Annual changing rooms outside USJ [detailed report] Coin lockers/make-up/dressing area Universal City Walk 4F Universal City Walk 4F for Univa fancy dress & cosplay & changing â

21 September 2018 - before USJ (Universal Studios Japan), the longed-for Univa.Available for a year(used with suffix -san or -sama) endearing term for unrelated older womanchanging roomThe service is.birthÂHarry Potter fancy dress (cosplay)can of course be used for other make-up and changing of clothes.charges changing room service. Â In other words, it is a place where you can change outside of Univa's Halloween period!

1 Jun 2021 - also changing rooms at Universal CityWalk Osakareopen for businessI'm doing it... ♪

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The Backstage Dressing Room (changing rooms on the 4th floor of Universal City Walk).

The Backstage Dressing Room

UCW Universal CityWalk changing rooms (fancy dress, cosplay) Pay dressing rooms between USJ and Universal City Station.

Changing room location: universal city walk, 4F.

UCW Universal CityWalk changing rooms (fancy dress, cosplay) Pay dressing rooms between USJ and Universal City Station.
JR Universal City StationThe location of the turnstiles at thealready3rd floor.Is. The landmark is per large gorilla. Across the street is.Eggs 'n Things(Closed, undergoing refurbishment, Oct 2022)This is the location where the Exit Universal City Station to UCW, take the escalator in front of you on the right, go up one floor and walk towards USJ.Hard Rock CafeThe changing rooms are located next to the smoking room, in front of the

Map [MAP] Universal City Walk Osaka Changing Room Dressing Room Locations

Changing room stage 18 in USJ.
Dressing rooms outside USJ, Universal CityWalk Osaka Dressing rooms

Opening days & hours|Universal City Walk Annual Changing Rooms

Opening days: open all year round without holidays
Opening hours: 9:00-22:00, as of October 2020.
Opening hours vary from day to day, check when changing.
(Varies according to season) 9:00-22:00 during normal business hours.
(For past reference) 8:00-23:00 (Halloween season 2019, from 6 September).
(For past reference) 8:00-23:00 (Christmas season).
(For past reference) All-night opening New Year's Eve 2019 - New Year's Day 2020

Changing room floor configuration|Coin lockers Make-up and dressing area Make-up area

Floor plan UCW Universal CityWalk changing rooms (fancy dress, cosplay) Pay dressing rooms between USJ and Universal City Station.

Coin locker area, make-up area and dressing area.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion3 floor configurationsIs. Near the entrance.Ticket vending machines, money changersThere are.

Coin locker area (charges apply)|Universal City Walk changing rooms

Coin-operated lockers only are allowed!

Coin-operated lockers small, medium and large (Universal CityWalk changing rooms).
Coin-operated lockers small, large and large (Universal CityWalk changing rooms).

Coin-operated locker rates and sizes: three sizes, 142 lockers in total.

  • Extra large 1000 yen 40 pcs H1200 x W356 x D482
  • Large ¥600 52 pcs H774 x W346 x D482
  • Small ¥400 50 pcs H318 x W356 x D453

Oversized coin lockers can hold large boots and 115L-class carry-on cases... There is also a currency exchange machine. Coin-operated lockers can be removed from the lockers up to the close of business hours. After closing time, the lockers will be available on the next working day. During busy periods, such as the Halloween season, all coin-operated lockers may be in use (no vacancies).

Other coin-operated lockers close to the Universal CityWalk changing rooms that are large enough to accommodate suitcases and other items are the coin-operated lockers to the right of the area where the USJ ticket booths are located (inside the parking lot side gate), which are available and recommended. (The area to the left of the ticket booths tends to fill up)

Outside USJ Official 'luggage storage' and oversized coin locker locations and prices|When there are no large coin lockers 'available', go here!

Users of coin-operated lockers only do not have to queue to enter the shop. They can enter the shop and use the coin lockers without queuing up.

Make-up & Dressing Area (chargeable)|Universal CityWalk Changing Rooms

Admission 500 yen (tax included)

  • During high season, such as the Halloween season, the fee may be 700 yen.
  • A re-entry stamp is placed on the back of your hand when you first enter. If it disappears, it becomes invalid, so be careful when washing your hands.
  • Only 500 yen per day, no matter how many times you use it.Â
  • Entrance tickets are purchased from the vending machine on the right as you enter.

Make-up and dressing room Admission (Universal City Walk changing rooms)

No smoking in the dressing room, no food or drink, no photography or video recording, no hairdryers or other items brought in.

For other precautions, please check the 'Precautions Guidelines' in the picture!

