a shopHouse of MinaLima OSAKA
business conditionsHarry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Movie This is the merchandise shop of the graphic designer of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films, among others.
Products for saleHarry Potter-related books, notebooks, posters, art prints, film prop replicas, postcards, tote bags, etc.
address (e.g. of house)Nishitani Building 1F, 1-10-11 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka (next to the entrance of Building 2)
Nearest stationOsaka Metro (underground) Yotsubashi Line, Yotsubashi Station, south ticket exit (approx. 4-minute walk)
Osaka Metro (underground) Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi station (approx. 7 mins walk)
Osaka Metro (underground) Yotsubashi Line, Namba Station, North Ticket Exit (approx. 8-minute walk)
Osaka Namba Station, Hanshin Namba Line/Kintetsu Namba Line (approx. 10 mins walk)
Osaka Metro (underground) Midosuji Line Namba station (approx. 12 mins walk)
Sakuragawa Station, Hanshin Namba Line (approx. 15 mins' walk)
regular closing dayNo 1 Januaryclose (closed)
opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)12:00-19:00.
Telephone number06-6648-8246
Method of paymentCash, various credit cards, QR code payments (e.g. PayPay)
parking lotwithout
(Coin-operated parking available nearby).

(as of September 2023).

MinaLima OSAKA MinaLima OSAKA Shop exterior


House of MinaLima OSAKA Store exterior

The exterior of the Minalima Osaka branch.HOUSE OF MINALIMAand the words '.LONDON.' and '.OSAKAThe theme colour of the Minalima Osaka shop is a pinkish red colour, just like the London shop.

MinaLima OSAKA MinaLima OSAKA Atmosphere.

House of MinaLima OSAKA House of MinaLima OSAKA Storefront.

Minalima OsakaThe shop is also the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best! A parade of fun Harry Potter goods & interiors âGiant 'TheBlack family tree'Wall-to-wall'.The only thing that cannot be photographed is the content of the book. The only thing that is not allowed is the content of the book.

House of MinaLima OSAKA Huge Black family tree Tapestry wallpaper

On the right.MinaLima JAPANA photo spot in front of a large tapestry design of the (now replaced by a different tapestry as of 2023)

andSirius Black's 'Wanted' photo frame. There are also.

Minalima Osaka is the only place in the world where a huge Black family tree is on display. It is also not on display at the main Minalima London shop.......a great photo opportunity.

If you want to know more about the interior of Minalima Osaka, please visit the shop.

Shop staff Minalima Osaka

MINALIMA OSAKA During pre-opening JAMIE Mr TAK Mr MINA minalima osaka japan

The main staff of MinaLima Osaka are three cheerful people: Jamie, TAK and Manager Mina. The friendly staff of MinaLima Osaka are always ready to welcome you... Enjoy Jamie's charming, mischievous and unique Japanese and Manager Mina's affable smile.

As of 2023, the number of staff at MINALIMA Osaka has increased and the opportunity to meet the three has decreased, so you may be super lucky if you get to meet them♪ The other staff are also friendly and cheerful, so please feel free to visit them♪

Graphic designers MINA and LIMA, a combination of MINA and LIMA

minalimaOsaka (minalimaOsaka) Signing & photo session talk show.

When she visited Japan to celebrate the grand opening of MINARIMA Osaka (June 2019).They are MINALIMA from the Graphic designers MINA and LIMA live in the UK and are not in Japan. They are responsible for the graphic design of film props (PROPs) and other items in the Harry Potter film series and the Fantastic Beasts film series. She has designed many of the items featured in the Harry Potter films. The Black family tree tapestry in the background was also designed by them.

  • MINA (right), whose name is Milafona MINA.
  • LIMA (left) is named Eduardo Lima.

They work under the name "Mina Lima", which is a combination of their names "Mina" and "Lima". Incidentally, when you visit the main Mina Lima shop in London, UK, you will not find the two of them in the shop. Because they are busy with their day job of graphic design, you can only see them in the shop at limited times, such as at signing events. When Mina and Lima 'show up' in the shop, it is often announced a few days in advance via Twitter.

House of MinaLima OSAKA Signage.


House of MinaLima OSAKA, now the official website of Japan. is now open in the online shop...

MINALIMA OSAKA Features|Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise...

Minalima Osaka is a must-visit shop for Harry Potter and Fantavi fans alike, as the majority of the designs for both films are done by the Minalima team. The shop has an outstanding atmosphere, as if Minalima in London had come straight to Japan. The exterior and interior of Minalima Osaka are both stylish and wonderful places to take photos, no matter where you are!

Photography is allowed inside and outside Minalima Osaka.

