[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man from Wizarding World.com (≥▽≦).

This time, 'TheWarner Bros Studio Tour London - Making of Harry Potter.The Harry Potter merchandise report in

United Kingdom.'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionPASSPORT.Â

When you write "What! An annual passport for the Studio Tour! but there is no annual passport for the Studio Tour.

ハリー・ポッター スタジオツアー ロンドン(イギリス)の入場チケット 予約購入解説♪

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (former site of Toshimaen) Summary of ticket reservations and purchases

ハリー・ポッター スタジオツアー 東京(としまえん跡地)の入場チケット 予約購入解説♪

Harry Potter Studio Tour London Passport

[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

Did you know there is an exclusive passport for the UK 'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'? (#^. ^#)

Warner Bros Studio Tour London|Making of Harry Potter.

'Deathly Hallows' symbol at the bottom of the passport cover!

You know what the 'Deathly Hallows' symbol means, don't you?

  1. │ Elder Wand.
  2. △ is the Cloak of Invisibility.
  3. XX is the 'Stone of Resurrection'.


In fact, the identity of this passport is.collecting series of stamps at railway stations, tourist spots, etc.Notebook. The PASSPORT is a stamp rally item located in the Studio Tour area of the Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

The design and content of the passport is subject to change, depending on the duration of the event.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London Stamp Rally Passport

[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

Orange fills are marked with 'location clues'.

Passport spread as at 12/2019. Seven stamp rally locations

  5. GRINGOTTS BANK (Gringotts Magical Bank).
  6. DAIAGON ALLEY (Diagon Alley).
  7. HOGWARTS CREST (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest).

The right-hand page of the spread has three entries.

  1. Own name
  2. Date of visit
  3. age

Furthermore, the passport has other fun elements besides the "stamp rally"...

  • [Hidden Snitch] Search.... Studio Tour There are 16 Golden Snitches hidden throughout London.

The Golden Snitch The Golden SnitchThe starting point, "Hogwarts Great HallThere are hints that there are two [Golden Snitches] hidden in the [Hidden Snitches]! If you find a snitch, fill in the tickbox with ㇾ... The orange-coloured areas are clues to where the [Hidden Snitch] is hidden.

  • SECRETS.|Information on what you can ask the staff about during the studio tour.

Our Studio Tour team has plenty of extra information they'd love to share, so don 't hesitate to ask!

'Platform 9 ¾' passport page depicting the Hogwarts Express.

[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

  • Each page illustrates and describes (in English) the film Harry Potter exhibits on each exhibition floor.
  • Stamp rally stamping locations.
  • Look for the Golden Snitch Checkmark & location tips.

Photo.'Platform 9 ¾' and 'Hogwarts Express' floor.page. It shows an illustration of a Hogwarts Express steam train and carriages and what appears to be Hogsmeade station, and explains the stamp rally.

Opportunities to press the stamp rally are located in front of film sets and other locations â

Regular Harry Potter Studio Tours are always busy.

this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)'Gryffindor Common Room' film set.In front of. The 'stamp rally stand' is slightly to the left of the centre of the photo. At other times of the day, children flocked to the stamp rally stand! and clang! Don't make the mistake of putting your own passport (Japanese passport) on the stand and stamping it!

The Hidden Snitch checkbox gives a hint as to where the Golden Snitch is located!

[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

Each page of the passport gives a clue to the location of the Golden Snitch lurking in the Harry Potter Studio Tour London. The page pictured is the Quidditch area page, where you can see that they are in three different locations. The clues are painted in orange. (Passport as of 12/2019)

Passport distribution points & how to play|Harry Potter Studio Tour London

1. automated kiosks (ticket machines, kiosks) 2. manned ticket windows
Lending counter 2: Digital Guide & Stamp Rally reception (after entrance to studio tour).
  1. You can get a stamp rally passport by asking for one at the 'voucher for admission ticket exchange counter' outside the studio building.
  2. Passport distribution points in the Studio Tour area are.Digital guide rental counter".

You can get your own passport free of charge.

[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.

However, even if you don't want to try the stamp rally, just get a passport as a souvenir item... a good souvenir of your visit. It's free of charge! (≥▽≦)b Photo left.Official guidebook to the Harry Potter Studio Tour of London (paid for).Is.

Incidentally, on the last page of the passport you will find the 'answer' to what the design of the stamps you have collected is.

When visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour London for the first time, playing with the passport should be a low priority. The reason is that there are many important places to visit and experience that are usually short on time, rather than spending time on the passport (laughs).

If you have a day's playtime to spare on the 'Harry Potter Studio Tour London' or are visiting for the second or third time, use the 'Stamp Rally Passport' to collect stamps and enjoy looking for the Snitch (≥▽≦).

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyodoes not offer stamp rally passports.

Event in 2021: MAGICAL MISCHIEF. (FILM TRICKERY REVEALED) During the period of the magical prank (film trickery revealed), the passport was designed in the style of a 'ninja map' and the object sought was [hidden pixie fairy].

Event in 2021: during the 'Halloween period Dark Arts (Dark Arts)'.Dark Mark.The content was to explore and collect the Dark Signs into the passport.

Borrow a digital guide (Japanese) â- How to enjoy the Harry Potter Studio Tour London more â- Audio and video commentary and behind-the-scenes stories about the production of the Harry Potter films!

Official guidebook 'Harry Potter Studio Tour London! 'Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - THE MAKING OF Harry Potter' A 'souvenir' to commemorate your visit â

Harry Potter merchandise and souvenir shop The Studio Shop, outside the Harry Potter Studio Tour, London, detailed report.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London (UK) [General report] A very long report on three consecutive days of visits.Â

This is a very long report. It takes at least 30 minutes to read, but it introduces and describes all the major Harry Potter exhibits and restaurants. Read this and you'll know everything about the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Harry Potter Studio Tour London ticket types and how to book from Japan Purchase procedure on the official website

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen) - Super-intuitive guide & summary.

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[Free item] Stamp Rally Passport (PASSPORT) 'Making of Harry Potter' studio tour in London.
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