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USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Butterbeer 3 flavours: normal butterbeer, frozen butterbeer, hot butterbeer|3 containers: disposable cup, mug, stainless steel mug|Pumpkin Juice♪ 3 Broomsticks|Hog's Head pubs|Butterbeer carts 2 locations


USJ (Universal Studios Japan) Wizarding World 'Harry Potter Area'The signature drink of thebutterbeer'.

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映画/原作小説「ハリー・ポッター」魔法界の大人気ドリンク バタービール(Butterbeer)♪

Three Broomsticks Butterbeer Christmas Mug Christmas & Winter 2019 a popular drink in the Harry Potter wizarding world for adults and children alike.Original novel Harry Potter.It appears frequently in the stories in Butterbeer in bottles is used in scenes where it is bought back to Hogwarts and drunk, and in the pub in the village of Hogsmeade, a village inhabited exclusively by wizards, in thethree brooms' and '.Hog's HeadButterbeer appears as Butterbeer in a mug that can be drunk in the restaurant. In the Three Broomsticks scene in the film Harry Potter, Hermione puts a mug of butterbeer to her mouth and drinks it from her upper lip down her nose,White foam of butterbeer.and looked like a beard, which was impressive. This scene was a big hit with Harry Potter fans, and when drinking Butterbeer at Universal Studios or on the studio tour, I deliberately put it under my nose.bobbed hair (from resemblance to a beard)This is also the reason why celebrities often wear bubble moustaches on TV on location at USJ.

And even though one of the reasons why Butterbeer is a magical drink in the story is that it is described as a drink that Hogwarts students and minors can also drink, Hermione and other characters who have drunk Butterbeer are oftenHe's drunk.(****)? Huh, is it really not alcohol? Or is it a low-alcohol drink, but in the wizarding world in the story children are allowed low-alcohol drinks? (^▽^;) This point is not certain. In the original novel, Dobby describes Winky's intoxication with butterbeer as an antidote to butterbeer (Antidotes to butterbeer), so it is assumed that it contains an intoxicating substance that is not alcohol.

But don't worry, the Butterbeer sold at USJ (Universal Studios Japan), the theme parks and Harry Potter shops and events, is available for sale.alcohol content (usu. expressed per cent)0%(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionnon-alcoholic beverageIt's... children and adults don't get drunk when they drink (laughs).

Instead, the normal Butterbeer has a peculiar taste and may not be to everyone's liking (≥▽≦).

Three flavours of Butterbeer â€" two available at all times (USJ, Harry Potter Area).

  1. Butterbeer (sold any time of the year).
  2. Frozen Butter Beer summer only (only available during spring and autumn).
  3. Hot Butterbeer winter only (available only during winter).

Butterbeer is only available at USJ in the Harry Potter area. There are three Butterbeer flavours in total. Two flavours of Butterbeer are always available, depending on the season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. (Incidentally, the three flavours are sold all year round in the USJ).

Butterville & Frozen Butterbeer, Butterbeer (available any time of year) Frozen Butterbeer (spring to autumn period only) Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area

Left Frozen Butterbeer, Right Normal Butterbeer Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area

On the left.frozen butter beer On the right, normal.butterbeer

Both photos.Disposable plastic cups

Three types of Butterbeer cups â- disposable cups, plastic mugs and stainless steel mugs.

  1. Plastic cups ((Disposable cups) Cheaper, smaller quantities.
  2. mug(Plastic mugs to take home and reuse as souvenir goods. It has a nice BUTTERBEER logo printed on it) Expensive, large quantities.
  3. Premium Cup(Stainless steel mugs, as realistic as if they had appeared in a film. The Butterbeer logo is the key to the imprint-like design, and you can take it home) Very expensive, large quantities.