In addition to a wide range of Harriotta & Fantabi art prints, posters and designer goods, you will also find a beautiful notebook with a Hogwarts textbook design that has been introduced for the 2018 Christmas season... just like a replica textbook.


MINALIMA OSAKA Authenticity used in PROP film shoot for the Daily Prophet newspaper!

Daily Prophet Newspaper PROP (movie props) for the Harry Potter movie, where you can also see the actual items used in the actual filming â

If you want to know more about Minalima Osaka's [hidden spots] and inside the shop, you need to get out of sight♪.

→directional marker or indicator魔法界ドットコム's previous MinaLima (MinaLima) reports.


MINALIMA OSAKA That scene in Fantastic Beasts! Flyer for MINALIMA OSAKA

Salem Salvation Army leaflets in the film Fantastic Beasts.

If you want to know more about the interior of Minalima Osaka, please visit the shop.

From the nearest stations Yotsubashi and Namba.Minalima OsakaDirections for.

Nearest station: 4-minute walk from Yotsubashi Station on the Osaka Metro (underground) Yotsubashi Line, Exit 6.
Nearest station: Osaka-Namba Station, Hanshin Namba Line/Kintetsu Nara Line, about 10 minutes' walk.

The easiest way to get to MINALIMA Osaka is to go out the south ticket gate of Yotsubashi Station on the Osaka Metro (underground) and go up to ground level from Exit NO6. If you don't get lost, it's a four-minute walk!

Take exit NO6 of the underground, go south in the direction of Namba and you will soon come to a Family Mart convenience store, turn right and on the left side you will see a sign saying 'Family Mart'.MINALIMA OSAKA.You can see the 'Haz!

House of MinaLima OSAKA Travel routes and locations from the nearest station.

House of MinaLima OSAKA

For Muggles & Wizards travelling from USJ to Minalima Osaka, Osaka Namba Station on the Hanshin/Kintetsu Line is convenient. If you walk along the road in front of the ground in the direction of Yotsubashi Station (north side), turn left at Family Mart "Yotsubashi Minamihorie" and Minalima Osaka is in front of you♪


[Video] YouTube Introduction to the shortest route to Minalima Osaka from Yotsubashi underground station.


For those who are lost on the map, we have prepared a video of the journey from the nearest station, Yotsubashi Station, to MINALIMA OSAKA.

From USJ to Minalima Osaka|For Muggles coming to Osaka for sightseeing

To get to Minalima Osaka from USJ, you can go to JR Nishi-Kujo Station, change to Hanshin Railway and visit Minalima Osaka from Osaka Namba Station.If you want to enjoy USJ for a whole day, we recommend visiting Minalima Osaka on another day, such as the day before or the day after.If you enjoy USJ from the morning until around 3pm at noon and Minalima from 4pm, you can visit both can be visited in one day. Please consider your schedule carefully, as Minalima Osaka is open from 12:00 to 19:00.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary


Map of the area around Minarima Osaka (Google Map). Yotsubashi Subway Station is at the top of the map and Kintetsu Hanshin Osaka Namba Station is at the bottom of the map.

Please note that the location of Minalima Osaka is not along Orange Street (Tachibana Street) in Minamihorie. It is one street north of Orange Street. If you include the path, it is two streets up. The point of reference on the map is the street (street) facing the south side of 'Horie Park' â-ª the corner landmark on Yotsubashisuji is the Family Mart convenience store.

Nice bay windows in House of MinaLima OSAKA

House of MinaLima OSAKA Shop Windows Show windows of MinaLima Osaka (at the time of opening)

Now, let's go to Minalima Osaka, thankful for one more Osaka magic world... ♪
There is also a good burger shop and waffle shop nearby (≥▽≦).

Official Twitter & Instagram for the latest news from Minalima Osaka

Click here for the official Minarima Osaka account.


Twitter:.MinaLima Japan (@minalimajapan)

Minalima Osaka [Hidden spots], [Recommended goods], [Photo spots]

This section introduces spots where you can further enjoy the interior of Minarima Osaka.

MINALIMA Japanese-language homepage appears

Official website in Japanese on 3 August 2020 in Mina Lima Osaka.Official website in Japanese on now available! For more information, go to â

Wizarding Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts fan site

The Japanese version of the Minalima website is now available in the same design as (

Minarima London main shop.

Report on House of MinaLima, London main shop.Click here to 'disappear' for... ♪ A lot of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts in the UK!

Some Harry Potter and Fantabi merchandise at Minarima Osaka

Product name: Harry Potter letter set Price: ¥ 3,480 (incl. tax) Retailer: MINALIMA OSAKA


Hogwarts admission letter sets.
Price: 3,480 yen (incl. tax)
Harry Potter wallpaper (wallpaper) in Minarima Osaka.


