Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.

プレゼント♪London Harry Potter Tour ロンドン訪問記念(ハリポタ グッズ)募集期限2020年1月7日

Cheers! Konnichiwa! This is Pancake Man Dumbledore.

As 2019 draws to a close and we move into 2020, 2019 has been a very busy year for me in the wizarding world.

Now that the old stories are out of the way, I have to thank everyone who reads 魔法界ドットコム. Thank you for always reading my random reports, and I mean that in a good way (laughs)! I'm sorry, I'm so hungry right now that I couldn't help but think of matcha parfait. Thank you very much for reading my report!

An early Christmas present! (LOL)


House of minalima,WarnerBros studio tour,9 3/4Platform shop. Except for the Minalima wallpaper, none of the other items have been released in Japan!

Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.

Present: 8 types in total, for 12 people!

Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.

1. sachets of Gringotts and Galleon gold coin chocolates
2. honeydukes confectionery
3. tri-wizard playing cards (Harry Potter, Cedric, Fuller, Viktor Krum).

Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.

4. name tag Hogwarts ↔️ Kings Cross 9 3/4
5. passcase Hogwarts Express (2 people)

Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.

6.Harry Potter Playing cards Major characters come out.
7. pin badge Head Girl (1 each)
7-1. Gryffindor.
7-2. Slytherin.
 It's bigger than the USJ pin badge.
8.Minalima Wallpaper Hogwarts Textbooks & Wizarding World Book Cover Design (for 50 x 100 cm)

Send in your application in the next "Owl News" (^_-)
Follow the Wizard Pancake Man account and RT (retweet) the target Tweet with a comment!

How to enter the giveaway Twitter

1. follow @wizard_pancake (https://twitter.com/wizard_pancake)
2. decide on the gift you want.
3. write the present *number* you want by 'RT (retweet) with comment' the tweet announcing the present.
(e.g. (i) present number (i) desired)

Present application period: until 23:59 on 7 January 2020 (Tuesday).

If the winners are drawn and there are duplicates of the desired gift, they may receive different gifts.


The winner's account will be announced on Twitter and on wizardingworld.com â
Key accounts are not eligible to apply.
Winners will be asked for their shipping address via DM; if no reply is received within 24 hours, the prize will be considered invalid.
Shipping destinations are in Japan only.
Ordinary RTs are not eligible for the lottery.
You are welcome to write your thoughts and comments in the comments! I will not be affected by the conditions of the lottery! However, it will not affect the conditions of the lottery.
No personal information will be disclosed. Trust me.
It may take a few days for delivery.
There is no compensation in the event that the post is not delivered for any other reason.
If you don't like me, but love Haribo & Fantabi, you're welcome to apply. If you can get along with me in big and small ways, you're more than welcome!
However, we will not accept any complaints... (Except for the UNI 5hgyk complaints.)

Here! Feel free to apply for the items you want, and we look forward to working with "魔法界ドットコム" in 2020!

Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.
Albus Pancake Hotcake Daisukiman Dumbledore

Amazon Harry Potter collectibles
Rakuten Ichiba Harry Potter Goods

We will try our best to write even more enjoyable articles for you to enjoy...

Harriotta Goodies Giveaway.
Check for updates!