Shop Introduction Magic Neep Cart (Food & Drink Cart Sales)|USJ "Harry Potter Area

                          Magic Neep Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area' food (meat pies) and drinks (jelly).

good day (daytime greeting)Universal Studios Japan (USJ), Harry Potter Area.Â

Magic Needs Cart (cart sales)|USJ 'Harry Potter Area

Shop Introduction Magic Neep Cart (Food & Drink Cart Sales)|USJ "Harry Potter Area

Honeydukes shop openings.'THE MAGIC NEEP CART.'The Village of Hogsmeade'.'Gladrags Wizardwear'-' (used in place of '-')and'Toms & Scrolls bespoke wizard bookshop.'-' (used in place of '-')You'll find it between the

Magic Neep CartTheThe Magic Neep (The Magic Neep).This is a shop opening (cart) called 'The Carts'. Unfortunately, the shop is not built in USJ. In the US and China, they do exist, and Magic Neep is the grocer of the wizarding world. So the Magic Neep Cart is really a vegetable sales cart! Surprise! Va.

When you look at it with that in mind, the exterior looks like something you would find at a market, such as a morning market or an open-air market overseas... Incidentally, the bay windows of Magic Neep shops in Orlando and Beijing are lined with many vegetables... Also, neither Magic Neep nor the Magic Neep Cart appeared in the original novel or the Harry Potter films, but They seem to have been created for Universal Studios' Wizarding World.

「マジック・ニープ・カート」はハロウィン シーズンにハロウィーン装飾になること♪

Halloween (Magic Knee Cart), USJ, Hallipota area.

The food and drinks on sale change according to the season. In the past, during Halloween, the restaurant was decorated with jack-o'-lanterns and other Halloween-like decorations.

Signs [Shop] Magic Neep Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area' food (meat pies) and drinks (jelly) â

The sign "THE MAGIC NEEP" is displayed, but for some reason only "NEEP" is very tilted.

Shop information Magic Neep Cart|USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Shop information Magic Neep Cart|USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.
opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)USJ 30 minutes to 1 hour after opening
USJ 1 to 1.5 hours before close

Latest opening hours.Check USJ's operating schedule to confirm.
What we sell.Meat pies, churritos, drinking jellies, etc.
(Specialist take-away shops).

three broomsYou can bring it to
latency0-30 minutes.
Shop location.USJ 'Harry Potter Area', Hogsmeade Village.In the back right after entering the building. Right in front of the stage.
Method of paymentCash (Japanese yen), various Muggle credit cards.
(NG Galleon gold coins, Sickle silver coins, Knut copper coins)

(as of March 2023).

[Menu] Food and drinks on sale at the Magic Neep Cart.

Magic Neep Cart 3 Oct 2020 Menu USJ Harry Potter Area

2020 'Magic Neep Cart' menu.

A 'menu board' of what's on sale is displayed on the left-hand pillar towards the front of the Magic Neep Cart. You can see what food, snacks and drinks are on sale by looking at this menu board.

USJ [New Fantabi merchandise] Bowtruckle (picket) plastic bottle strap|Harry Potter Area - Magic Neep Cart

'Magic Neep Cart' menu for March 2023.

The menu sold at the Magic Neep Cart in March 2023 has changed so much that it is completely different from 2020. The food and snacks on offer at the Magic Neep Cart varied well up to around 2021. These days, the image is relatively stable, with churritos, meat pies and jelly drinks changing seasonally.

The Magic Neep Cart, a wagon sales cart that could be described as a Honeydukes stall, sells different sweet shops, drinks and fruit. The cart sales items changed with the seasons, so the fun changed with each season. Here are some of the food and snacks sold from the past to the present.

Menu board September 2023 | 'Harry Potter Area' Magic Neep Cart

'Magic Neep Cart' menu for September 2023.

After a long absence, the words 'Gilly Water' are back on sale... for 350 yen...

Summer: chilled apples|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Let's crunch on a chilled apple in the hot summer village of Hogsmeade (USJ "Harry Potter Area" Magic Knee Cart).
It used to be available but has not been seen for sale since 2018.
Magic Neep Kurt's 'chilled apples'.

