Christmas sweets mince pies... ♪ In the Three Broomsticks... ♪ Let's get Harry in the mood... ♪

You too can get into the Christmas spirit of Harry and his friends in the wizarding world...

New to the Wizarding World in the Harry Potter Area for the second year in 2015.Christmas sweetsÂ

Product name: Mince pies.

Contents: 1 piece.
with ice cream
Price: ¥600.
Taste: ★★★★4.0

Christmas Sweets Mince Pies â€" Three Broomsticks â€" Get in Harry's Mood (USJ, Harry Potter Area), 2015.

Sales outlets and period of availability

Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade Village (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')
Christmas & winter season time limited.
(as of 11/2015).

Christmas Sweets Mince Pies â€" Three Broomsticks â€" Get in the mood for Harry â€" (USJ, Harry Potter Area).

Mince pies are a British pastry baked in a pie crust with a 360° perimeter.

The filling is tapped with mincemeat of dried fruit, including apples stewed in alcohol... contradictory, but wrapped in a crispy, soggy pie crust.

Christmas sweets mince pies  Three Broomsticks new desserts Winter only USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

The combination of subtle sweetness and deep-flavoured dried fruit is superb...

This could be one of the best three wizarding world sweets, combining the Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes...

I enjoyed eating with the lovely 'Witch Sanape' and 'Muggle N-chan', so it's possible that the food tasted better (laughs).
*Pancake Man ate mince pies for the first time in his life.
*You won't feel any alcohol, so even children are safe!
*It is called meat, but there is no minced meat in it, www.
*Pancake Man is rather uncomfortable with dried fruit. w

Mince pies appeared in the original Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban â

It was a Christmas present sent to Harry by Ron's mum (Molly), Aunt Weasley. This is the scene where a dozen mince pies were among the presents given to Harry. The reason for the dozen is that in England it is believed that if you eat one every day for 12 days from Christmas, you will have good luck that year. It makes me weep with joy to think that Aunt Weasley must have given them to Harry for his good luck (;_;) In the Harry Potter film series, sweets that are thought to be mince pies appear in the Christmas scene.

Although the shape is different,Ron's House.The scene in the book where Ginny tells Harry to 'ahhh' and makes him eat it, and the pie that Ron interrupts him to eat, must be a mince pie. If you want, you could order about 10 mince pies from the Three Broomsticks and have fun playing Christmas with Ginny and Harry! I won't be responsible for whether they can eat them or not... but I'll be there for the dinner.

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