[Haripota NR] Namba Marui Harry Potter Best Goods Collection 30 Sep (Tue) - 26 Oct (Sun) 2014

Potterians are getting very excited about the opening of USJ's Harriotta!
We are pleased to announce an event that will be both pleasing and troubling for your wallet.

Finally, an announcement was made on the official Marui web.
A sales event for Harriotta merchandise will start on 30 September in Namba, Osaka.

Event name: Harry Potter Best Goods Collection

Period: 30 Sep (Tue) - 26 Oct (Sun), 2014
Opening hours: 11:00-20:30.
 *Last day 26 October - until 16:00.
Location: special venue on the 2nd floor of Namba Marui
3-8-9, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka
>>Map Namba Marui location>>

>>Marui's information page>>
It is not known whether the goods are identical to those in USJ.
The forecast is that the line-up will include Unibasar Orlando and the Noble Collection.
We think that this is a good idea.
Naturally, USJ will also be selling ties, which are long sold out at USJ, and Gryffindor and Slytherin dressing gowns, which sell out in the morning.
At the 2013 Harriotta exhibition in Tokyo, a winter robe with a real coat-like finish was on sale for around 30,000 yen, and I picked it up many times, debating whether to buy it or not.
Because I didn't have anywhere to wear it. (Laughter)
But from this year, with USJ in Osaka, they may want it again and get lost!
See you at Marui in Namba on 30 September♪
★We've been there! Pancake Man's report ★.
[Special section] Bulletin 01: Harry Potter Best Goods Collection 2014 Namba Marui (Osaka/Namba) 30 Sep - 26 Oct.

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