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NHK TV [Harriotta Swamp] 6 Nov 2018 VTR UK Report on the location tour section Eternal & Airu also went to Kings Cross Station on 1 Sept. â

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Today, we'll introduce you to some of the people who helped with NHK's "Harry Potter Swamp" programme, which aired on NHK's "Swamp and I Asked.

NHK's 'Swamped and Asked'.well10s - university students.In.People who are addicted to the hobby.This programme focuses on the In this issue.Haripotamian swampThe two people who provided videos, photos and other materials for the programme, and appeared on the VTR, were introduced as the main guests.

Eternity (Towa).


Two witches. eternal pavilion (of the inner Heian Palace)andpavilion housing the emperor's bathing quarters and dressing chamber (in Heian Palace)to travel to the UK in early September 2018.

Objective.Touring the filming locations of Harriotta.Then! (Laughter)
I'm very envious... because I haven't set foot on British soil yet.

First.Further information 1 year ago.1 September 2017 in.London Kings Cross Station.The Tweet of the Japanese witch Eien-dono, who visited the

Also previously in 魔法界ドットコム,The Harry Potter Family Tree, a genealogy of the wizarding family compiled by Tono Eien.The following topics were covered.
You can tell by this alone that you have a love of Harriotta, even if the work takes a lot of patience!

And just to give you an example of how much I like her, go and see Tom Felton (played by Draco Malfoy)...

and Harriotta love is a very deep and profound love of potteries â

Now let's get down to the meat of this report!

August 2018 - Tweet videos, photos and exciting and fun comments from two people who travelled to London.


The two men were in the UK's Harry Potter sanctuary of 'TheWarner Bros Studio Tour London Making of Harry Potter.The 'Gob of Fire', by the way, is a reference to the film 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London.(Photo by Ai Ruden)


Here in the video, Eien foundPortrait of what appears to be Professor Snape.The scene is where he introduces Airu to the

Studio tour Hogwarts miniature model (actually used in the filming of the movie).


Harry Potter Studio Tour Giant model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is also the last stop on the tour of London.with a wide-angle camera, so you can see the entire Hogwarts model area â

Harry Potter Studio Tour report.

Portrait of David Heyman on studio tour.


The Harry Potter film series isDavid Heyman, producer.The film was born because of the presence of If another producer had acquired the film rights to Harry Potter, it would have been a completely different film.Â

  1. David Hayman (producer), USJ Hogwarts portraits.
  2. Portrait of David Heyman, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

There are three main Harry Potter Studio Tour portrait display spots, as Eien explains in her Tweet content.

  1. Portraits in the moving staircase exhibition area.
  2. Headmaster Dumbledore's office (ceiling surface inside the headmaster's office).
  3. Portrait-only exhibition area (outside Principal Dumbledore's office in 2019).

Could this be a portrait of Professor Severus Snape? Some portraits are seen as ♪ Harry Potter Studio TourPortrait believed to be of Professor Severus Snape is in the moving staircase display area.You can see it at

Potter house (home) where James & Lily Potter were killed by Voldemort.


Harry Potter Studio Tour outdoor exhibition area Backlot, home of Harry's family.The exhibition includes. This is a film set of the house where Harry's family lived in Godric's Hollow. As you can see in the photo, the house was destroyed by the Dark Lord Voldemort's dark magic and is now on display.

House of Minarima, London.Visit to â


MINALIMA is the graphics team responsible for the design of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. Eien and Airu visit the designer shop of the brand founded by the two designers.In 2018, the MINALIMA shop (former shop) was located in London only.

Report on House of Minarima, London.

Eien-chan is such a big fan of minalima that she goes to see Mina and Rima when they come to Tokyo, Japan (by the way, she doesn't live in the Kanto region).When Minarima Osaka opened and Minarima-san came to Japan.also came all the way to Osaka from far away.


Christ Church.


Christchurch is.One of the 39 colleges of the University of OxfordIs. The main dining hall at Crustchurch College is.Great Hall.The building is famous as a dormitory, where actual university students eat breakfast and other meals. Courses are available to visit the building when it is not in use by students, and plans are available to stay in a spare room in the dormitory.Hogwarts Great Hall in the Harry Potter films.The location was the model for the

Gloucester Cathedral.


Gloucester Cathedral is a filming location for the Harry Potter movie. In the corridor used for the actual filming, Eien and Airu are wearing Slytherin dressing gowns and enjoying the atmosphere and filming.Â

Witches who travelled with them. pavilion housing the emperor's bathing quarters and dressing chamber (in Heian Palace) By Eternity.


This is a picture of Airu in Gloucester Cathedral (Hogwarts corridor), trying to capture her dashing walk.USJ light, so you may need a weight to make it flutter as desired!

2018.Kings Cross Stationis a surprise official event conducted!


Kings Cross Station, London, UK.What awaited them on a normal visit was a pleasant surprise event with tear-jerking contents!

Kings Cross Station, 1 September 2018. Â


Primark has a large and cheap range of private label Harriotta merchandise.In,Noble Collection is like a sanctuary for all Noble Collection Harry Potter merchandise.The following is a list of the most common reasons for this.

They were very lucky to visit King's Cross Station without knowing there was an event going on!
Congratulations to two lucky witches who were lucky enough to meet Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander) and Jude Law (Albus Dumbledore)...

HARRIPOTA GOODS (souvenirs) bought by two people on their 2018 trip to the UK Σ! How much on earth did they spend! (Laughs)


Those who want to know more can tag 'The# Eternity and Airu's pilgrimage to the Holy Land of England' and '.#TAUK JourneySearch for 'Tweet'... there are a lot of Tweets that we haven't introduced...
A further video (Youtube) provides a detailed UK travel section!
It looks like it could be later in the year, but I'm looking forward to it.

[Video] Eternal Wizarding World Chan: Harry Potter Holy Land Pilgrimage


Here are two videos that Eien has uploaded to YouTube... you'll feel like you've been to England... and you'll have a lot of fun... too.Also subscribe and watch the 魔法界ドットコム channel.Please take care of the

Finally, for wizards & witches who are wizards & witches and are boarding a Muggle plane.


Be careful, because there is such a thing as this...
Well,VTR version of the Haripot Swamp (on location at home).(^^♪ Please look forward to it!
Well, good day to you...

TV programme 'Harriotta Swamp' 魔法界ドットコム Report Table of Contents

The Wizard Pancake Man also experienced the UK for the first time in December 2019. We enjoyed seven days in London's Harry Potter studio tour, locations, and Harriotta merchandise shops.Â

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NHK Harriotta special "Harry Potter Swamp" TV broadcast Sat 17 Feb 2024, 20:45 - "Swamped and Asked".

This time.Tokyo Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - Making of Harry Potter at the former Toshimaen site.The film appears to have been filmed on location, with a visit to

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The Hogwarts Express is shown on the destination display electric board!
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