Halloween: pumpkin pasties ¥550 pumpkin bread ¥550|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Christmas: mince pies & gingerbread man biscuits|USJ Magic Neap Cart

4. magic kneepkart Christmas treats Mince pies & gingerbread man biscuits (USJ Honey Potter area).
4. magic kneepkart Christmas treats Mince pies & gingerbread man biscuits (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

The excellent 'mince pies' and human-shaped biscuits, a British Christmas classic that have been sold in the Magic Knee Cart in the past.

pumpkin juice,,gilly wateretc.|USJ Magic Neep Cart

Pumpkin juice, gilly water, tea, sparkling water Magic Knee Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

In the Magic Neep Cart.Pumpkin juice (pumpkin juice)are out of stock all the way through 2021 2022 2023,gilly waterare sold in the 'Three Broomsticks'.I'm doing it.No longer. Since we started selling churritos, we no longer sell the above-mentioned drinks and dried fruit products.

Gillywater resumes sales from September 2023 'Harry Potter Area' Magic Neep Cart.

Gillywater has been back on sale at Magic Neep Cart since September 2023.

9 November 2020 - New sweets added for the winter season!

Harry Potter churritos and meat pies from the Magic Neep Cart â

Hogwarts meat pie Price ¥700|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Churritos and meat pies from the Magic Knee Cart, USJ Harry Potter Area.

The traditional British meat pie, very popular in the Magic Neep Cart, is accented with cheese in the wizarding world. The meat pie is branded with the Hogwarts 'H' on top.

Harry Potter Churritos in the four Hogwarts dormitories price ¥650|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Churritos with the image of the four Hogwarts dormitories Price ¥600 Magic Knee Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area' confectionery

Cute and colourful Harry Potter churritos decorated in the image colours of the four Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses.映画ハリー・ポッターでは登場しませんが、きっと「ハリー・ポッター エリア」の魔女と魔法使いたちの大人気商品です♪

28 Jun 2021- New sweets Jelly Drinks on sale! |USJ Magic Neep Cart

Jelly Drink Jelly Drink Gryffindor x Ravenclaw Jelly Drink USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Magic Neep Cart

1 Mar 2023 Fantabi-goods Bowtruckle magical creature drink bottle holder|USJ Magic Neap Cart

USJ [New Fantabi merchandise] Bowtruckle (picket) plastic bottle strap|Harry Potter Area - Magic Neep Cart

Bowtruckle bottle strap Price ¥ 500 (incl. tax)
マジック・ニープ・カートでファンタビ グッズの販売が始まりました♪

USJ HARRY POTTER & FANTASVI Magical Animals (Magical Creatures) Plush Toys & Merchandise Summary|Harry Potter Area

[Map] Location of Magic Neep Cart|USJ "Harry Potter Area

Shop location Map: Honeydukes & Magic Knee Cart "Harry Potter Area", Hothmead Village, USJ

Location of the Magic Neep Cart at Universal Studios Japan (USJ),USJ 'Harry Potter Area', Hogsmeade Village.In the back right-hand corner after entering the building. It is on the right before the stage. The cart is green, so you can easily find it. Goods shop Gladrags Magic Fashion Store and'Toms & Scrolls bookshop'.It is located between the

Honeydukes and 'Magic Neep Cart' sweets and food can be brought into the Three Broomsticks.

You can bring sweets, cakes, food and drinks purchased in the Harry Potter Area to the Three Broomsticks restaurant. The only condition for bringing them in is that you buy something at the Three Broomsticks.

The Three Broomsticks Sweets, Dessert Menu|USJ Harry Potter Area

Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area' wizarding world sweets list â™" frog chocolate, 100-flavour beans, etc.

Zonko's Mischief Specialist Shop Information|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

To the right of the red bay window is a dark blue vertical bay window. This is another shop, but only on the exterior.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' merchandise shop

  1. Filch's confiscated goods shop (souvenir sweets, stuffed magical creatures, apparel).
  2. In front of Hogwarts Castle Goods cart
  3. Ollivander's shop (replica wand, magical wand).
  4. Ollivander, Kurt.
  5. Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store (dressing gowns, ties, glowing wands).
  6. Gladrags Magical Western Wear Shop (dressing gowns, socks, replica goods).
  7. Owl mail (envelopes, stamps, owl goods)
  8. Dervish and Bangs (Quidditch, Magic Toys, Nimbus 2001, Firebolt).
  9. Honeydukes (e.g. hundred-flavour beans, frog-chocolate stationery, lips).
  10. Zonko's prank shop (wizarding world prank toys, stretchy ears).

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

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Shop Introduction Magic Neep Cart (Food & Drink Cart Sales)|USJ "Harry Potter Area
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