Harry Potter wallpaper
Price: 14800 yen.
Size: 50 cm x 10 m.
Type: 5 types.
Ninja map, Black family tree, Hogwarts book cover, Daily Prophet newspaper, Quidditch.
Tea towel: the Daily Prophet Newspaper, Sirius Black the Wanted (MINALIMA MINALIMA Osaka).


tea towel
Price: ¥2,480.
Daily Prophet newspaper 'Severus Snape to Hogwarts Headmaster', 'Dumbledore', Sirius Black wanted, Harry Potter danger molecule no 1, etc.
Harry Potter minalima gallery guidebook minalima Osaka minalima


MINARIMA Gallery Guidebook.
Booklet outlining the work and designs of Minalima and its London headquarters.


Hogwarts textbook design notebook.
Type: 6 types.
Phantom animals and their habitats, advanced potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, The Tale of Beedle the Bard, History of Hogwarts, History of Magic.

Other items include Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts graphic art (art prints), posters, tote bags, postcards, badges, wall stickers, magnets, notebooks, gift wrap (wrapping paper), original MINARIMA products (classic fairy tale series). and many other goods.

The Magic of MinaLima (English edition) Official Guidebook now available! MinaLima Osaka Sales start♪ The Magic of MinaLima (Japanese edition) 20 January 2023! Pre-orders start♪

The Magic of MinaLima (English version) MinaLima Osaka Sales start♪ Magic of MinaLima (Japanese version) 20 January 2023 Sales confirmed! Pre-orders begin♪

Magic of MINARIMA Japanese edition Available from 20 January 2023 in Osaka, Japan â

MINALIMA Newt's Memo 'Magical Animals' Sketch Postcards Random 8 types of postcards, including nifflers â

MINALIMA Newt's Memo 'Magical Animals' Sketches Postcards Random 8 types of postcards, including nifflers â

The exterior of MINALIMA OSAKA (MINALIMA OSAKA) shops has been slightly renewed!


Potteries and Minarima fans who can identify the unusual points on the exterior of Minarima Osaka are recognised as considerable Minarima Osaka enthusiasts! (≧▽≦) no.



The contents of the show window exhibition are the Mina Lima version of the 'Mina Lima'.Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.』の挿絵と仕掛けを沢山展示していますよ♪

October 2021.'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', Mina Lima edition.has also already been launched.


MINALIMA OSAKA MINALIMA OSAKA Fantabies 3: Dumbledore's Secret Graphic artwork 8 Apr 2022 - In-store exhibition open to the public!

The exhibits in the show window change irregularly; as of 2022 Mar The show window is pictured above. The illustrated book in the Minarima edition, 'TheHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.â

MINALIMA [MINALIMA].mainThe list of articles in 'Category.To 'Minarima'.

MINALIMA [MINALIMA].partly inclusiveFor a list of articles, go to 'Tags' Mina Lima.

MINARIMA OSAKA In-store only Check out the inside of the bargain box!

When you visit MINARIMA OSAKA, be sure to check out the special in-store-only box!

B-grade goods Sale Goods that have been damaged, e.g. broken corners, soiled vinyl, etc., are sold in the 'sale box'. Price 10%OFF If you can see it in your hand, and if you have no problem with it, you can buy it at a discount! Check it out (≥▽≦)Â The sale box is located at the entrance side of the checkout counter.Â

The stock of B-grade products is constantly changing. They are also only available in-store, so online shopping is not possible.

Minarima Osaka, goods for sale at 10% off scratch B-grade goods, September 2023.

This is a 10% off box of damaged goods from Minarima Osaka as of September 2023. If there is any merchandise you want, such as Harry Potter illustrated books, Ravenclaw passcards, Weasley Wizard Weeds postcards, Fantabi-era Hogwarts notebooks, various posters, etc., you can save a little money.â

MinaLima Lord MinaLima visited Japan for the second time and went to the MinaLima Osaka shop! I went to the memorial photo & signing session & talk show♪

Detailed report on the MinaLima talk show House of MinaLima OSAKA, 14 Jun 2019.

MINARIMA Tokyo (Japan)|Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

The Studio Tour Shop, Harry Potter merchandise shop.Minarima Tokyo opened on the floor.

'Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - Making of Harry Potter'The site of Toshimaen' (former site of Toshimaen).Harry Potter merchandise and souvenirs in the 'Studio Tour Shop', which sells a wide range of Noble Collection and Warner Bros. branded wands and replica merchandise.

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We will try our best to write even more enjoyable articles for you to enjoy...

HOUSE OF MINALIMA OSAKA, exterior of shop, March 2021.
Check for updates!