Ollivander Store Exterior USJ Harry Potter

Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios Japan.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionExperience attractions and cane merchandise shop chosen by Ollivander's Wand.introduces the following.

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Ollivander is the 'wizard's wand shop' in Diagon Alley in the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film.

Universal Studios Japan Wizarding World of Harry Potter Shop Ollivanders

Ollivander Store Exterior USJ Harry Potter

Ollivander's shop is.Ollivander, a shop specialising in wands in Diagon Alley, the wizard town visited by Harry and Hagrid in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It appears as.

Ollivander's shop is present in the Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios Japan, in Hogsmeade Village (lol) Yes, in USJ.Diagon AlleyThis is because there is no

Ollivander...Experience attractionsandCane dealers (goods peddlers)The two are divided into two categories. The photo above shows the 'Experience the cane & visit attractionsThe exterior of the Ollivander in 'The Ollivander'.

The Harry Potter Experience attraction, which is chosen as the wand of choice, is crowded on weekends with waiting times of 30-60 minutes. w

Exterior of Ollivander shop, USJ, Harry Potter area.

Waiting times for the experience attractions selected for the Ollivander's Wand can be 30 minutes or more on weekends and holidays at times when there are many. However, on weekdays and Sundays, 30 minutes before closing time, the wait can sometimes be as short as 10 minutes; as of 2014, the wait was sometimes as long as 10 minutes; from 2016 to 2020, the wait is between 10 and 20 minutes. The entrance is the door on the left in the photo above. Although not shown in the photo, there is a Q-line (waiting track) to the left of the door, so those wishing to experience Ollivander can enter the Q-line and wait.

Waiting times in 2020 and 2021 are 5 minutes when available and 15 minutes even during busy times, and in 2022, when waiting times are 40 minutes or more during busy times.There is also a situation where.

Queues & entrances Harry Potter Experience attraction chosen for Ollivander's Wand.

Location Ollivander's Wand Shop Experience Attractions USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

three broomsas a result ofHogwarts CastleThe picture looks in the direction of the The arrow points to the Q-line entrance on the left and the arrow on the right points to the entry door.If you wait at the Q-line, a wizard (crew member) will guide you to enter the restaurant. About 15-25 people enter the shop at a time.

The Q-Line's waiting time display switches to a magic clock? It's like a magic clock!

[Hidden spot] Ollivander's wait time display changed USJ "Harry Potter Area".

You have to be quite lucky and very lucky to see it.[Hidden spot].was located at the entrance to the waiting queue for the Harry Potter Experience attraction where Ollivander's wand is chosen! (I first noticed it on the www in December 2021)

[Hidden spots] are.Waiting time indicators for attractionsIs. The moment when the display changes to show the minutes of waiting time is wonderful! ' when the number on the display changes.Chirping, chirping, chirping, chirping, chirping, chirping, chirping.' and ringing.flap (sound of something light and thin such as a fan moving through the air)And then it moves on. It's very much like looking at a machine from the wizarding world! No, it is the wizarding world... (laughs) The movement and sound of the magic mechanics was very nice... Thank you very much, witch!

Inside Ollivander's Wand Shop (Harry Potter Experience attraction where wands are chosen).

Ollivander's Wand The Experience of Choice Inside the attraction shop, with many boxes of magic wands piled up USJ, "Harry Potter Area".

When you enter the attraction chosen by Ollivander's Wands, boxes of Ollivander's stock of magic wands are stacked on shelves all along the walls. Now, how many (how many boxes) are there? (^^;) Is there a wand for you, like Harry Potter? Listen to the witches and wizards in this room as they explain how many wands there are.

Window-side wand and items used by Ollivander Inside the Ollivander attraction shop USJ 'Harry Potter area'

Wands and items used by Ollivander are placed (and displayed) by the window. Don't take them home even if you want them...

[Hidden spot] Four battered wizards' wands: Professor Lupin's, Hermione's, Draco's and Professor Snape's.

