• 28 May 2022.
  • 13 December 2022.

Fantabi-3 Internet distribution begins! Japan U-NEXT Premiere distribution starts Amazon prime video 1 Jul 2022 (Fri) - 30 May 2022 (Mon) - USA Enjoy the latest Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore's Secret movie on HBO Max at home.

Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore's Secret movie Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore's Secret is now available in Japan on U-NEXT and Amazon â- Japan Fantabi-3 distribution U-NEXT Premiere distribution starts Friday 1 July 2022 - Friday 1 July 2022 at midnight U-NEXT announced. [...]

  • 7 December 2021.
  • 24 December 2023.

HARRIPOTA REUNION 20th ANNIVERSARY PROGRAMME Return to Hogwarts Japan U-NEXT 8 Jan (Sat) from 0:00 (Back to Hogwarts) 1 Jan 2022 New Year's Day Harry, Hermione, Ron and other main cast members gather together HBO Max USA Distribution.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Special 20th anniversary of the film's release by HBO Max (USA) 1 Apr 2022 - also available on amazon prime video and elsewhere! 1 Jan 2022 Hary Potter reunion programme Return to Hogwart [...].