ice cream

  • 6 August 2022.
  • 12 September 2022.

Take a break from the heat and feel like an affogado of the wizarding world with 'Butterbeer Ice Cream' and 'Iced Coffee'... Three Broomsticks Terrace Seating USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Hello! I'm Pancake Man from Wizarding World.com and I'm under the roof of the Three Broomsticks terrace today, and it's hot. It was cloudy and comfortable until a few minutes ago, but the sun is getting stronger and the table is gradually getting direct sunlight, even though it's under the roof [...].

  • 1 Aug 2016.
  • 3 February 2022.

Stay cool and delicious in the hot summer village of Hogsmeade with frozen fruit Pineapple & Mango (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man. Today I'm here to play in disguise as a Muggle. But in July and August, the wizarding world is a hot, very hot summer village of Hogsmeade, unlike the scenery of the village where the snow melts. (;^ω^) Sweat is dripping down, and even if you wipe it off with a handkerchief, it's still dripping down the www [...].

  • 27 July 2014.
  • 12 November 2023.

Three Broomsticks sweets menu This is the one to try... Witch pot lemon cake, molasses tart and ice cream, butterbeer pudding... Halloween and Christmas only sweets... USJ "Harry Potter Area".

Wizarding World Blog: Sweets in the Harpotta area recommended by the Wizard Pancake Man♪ This is an introduction to the sweets and desserts, ice cream and cakes that you can eat and bring into the Three Broomsticks (USJ Wizarding World of Harry Potter)! You can bring in items purchased in Hogsmeade Village to the Three Broomsticks! Get into the Harry Potter mood with delicious British treats... Profiteroles, butterbeer pudding, butterbeer ice cream, molasses tarts, chocolate trifle. Bring your own if you buy at Honeydukes Witch pot cakes, macaroons, chocolates, kapu cakes and more! Guidebook for the Harry Potter area at Universal Studios Japan! Free, even the most powerful and maniacal information â Wizard Pancake Man.