No online shop for Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise as of October 2023. Enhanced Japanese support for UK online shops!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise No online shop as of October 2023. Online shop in the UK is now easier to shop with lower shipping costs to Japan!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise online shop and Harry Potter shop in the UK

No online shop for Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise as of October 2023. Enhanced Japanese support for UK online shops!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen) sells a lot of new Harry Potter merchandise.Many people would like to be able to purchase Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise at home, but unfortunately no online shop has opened as of 2023/10.

It is possible that an online merchandise shop for the Harriotta Tour Tokyo may open in the future, but at present nothing has been announced by the Japanese studio tour company, so this is completely unknown.

Harry Potter Shop in the UK WEB online shop can be shopped from Japan.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UKhas a web-based online shop. Happily, you can also shop on the internet from Japan as an international retailer.

Harry Potter Shop UK online shop [].

Previously, the company operated a web-based online shop specialising in studio tours London, 2021.Harriotta shop at King's Cross Station.and other Warner Bros-affiliated Harry Potter shops have been merged into the Harry Potter Shop.

2023 Oct becomes more accessible from Japan! has recently been strengthening its sales to Japan, making its services more accessible and easier to use from Japan.

What has changed with Harry Potter Shop UK's Japanese counterpart.

  1. Shipping costs are now divided into smaller categories than before, making it cheaper for smaller quantities and easier to shop.
  2. The shopping basket (cart) can now display the Japanese yen, making it easier to understand the amount of purchases.

However, the web pages, including product pages and payment pages, are only in English, so it is limited to those who can read English or use the translation function. However, even if you can not speak English, the ordering method is very simple, so the hurdle is low international mail order.

Incidentally, UK stands for United Kingdom. Overseas, UK is more commonly used than in the UK.

Harry Potter Shop UK Online Shop postage to Japan

When buying from the Harry Potter Shop UK online shop (UK) for personal import into Japan, shipping costs, customs duties, consumption tax and customs clearance fees will apply.

Harry Potter Shop UK Online Shop shipping costs to Japan (2021).
Harry Potter shop postage when you buy Wooden Official Replica Dumbledore's Wand

Until the summer of 2023, shipping costs of around ¥2,000 (in GBP £9.95) were required for small items; from autumn 2023, shipping costs will be fixed at ¥1,000 in Japanese yen, which is considerably cheaper.

Shipping costs for Japan for Harry Potter shop purchases (e.g. as of October 2023).

Items to be purchasedShipping costs (SAL)Shipping costs (airmail)
For one robe1,000 yen1,000 yen
For two dressing gowns (*1)free1,750 yen
1 replica cane.1,000 yen1,000 yen

As of 2023/10, SAL (economy air) shipping is free and air (faster than SAL) shipping is also at a discount due to the free shipping campaign period for purchases over 15 000 yen to Japan.

Consumption tax, customs fees and duties are charged to the purchaser in Japan, so the Harry Potter shop is not involved in this money. It is pointless to contact the shop abroad, so please don't do so.

If the delivery company in Japan is Japan Post, the invoice amount is usually known upon receipt of the delivery and paid to the delivery person. For FedEx, a separate transfer form is enclosed with the receipt of the goods and is paid later.

Differences between the items carried in the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise shop and the Harry Potter online shop in the UK

The range of goods in the '' and Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise shops is not the same. The main differences are explained below. does not sell exclusive Harriotta Tour Tokyo merchandise.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Limited Edition List of goods Original from the main shop Studio Tour Shop

List of original Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo goods

On, conversely, you can buy British items that are not available on the Harriotta Tour Tokyo.

There are a number of Harry Potter goods on that have not yet been released in Japan.

In other cases, the same product genre may be sold but in different sizes and line-ups.

Hogwarts Fourth Dormitory Robes also sell the largest size XXL in the UK.

Replica canes also differ slightly in the items they sell. In the UK.Tina's wand from Fantabi, made by Noble also available online.Studio Tour Tokyo replica cane corner.It is not yet available as of October 2023 in

It is important to note that there have been cases in the past where the same product may look the same, but the materials used online and on Studio Tour London are different or the manufacturer brand is different.

When shopping at, make sure you are buying the same product as the item you want.

Harry Potter Shop UK (UK) online shop also offers a personalisation service for robes.Â

The UK's Harry Potter Shop online website also offers a name-inscription service for robes. The service is the same as the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo.

Harry Potter Shop UK online shop Goods not available from Japan

Butterbeer (bottled)and cosmetics-related items cannot be ordered and bought from Japan from the Harry Potter Shop UK online shop, for reasons such as breakage or liquid products inside.

Register as a Harry Potter Fan Club member if you want to use â

If you shop at the Harry Potter Shop, you can also sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club (free)!

Irregular, but special offers are available for fan club members.

You'll receive email notifications of discount sales, fan club priority sales and other offers.

If you use the Harry Potter Tour Tokyo merchandise shop (the former Toshimaen site) and the Harry Potter Shop online site in the UK, you should be able to get some great items at a convenient price.

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(For past reference) 23 January 2021 Harry Potter Shop web online shop relaunched! Consolidation of all Harry Potter & Fantabis products from several shops... to and!

Harry Potter merchandise shop The Studio Tour Shop, Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, Souvenirs (former site of Toshimaen), Japan.

Harry Potter merchandise shop 'The Studio Shop' outside the Harry Potter Studio Tour, London, detailed report.

Harry Potter Goods Shop & Photo Spot THE Harry Potter SHOP AT PLATFORM 9 3/4 (Platform 9 and 3/4 Shops) (London/Kings Cross Station)

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No online shop for Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise as of October 2023. Enhanced Japanese support for UK online shops!
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