[Hidden spot] Four wizards' wands Attraction of choice for Ollivander's wand Remus Lupin's wand Hermione Granger's wand Draco Malfoy's wand Severus Snape's wand

  1. Remus Lupin's cane.
  2. Hermione Granger's wand.
  3. Draco Malfoy's wand.
  4. Severus Snape's wand (T_T)

The first room of the attraction to be chosen for Ollivander's Wand is decorated with wands from popular characters in the Harry Potter films. The actual room is rather dimly lit, so it may be difficult to notice them at a quick glance. Moreover, these four wands are quite battered. Perhaps their wands are covered in scratches after the battle at the Battle of Hogwarts. No, when I think that's the case, when I look at Remus and Severus' wands... sad (T_T).

There is a 'Professor Snape's Room' [hidden spot] in USJ Hogwarts Castle.

The Ollivander shop at USJ recreates the scene in the film where Harry Potter is chosen as a wand in the film, and if you are chosen by the experiencer, you can experience being chosen as a wand!

Ollivander's Wand Selected Experiences Inside the Attraction Store USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

At the Ollivander's Shop attraction in the Harry Potter area at Universal Studios Japan, if you are lucky, you may be nominated as one of the 20 or so people you enter the shop with! The nominated person will go out in front of Ollivander's counter to experience being a wizard (person) who is chosen to share a wand with Harry.

Experience a film scene where you are chosen to be a wand in Ollivander. Location Ollivander's Wand Shop Experience Attractions USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

If you are chosen as the Keeper of Wands, you can feel like Harry. You can be there when the wand chooses the wizard, and it's not always children who are nominated, but sometimes adults too.

Ollivander's Wand Selected Experiences Inside the Attraction Store USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Ollivander's Wand Selected Experiences Inside the Attraction Store USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

The interaction with Ollivander is... don't tell W. This is something you'll have to experience after your visit, www. Definitely.To be able to enjoy that scene.The Wizard Pancake Man is proud to "guarantee" the safety of the pancakes.

If you are chosen, Ollivander will select the wand that is right for you. You can buy a wand in a special box (decorated with dust that resembles an old wand box)... The shop only sells ordinary boxes. The wands inside are the same.The wand is the original wand of the Magical Wand.to the new Magical Wand from December 2022.

Ollivander, Chosen by the Wand How to get chosen by Ollivander, Keeper of the Wand at the attraction!

Harry Potter Experience attractions chosen for the wand.Only one guest is selected per showtime in the Around 20 guests enter Ollivander's room at a time. Only one of them will be chosen to experience the role of Harry the hero.
How do I get selected by Ollivander, Keeper of the Wands?
The only way to ensure you are selected is to...Unfortunately, it doesn't exist.(Laughter)
I think I have experienced the Ollivander attraction more than 50 times since the Harry Potter Area opened. I haven't counted, so I feel like I've been in more. The sense of that experience is.
Primary and secondary school children Children are more likely to be selected
Adults are also selected. Children as young as kindergarten age are also selected if they can converse.
There is an image of 70% children and 30% adults (****).
I want to be chosen, I really want to experience it.If,Enter when the number of participants is low.It is entered in a loop many times until it is selected.These are the only two points of interest. The times when there are fewer guests are first thing in the morning just after USJ opens and at night before the park closes. Please note that at night, Ollivander (attraction) closes earlier than Park Close, so please be aware of the time.
I am a frequent visitor to USJ, so even if I am chosen to be an Ollivander, I decline and make a gesture of handing over to a nearby child or other person to take my place. I think there are a lot of guests who want to experience the decision.
I have been chosen several times in the past. The situation then was that there were a lot of children in the same room, but I, Pancake Man, an adult, was chosen. So quite often an adult is chosen even if there are children in the room.
I also think that the chances of being chosen are the same whether you are in plain clothes or robes. I have experienced many combinations of about 20 people in Harry Potter costume (cosplay) and 3-5 Muggle families, and often the Muggle families are chosen (laughs).
So, if you really want to be selected and experience Ollivander, please do your best with the method described above.
Incidentally, I, Pancake Man, have been chosen on several occasions to dress up (cosplay) as Headmaster Dumbledore (laughs).
Is the cane chosen by USJ's Ollivander free? Paid
Cane is unfortunately chargeable.If I join for the first time, will I get it for free? It feels like it, but it doesn't work that way. If it were free, people would queue endlessly until they were selected multiple times, so the waiting time would be great!
If selected,Special cane boxes not for sale.specifications. Some enthusiasts go to Ollivander because they want this box. If they don't want it, they can refuse to buy it after the attraction is over. as of 2024.13 types of magical wands.The selection is made from the following list.

