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Beware of carrying Harry Potter wands! Police action in the UK & (embarrassing) airport security checks in Japan.

Hello! I am the Pancake Man from Wizarding World.com.

Haripota Tour Tokyoindicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.USJ Hallipota area.indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.stage play Harripotais in full swing in Japan, but in the UK, the home country, there seems to be a lot of excitement in the news media about police stories about Harry Potter.

A large number of police officers responded to a report of a person carrying a large knife in a hotel! ...and...

The responding officer posted this on the department's FACEBOOK. It happened at Blaby Police in Leicestershire, UK.

I rushed to a large hotel in Enderby this morning. I was with a large number of police officers carrying guns when I received a report of a man with a large knife near the lift of the hotel.

He was a Harry Potter fan with a Harry Potter wand!

The rush to the scene revealed that the man was in possession of a 'Harry Potter wand' and was a Harriotta fan.

Fortunately, the inhabitants were not harmed."Voldemort.There were no signs of 'no'.

He also posted a bit of a ruckus with a touch of humour.

It's a unique happening in the UK, the home of Harry Potter! I thought, and at the same time I know many witches and wizards who have had similar experiences with their Japanese Harriotta friends.

Some Harriotta fans get their 'wands' caught in security checks at airports in the UK and Japan.

Return to Japan from London airports.Harry Potter's wand and other items in your hand luggage at the time ofProfessor Snape's wandin a bag and a fan was caught by security checks. London security checkers are used to it,Harry Potter Have you bought a 'wand' as a souvenir from the shop?He laughed and confirmed this.

Also at airports in Japan, a fellow Haripotter whose wand was caught by security had to pull his wand out of his bag and explain the wand. There are more than one or two other Haripotter friends who have had the same experience. Just around me, the Pancake Man (laughs).

incidentallyHarry Potter shop after security at Heathrow Airport.This is not a problem as there is no check if the product is purchased at

Some replica canes have metal in the core rod of the cane, so they will be caught by security screening machines. It also looks like a sharp stick-shaped object, you know.

Some of them were fellow Harripoters who explained Nimbus 2001.

In addition, they were disassembled and placed in suitcases at Japanese airports.Replica broom 'Nimbus 2001'.One fellow Harriotta had to explain what it was to the inspector after being found with a (Laughter)

Just hearing the stories and imagining them already makes you laugh in your stomach! (≧▽≦)

As for the wand you introduced, I have a few fellow Harripoters who are there, but if you don't mind me introducing you by name, please come forward. (Translated by: As for the broom, even if I don't mention names, quite a few of you are "You-Know-Who"! and probably have identified him.People carrying Nimbus 2001.are not so common in Japan, you know. (Laughter.)

When flying domestically or internationally, where security checks are in place, it is safe to keep your wand in your checked luggage, so please take care on your journey around Harry Potter!

These are the incident stories caused by Harry Potter merchandise. Oh - I'm glad that no one was cursed or killed. Va.

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Jacob's Wand Replica Goods|Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (by Warner Bros.) [Purchase report].
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