NHK TV [Harriotta Swamp] 6 Nov Rebroadcast 28 Nov VTR Harriotta A young witch opens the door with an alohomora in her room full of collectibles!

Today is the day of the Harripotta Swamp rerun, 28 November...
Good evening! This is Pancake Man Dumbledore.

Have you seen the "Harry Potter" episode of NHK's "Swamped and Asked"?

What? You haven't seen it? You have 10,000 points deducted from your dormitory.

Today, we're going to introduce you to some of the people who have helped us with the programme...
Witch Utsuki-dono @utk6hpThen!

Teenagers to university students who are addicted to the Harriotta swamp.With Potterian as the main guest on the show.

She was also featured in the programme and appeared in the VTR.

I have a house full of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts merchandise.

Harry Potter actor autograph & photo corner


Two autographed photos of Tom Felton (as Draco Malfoy)Â (top left).
MinorimaHogwarts Express ticket (bottom right), personally signed by
Quidditch equipment set (centre)
Harry Potter books are all here... (below)


Three photos ♪ with Tom, including one with Lord Jason Isaacs, aka Papa Foy ♪
              Emma Watson (as Hermione).
Gryffindor Quidditch jumper (middle left)

Dressing gowns & mufflers
T-shirt Gryffindor coat of arms, grouping hat, I am a wizard, Gryffindor (top right)

Wizarding World Confectionery Corner


Every-Flavour beans,,butterbeerFlavour candy,Frogs ChocolateWind case,exploding bonbon,,gilly waterPygmy Puff (not candy, but magical animal w) mug.
Sirius Black's wand.
Gryffindor tie.
Wizard's chess pieces
Outgoing! Kings Cross Station.Kings Cross StationWallpaper with a pillar image of â
If you've seen the programme, this wall! You're probably thinking, "Awww!

Actually, this is not a wall, it's a door (laughs).

And in a story that Harry Potter fans will know, the witch Alo-dono, who had a wonderful device in her room, played the game of saying the magic spell "Alohomora" when she opened the door and then slamming it open!
If you're interested, you're going to have to watch the reruns or see if anyone recorded the video.
Hogwarts crest tapestry (centre right).
ABC poster from the Potter family's Harry room (top left).
Handwritten 'BOWTRUCKLE' on cardboard, signed by Eddie and Jude Law below! (bottom left).

Three Bowtruckle pickets? Are there others! (Laughs) And.niffler

Lord Utsuki likes Bowtruckle so much that he even dressed up as Bowtruckle himself in his Harriotta costume.

Oops, I didn't tell you who she was, so it's no longer a secret.

Special Thanks List *

And many other fellow Harripotters.
Also, many people cooperated with us and we apologise to those who have been omitted (≥◇≦).

Lord a picture of a dinner party in the style of Harriott.
This one has not been introduced on TV.
It would be great to get together with other Haripotters and have a dinner party, talking about Haripotter and Fantabis.
This is the end of our report on the broadcast version of the programme, but stay tuned for more fun stuff from your fellow Harriotta fans...

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Amazon Harry Potter collectibles
Rakuten Ichiba Harry Potter Goods

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