NHK Harriotta special "Harry Potter Swamp" TV broadcast Sat 17 Feb 2024, 20:45 - "Swamped and Asked".

Hello! I am a pancake man.

Ladies and gentlemen, NHK's former educational television station E-tele will be airing a Harry Potter special.

'Harry Potter Swamp' TV broadcast, 'Swamped and Asked'.

NHK Harriotta special "Harry Potter Swamp" TV broadcast Sat 17 Feb 2024, 20:45 - "Swamped and Asked".
broadcast dateSaturday, 17 February 2024.
broadcasting hours20:45-21:30.
Online distribution NHK+.unpublished
Missed streaming NHK+.Not yet announced (since the end of terrestrial broadcasting?).
programme nameI was swamped and asked.
broadcasting officeNHK E-TV
Programme MCHama Okamoto (OKAMOTO'S).
Ms Sahya (Lalande).
Programme Presenter.Kyon (Cotton).
Program Guests.2 Hammers (general HARRIPOTA fans).
Sasuke Wada (Da_iCE).
Programme WEB siteSee below.

Swamped and Asked Program WEB site

沼にハマってきいてみた - NHK

Today's swamp is Harry Potter, the world's favourite wizarding adventure story! There's a Harriotta quiz by Dr. Harriotta, Mr. Hammered ...

What is the HNK E-television programme 'Swamped and Asked'?

The HNK E-television programme Swamp Hama ni Hamaite Kitaita is a programme that focuses on people who are into hobbies and their themes, from the popular expression 'swamp hamaite', which is an expression for otaku who are into their hobbies. The programmes are often made especially for young teenage otaku, and the general performers are referred to as 'Hamatta-san'.

Depending on the content of the programme, the main guests can be ordinary geeks or celebrities, and although the main guests are teenagers, depending on the programme, the main guests may be adults.

This Harry Potter special, Harry Potter Swamp, is likely to feature a teenage Harriotta fan who will be running the show.

A trailer is also available on the official NHK website.Tokyo Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - Making of Harry Potter at the former Toshimaen site.and also carried out on-location visits at,Pierre Bohana, props producer.It also appears that a dialogue with the

普通のハリー・ポッター ファンがオタク目線で語る内容に注目ですね♪

The programme will be broadcast on Saturday 17 February 2024 at 20:45 pm. The online distribution schedule will also be announced two days before the broadcast date. For more information, please visit the programme website. (≥▽≦) no.

Please note that I and 魔法界ドットコム will not be present this time.â

A Harry Potter special has been produced and aired in the past 2018, and this is the second time that the programme (after the renewal) has been about the Harriotta Swamp.2018.Universal Studios Japan.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionWizarding World of Harry Potter.The film was filmed on location at

[Past] [TV programme] [TV programme] NHK E-television 6 Nov 2018 (Tue) 18:55 - Harry Potter programme to be aired â™" to TV location of USJ Haripota area.

In 2018, many of the Harriotta friends we know so well from 魔法界ドットコム were also on the show. If you're interested, see our previous reports above.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

Universal Studios Japan The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at USJ 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' guidebook-like summary page.

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NHK Harriotta special "Harry Potter Swamp" TV broadcast Sat 17 Feb 2024, 20:45 - "Swamped and Asked".
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