Make-up and dressing rooms Notes (Universal CityWalk changing rooms)

No photos of the make-up & dressing area because photography is not allowed. w
We don't have any, so I'll present you with an image... ♪
Image of UCW changing room Making room

Make-up area|Universal City Walk changing rooms

Make-up seats x 22 *Seats reduced during the Corona Disaster response period

There is a director's chair (chair), a large counter with a large half-length mirror and bright lighting for relaxing make-up sessions. There is also a large mirror at the back of the make-up area for full-body reflection.UCW changing room floor plan Locker area, make-up area and dressing area

Dressing area|Universal City Walk changing rooms

There are men's and women's changing rooms (dressing rooms) at the back of the make-up area.
It is separated from the make-up area by a door.
11 rooms for women + large shared space.
3 men's rooms + large shared space.
Pancake Man is a Man and reports on the male dressing zone.
No dirt feet are allowed, and you must carry your own footwear in the black plastic bags provided.
Large carry-on cases can be brought in.
Bins available in the room.

Composition of the dressing area room.

The men's dressing room is a large shared space of about 6 tatami mats with a large mirror and three partitioned spaces with mirrors, one of which has a curtain to hide it from the shared space. The other two are only next to each other and are in full view of the shared space (laughs). There are waste bins.

Dressing rooms are strictly dirt-free (Universal City Walk changing rooms).

Free rental items|Universal City Walk changing rooms

Make-up and dressing rooms List of free rental items (Universal City Walk changing rooms)
hair dryer
hair iron
hair spray
paper apron
hair elastic
hair band
deodorant spray
cotton swab
make-up remover
face lotion
When you want to borrow and return the item, please contact the reception staff.

A numbered ticket system for line registration is now available... making waiting to enter the changing rooms a little easier!

Line registration numbered ticket system now available. Universal City Changing rooms, October 2022.

Lines are formed to enter the changing rooms at Universal City during busy times, but from October 2022, a numbered ticket for LINE registration has been available. The system that is used in conjunction with LINE is 'matoca'.

This eliminates the need to wait in line! Backslash.

The Backstage Dressing Room (Universal CityWalk Osaka) Changing rooms on line How to use the ticket

  • When a call notification for waiting to enter the changing room is received on LINE Talk, the customer comes to the changing room within five minutes.
  • If more than five minutes have elapsed from the call-out notification, the order of entry to the changing rooms may be delayed.
  • If you are with family or friends, the seats in the make-up room may not be next to each other.
  • On Sunday 24 October, I registered at around 9.40am and there were 52 people waiting. The call notification came in at 11.52am, so it was about a 2-hour wait.(^▽^;) Heavy sweating If you have a USJ Annual Pass, that's enough time to go and play once in-person during the wait.(^▽^;)

Waiting times for the on line numbered ticket system will be quicker if people are using the changing rooms for a shorter period of time, and longer if they are using the changing rooms later. It is difficult to predict waiting times. The advantage is that you do not have to wait in line in front of the changing rooms.

Those who only use the coin lockers do not need to queue or have a numbered ticket. Even if there is a queue waiting to enter the shop, do not queue to enter and use the coin lockers.

USJ Halloween season, note the night closing times and crowds in the changing rooms!

The USJ Halloween season has started again in 2022 and the Universal City changing rooms are busy on weekends and holiday months. In the morning there are long queues of guests changing & making up. You can use the changing rooms in the morning if you wait, so let's leave it at that for the moment, but be careful when using the changing rooms at night.

The changing rooms become crowded from the time around the end of Horror Nights at Universal Studios at night. However, the changing rooms close at a certain time, so even if you wait until the rooms are full, you may not be able to use the changing rooms at closing time. If you are using the changing rooms & make-up rooms on your way home, please leave the park and go to the Universal City changing rooms well before the closing time of Horror Nights.

If you want to play Horror Nights or Univa until the last minute before USJ closes, you can go into the Universal City changing rooms when you enter, take your time to do your make-up and pack your bags.Changing rooms in USJ (e.g. Stage 18)At night, leave them in a locker in theChanging rooms in USJ (Stage 18).(Please note that wheeled carriers and boots are not allowed in USJ).

Enquiries to: Universal City Walk Changing Rooms

Telephone number: 090-1090-1951
Make-up and dressing room Entrance (Universal CityWalk 4th floor changing rooms)

From now on, you can enjoy Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in costume (cosplay) without worrying about where to change all year round! Incidentally, when I visited at around 3pm on the weekend of Halloween, there were more than 10 people in the making.wThe Halloween period is very crowded, so the waiting time can be 30 to 60 minutes or more.

UCW Universal City Walk changing rooms (fancy dress, cosplay) Paid make-up rooms between USJ and the station.
Toilets are not available in the dressing rooms. Please use the trays at Universal City Walk. Toilets are located next to 'Takoyaki Park'. All City Walk toilets are washlets.Toilets in USJ (including in the Harry Potter area)are not all washlets.
There are no washbasins, showers or other flushing facilities in the changing rooms.

Changing rooms in Universal Studios Japan, Stage 18 (USJ), where you can change into fancy dress (cosplay).

Outside USJ Official 'luggage storage' and oversized coin locker locations and prices|When there are no large coin lockers 'available', go here!

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2021 Halloween period fun in the Harry Potter Area.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

USJ "Harry Potter Area" Official Hotel with a view

Hotel Kintetsu & Parkfront Hotel|Image overlooking the Harry Potter area at USJ.


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