Hot Butterbeer Mugs Take home as souvenirs The Three Broomsticks (USJ Harry Potter area)

Plastic mug on right (hot buttered beer).Is. You can take a mug home as a souvenir. Or rather, it would be mottainai if you don't take it home with you! The mugs are outside the Three Broomsticks.water pump-ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.)toiletYou can wash in the washroom of the
Disposable plastic cups on the left.Is. The plastic cups have a strip that reads.The Wizarding World Of Harry PotterSome potteries take it home as a souvenir, as it has a nice logo from the
  • Photographs were taken in the past, so prices were before the price increase and differ from the current prices.

2016 Realistic butterbeer mugs made of stainless steel, 'ThePremium CupThe 'â

Butterbeer has a premium cup born♪ Like a replica of the Harry Potter films ¥4,500 (USJ) Harry Potter area, Three Broomsticks.

The silver (stainless steel) mug-shaped cup in the middle is the new butter-beer 'cup' for 2016.Premium Cup'. The atmosphere is authentic and nice! By the way, neither the mug nor the stainless steel cup are the vessels (replicas) that appeared in the film w

Butterbeer (normal, frozen) prices as of Apr 2022 USJ

Butterbeer types (flavours, sizes) and prices USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Butterbeer (non-alcoholic) Price.

  1. plastic cup650 yen→directional marker or indicator700 yen→800 yen.
  2. mug1150 yen→directional marker or indicator1,200 yen.→1,400 yen.
  3. Premium mugJPY 4,500.→directional marker or indicator4600 yen.→5,000 yen

Frozen butter beer (non-alcoholic) Price.

  1. plastic cup800 yen→850 yen → ?
  2. mug1,300 yen.→1,400 yen → ?
  3. Premium mugJPY 4,500.→4,600 yen → 5,000 yen

As of April 2024 (please note that the picture shows the old prices).

There is a price difference between normal and frozen flavoured Butterbeer. However, the stainless steel premium cups are the same price... The original is more expensive, but if you buy a frozen premium mug, you get more for your money! (Laughter)

USJ Harry Potter's Hot Butterbeer price here.Â

Frozen Butterbeer and Butterbeer drinking impressions.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Frozen Butterbeer Inside the Three Broomsticks shop


Normal Butterbeer is very ama~~~~~ when it comes to drinking! (Laughs) It is a very sweet drink, so sweet that even I, Pancake Man, who loves sweet wow, can comment on how sweet it is. It is a carbonated drink with a strong and unique sweet taste. Non-alcoholic of course.â

And the frozen type Butterbeer is frozen without carbonation, but even more, it's ama================>y (laughs)! Well, it's usually tasty, but it's w No, it's really tasty (laughs), but it's too sweet, so it's not a thirst-quencher (laughs).

Butterbeer is addictive after a few drinks if you have a sweet tooth...

Butterbeer USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Three Broomsticks Terrace seating

this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)Normal Butterbeer (left).andButterbeer pudding (pudding) (right)

Butterbeer USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Three Broomsticks Terrace seating

Normal Butterbeer is a curiously peculiar drink, so the first time you drink it, you may think, "It doesn't taste good!", but the second or third time you drink it, it somehow becomes addictive. Once you find it tasty, it becomes addictive and you will want to drink it whenever you visit the Harry Potter area.

Frozen Butterbeer is like a Starbucks frozen drink, but not so peculiar that it's easy to drink! (Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Anyone who likes sweet frozen treats will enjoy it!

Make a white beard with butterbeer foam! Promise... when you drink, make a tap and foam mustache around your mouth...

Butterbeer and a beard! Promise... Make plenty of foam beards around your mouth when you drink... The Three Broomsticks (USJ Harry Potter Area)

When enjoying Butterbeer for the first time, put a foam beard around your mouth! This is an ironclad promise... The trick to getting a good beard is to tilt the cup at an angle upwards without putting it to your mouth and drinking it... In other words, keep your mouth closed and just tap the foam on your upper lip... Then you can take a photo with a pearly white foam beard like Hermione in the film (≥▽≦)b

Butterbeer mugs with seasonal designs are also available.Â

Three Broomsticks Butterbeer Christmas Mug Christmas & Winter 2019
On the left is a cup with a Christmas version of the mug design. Designed for winter (Christmas season) only.are different mugs for 2019. For more information, go to the report below.â

You can get a 'paper bag' to take your Butterbeer mug home â

Incidentally, you will not get a plastic bag.Also, if you buy souvenirs, you will not receive a plastic bag-like item from a convenience store.

