What is the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter films?

The Ministry of Magic is the government administrative body of the British wizarding world. In the world of non-wizarding humans (the Muggle world), it is similar to the various government and administrative bodies in Japan, such as the Diet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Ministry of Justice, the courts and police forces. The Ministry of Magic is a combined legislative, executive and judicial period.

The Ministry of Magic is headed by the Minister for Magic. In Harry Potter's wizarding world, magic and wizards are hidden from humans (Muggles). Similarly, the Ministry of Magic is hidden from Muggles so as not to be noticed.

In the UK, only the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is aware of the existence of the Ministry of Magic and the Minister for Magic. The Ministry of Magic is located underground in central London.

The US Department of Magic is 'MACUSA' United States Magical Congress is located in New York.

The French Ministry of Magic is located in Paris, France.

The German Ministry of Magic 'Deutsches Ministerium für Magie' is located in Berlin, Germany.

There is a Ministry of Magic in each country.


The Harry Potter Studio Tour London includes a partial display of the actual Ministry of Magic Atrium set used in the filming of the movies.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo will feature a newly built, giant Ministry of Magic set.

'Ministry of Magic' set open to the public  Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - Making of Harry Potter (former Toshimaen site) World's first full-scale exhibition set!


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