Leaving the Ollivander's Wand attraction.Goods shops selling Ollivander's wand.

Inside Ollivander's Wand Store (merchandise shop) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

There you will come out to a wizard's wand shop, where wands, wands, wands are stacked on every wall in the shop. Here,Harry, Hermione, etc.The cane of the charactersand ... andUSJ 'Harry Potter Area' Original wandsYou can also buy

Ollivander's Wand The wand shop is free to come and go as you please, so you don't have to queue for the Ollivander attraction.â

Ollivander's Wand Shop USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

At 7 Galleons a wand, you are one of the wizards!
Oops, you Muggles reading this only have Japanese yen, don't you?
In Japanese yen equivalent,3,500 yen 4,500 yen4,600.
(Wizards can only be bought with Galleon gold coins. w)

Ollivander's Wand Shop USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Cash (in Japanese yen) and credit cards are accepted for payment in Ollivander.

I had already bought Harry's wand at the Harry Potter exhibition (Tokyo) and had a holly wand with a phoenix tail feather core hanging from my waist w
Incidentally, the wands differ from those at the Haripota exhibition (Tokyo/Roppongi) in that the wand boxes are different and some wands have different shades.
Harriotta exhibition and.Withakore (Potakore).Dolly Varden (goddess of wealth)Most of the canes sold at other events areNoble Collection Branded canes The canes sold at USJ are Collectible Wand branded canes. The wands inside are identical. There may be differences depending on the time of manufacture and other factors.
Come on, everyone, wands in hand, let's cast the spell...
Itamis he doomizuguho♪"

Wands from the Noble Collection Wizarding World Best Goods Collection (Wizacolle), Daimaru Umeda
The Noble Collection brand cane is packaged in a realistic-looking Ollivander cosmetic box. (Not available at USJ).
Ollivander's Wand Shop (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').
The collectible wand box is a one-colour orange or grey cosmetic box with no design on the box exterior. (Only sold in Japan at USJ).

incidentallyHarry Potter Studio Tour in the UK Merchandise shops in Londonand Universal Studios in the USA sell the Harry Potter series under the Collectible Wand and the Fantastic Beasts series under the Noble Collection brand.As of 2024, Warner Bros-owned shops, such as Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, will be original wand boxes.

Ollivander's Wand Shop Map (Location)|USJ "Harry Potter Area

Location (map) Wand Magic / Magical Wand Ollivander's Shop Magical Wands USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Distributors:Ollivander's Cane Store.
Location: village of Hogsmeade

                      The sign for the Ollivander shop features a cane.

Ollivanders wands Ollivander's wand shop (Universal Studios Japan) USJ Univa

Click here for other Hogsmeade Village shop and toilet signs.

[Hidden spot] Ollivander's Wand The Floating Wand (WAND) and the new Magical Wand in the show window  USJ "Harry Potter Area".

Apr 2016- Magical wands (magic wands) are now available with the opening of Wand Magic.

As of January 2024, the wands sold in Ollivander are almost exclusively magical wands.

All types of magical wands from the USJ Ollivander's Wand Shop (shop).

USJ Harry Potter Replica Wands|Original Wands|Ollivander's Wand Shop, Rodeo Drive Souvenirs

Harry Potter Area merchandise shop

  1. Filch's confiscated goods shop (souvenir sweets, stuffed magical creatures, apparel).
  2. In front of Hogwarts Castle Goods cart
  3. Ollivander's shop (replica wand, magical wand).
  4. Ollivander, Kurt.
  5. