Map of Harry Potter Area |Universal Studios Japan | ver. 09

Universal Studios Japan (USJ), Harry Potter Area.の地図(MAP)を魔法界ドットコム独自に作成して更新しています♪

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' [Map] Explanatory MAP of Hogsmeade Village & Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Map of Harry Potter Area |Universal Studios Japan | ver. 09

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this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)Map of USJ's Harry Potter Area shows the Stone Circle at the entrance to the area.Hogsmeade village and from the flying car Ford Anglia in the middle of the path entering theHogwarts CastleIt represents the entire magical world, including the

Toilets in the Harry Potter Area.... 2 locations.

Restaurant The Three Broomsticks.... 1 location.

Confectionery shop, 'Honeydukes'.,,Harry Potter merchandise shop, 'Filch's Confiscated Goods Store'.and other shops and[Hidden spot].[Photo spot].It covers places such as. However, only about 30% of all spots have been filled in, as it is not possible to fill in a single map.

USJ Harry Potter Area Guide Map Google Map Version Map

Google Maps version of the USJ 'Harry Potter Area' map created by We have entered as many spots as possible, but only about 50% of all spots have been entered here. Please enjoy exploring the Harry Potter area with Google Maps on your smartphone or iPhone.
I took notes and photos of shop locations to organise myself.
It is difficult to tell where they are when blogging about them, so we made a map.
Details of attractions, shops and viewing points will be added/changed as necessary.
We hope this helps you to enjoy the Harry Potter Area. [] will explain it based on this map.
The representation and shape of the map is an image.
Please note that this is different from the actual situation. w
Please inform us of any incorrect notations or new information! We look forward to hearing from you (^^)/.
To see what shops, buildings and restaurants can be found in the Harry Potter Area, see below for a comprehensive guidebook-style table of contents.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' comprehensive menu (summary of shops, rides, food, shows, etc.).

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' super explanatory guide Menu & summary|All the fun in Univa's Harry Potter area♪


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