In this section 'People from the wizarding world I have met', I will introduce you to people I have met at USJ and other places.

Hogwarts students in dressing gowns and Hogwarts staff in fancy dress & costumes.
By Wizard Pancake Man.

Dr Quirrell and Dr Snape!

I met Professor Snape and Professor Quirrell! Wizard Pancake Man.
Professor Snape and Professor Quirrell met us in front of Hogwarts Castle.
They are quite elaborate in their costumes and goods.
Note the costume, which is probably all homemade, and the accessories in her hand.
I'm sorry it was difficult to see because it was taken under the cover of night, but w
(Pancake Man has no camera skills...) (*_*;)
Dr Quirrell had a turban around his head and a monitor lizard in his hand? He was carrying a monitor lizard in his hand.
I wanted to gently remove the turban, but I was afraid I couldn't (>_<) (what a W).
Professor Snape was dressed in a black dressing gown with a textbook and wand in his hand.
I would like to applaud you both for choosing a shibboleth character...
As a potter, I'm so happy to have met these two guys!
Thank you for meeting us.
I'd rather have them stationed at USJ (Univa, please do!).
In the middle is me. I am the Wizard Pancake Man.
No tie available, so no (laughs).
They have a ninja map and Harry's wand.

I saw a public Hagrid in fancy dress outside the area afterwards.

Oh I should have called out to him and asked him to take a picture with me (laughs).
(We encountered and photographed them together at a later date, which has already been uploaded in another report).
The atmosphere and the robust physique were quite well reproduced, and the shaggy hair was a close resemblance (; ・・`д・´).
If possible, I would like to see a photo of him standing near Hagrid's hut in the Hippogriff area. (Laughter).

Witches entering Hogwarts today â

Hogwarts Express and the new student witches! Wizard Pancake Man.
In front of the Hogwarts Express steam train.
My dormitory is a Gryffindor student.
The new witch and the wizard pancake man in a back alley in Hogsmeade.
In a back alley in Hogsmeade.
Walking around Hogsmeade and Hogwarts in a robe is like stepping into the world of Harry Potter yourself, and it's a lot of fun!
We invite you to become a resident of the magical world!

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