In 2019, you could get a plastic bag (Harry Potter shoppers) at the Three Broomsticks... If you need one, ask the crew wizards at the Three Broomsticks or the wagon...

Due to the Corona disaster.Plastic bag services ceased to be offered.The following is a list of the most common reasons for this.May 2022 You can now get a paper bag to take your mug home.                 Good if you wash your mug and wipe off the moisture well with a toilet paper towel as the paper bag gets damp when wet.       Â

Where to wash Butterbeer mugs|Tap pump OR toilet

[Photo spots] Three (1) Thestrals and horseless carriages, (2))Â the magical water tap in Hogsmeade Village, (3) beautiful Hogwarts Castle over the lagoon USJ Wizarding World of Harry Potter and behind the Happiness Café Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.
On the terrace off the Three Broomsticks.Pump (water fountain) in Hogsmeade village.There is a Here you can wash your Butterbeer mugs... or you can go to the 'Butterbeer' on the left, just outside the terrace.Myrtle of Sorrows out Hogsmeade village toilets.It can also be washed in the 'washroom' in the 'washroom'.

4 Butterbeer sales locations (USJ Harry Potter area)

  1. three brooms Sit-down butterbeer shop.
  2. Hog's Head pub Most empty butterbeer shop (take-away only).
  3. Butterbeer keg cart (in front of Three Broomsticks)
  4. Butterbeer keg cart (next to stage)

Butterbeer sales locations 4 USJ Harry Potter areas Map

Butterbeer|The Three Broomsticks In the shop [Hidden spot] BUTTERBEER logo

Butterbeer server The Three Broomsticks USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Restaurant '.three brooms'-' (used in place of '-')You can order 'Butter Beer', 'Frozen Butter Beer (spring, summer and autumn)' and 'Hot Butter Beer (winter)', as well as food and sweets. If you look closely at the servers lining the receiving counter, you'll see that they are all marked with 'BUTTERBEERÂ

Butterbeer|Hog's Head Pub.

Suntory Premium Malts Carlsberg Fullers London Pride Fullers ESB Suntory Whisky Strongbow Pub Cider Hogshead Pub.

As seen in the Harry Potter films.Hog's Head pub.You can buy take-away (TAKE AWAY) at the counter at

Butterbeer cart, Hogwarts Castle, front of stage.

Butterbeer Cart (in front of Hogwarts Castle) Location USJ Harry Potter Area

Butterbeer cart (in front of Three Broomsticks)

Butterbeer Cart (in front of the Three Broomsticks) Location USJ Harry Potter Area

Butterbeer available worldwide

There are theme parks and establishments around the world that sell Harry Potter butterbeer.

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood (USA)
  2. Universal Orlando Resort (USA)
  3. Universal Beijing Resort, China
  4. Harry Potter Store New York, USA
  5. Harry Potter exhibition (2022 in the USA).
  6. Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UK
  7. Harry Potter Photography Exhibition London, UK
  8. Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, Japan
    1. Butterbeer Bar

Bottled Butterbeer and mugs from the New York shop.

butterbeer-london Bottled butterbeer Harry Potter Store New York

If you can collect Butterville mugs & glass bottles (bottles) from Harry Potter establishments around the world, you could become a very high level Harry Potter collector! Maybe no one has managed to collect them yet (laughs).

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.butterbeerThere are. In fact, they have different containers and different tastes (see below).The taste & thirst-quenching qualities of Butterbeer differ between the Universal Studios and Warner Bros. brands. Unfortunately, bottled Butterbeer is not available by mail order overseas, so currently you have to buy it locally or ask a local friend or other person to buy it on your behalf and send it to you.

THE BUTTERBEER BAR, Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen).

Replica (PROP) Butterbeer mugs from the Harry Potter films, sold at USJ.

BUTTER BEER GLASS Harry Potter replica collectibles USJ

A replica item of a film prop (PROP) that looked exactly like the Butterbeer mug (glass) that Hermione was holding in The Three Broomsticks was also available for sale... (not available as of January 2023).

It's fun to drink Butterbeer with a lot of people! And even more fun if you're dressed up (in costume) as Harriotta!

Butterbeer Mugs for everyone... The Three Broomsticks (USJ Harry Potter Area)
This is the scene of a lavish toast with the Great Feast's Halloween version, the Halloween Feast, and Butterbeer mugs. It's a bit pricey, but when you pick up a mug of Butterbeer and toast, you feel like you're in the world of Harry Potter... and when you get together with your fellow Harry Potter costumed friends, the mood is even higher.For more information, go to the TV location section on the Harriotta costume at Univa.
Another important beverage in the Harry Potter Area is thePumpkin juice(Kabocha Jusu)'!

Pumpkin juice (Pumpkin Juice) is quite tasty.

PumpkinJuice, The Three Broomsticks, Hog's Head counter, Harry Potter area, USJ.

Note: Pancake man's preference. (Laughter.)

Pumpkin juice tastes like apple pie with a hint of cinnamon. (Note: For those who like cinnamon and apple, but it has a strong wow factor, so tastes very different to different tastes.

The contents look like this, filled with pumpkin-coloured liquid.

Pumpkin juice contents Top view of bottle Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter area

Hmm? It feels like it's settling at the bottom. lol Shake it well and shake it well before drinking! The pumpkin juice container is very pretty!pumpkin juiceThe bottle of the bottle is enough to create the atmosphere that Harry and Hermione drank from... You'll definitely want to take this home with you! You can't be a pothead to throw away these containers... lol.

Where available: pumpkin juice (Pumpkin Juice)

  1. three brooms
  2. Hog's Head pub
  3. Honeydukes.
  4. magic kneepkart

The cute bottled versions are priced at 800 yen per bottle, but w

Pumpkin juice for 500 yen (plastic cup) is now available *Pumpkin Juice★.


'Pumpkin juice' and Hogwarts mugs (glass USJ purchase) in a brightly lit room.

Pumpkin juice bottle and Hogwarts jock USJ Harry Potter area Souvenirs

Pour the pumpkin juice w

Pumpkin juice poured into a glass mug, pumpkin coloured? usj Harry Potter area

See, you can clearly see the shade of pumpkin juice! What? Isn't the glass in the way? And? (Holy shit!)

Pumpkin juice liquid enlargement photo usj Souvenirs Harry Potter area Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes

Now, I'm going to look into the top of the mug and take a picture. If you transfer the pumpkin juice from the bottle to the glass, it no longer looks like carrot juice or vegetable juice (blast. Glass glasses do not appear in the Harriotta films. It's not a replica, but the mug with the Hogwarts crest looks like it's from the films.â

Collection Goods Pumpkin juice Bottles are pretty â

GILLYWATER, the drink of the wizarding world that Professor McGonagall and Luna Lovegood loved (USJ 'Harry Potter Area', Three Broomsticks, Magic Knee Cart).

Bottle of pumpkin juiceis cute, following the design and appearance of the props (PROPs) in the film... in the middle.Dr McGonagall drank 'Thegilly water'-' (used in place of '-')Are. In particular.pumpkin juiceThe bottle with the pumpkin-shaped cap is the best â

Hogwarts jockey sales shop

  1. Dervish & Bangs.
  2. Universal Studios Store (USS)
  3. Beverly Hills Gifts

Please note that the location of the pumpkin juice and merchandise changes from time to time. The mugs are goods that were sold around 2014-2015.

The Three Broomsticks (restaurant information) Restaurant in USJ's Harry Potter Area.

Honeydukes (shop information), confectionery shop in USJ's Harry Potter Area.

                          Magic Neep Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area' food (meat pies) and drinks (jelly).

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

This guide provides basic information for first-time visitors to USJ's Harry Potter Area, as well as information for repeat heavy users, including niche hidden spots and photo opportunities.â

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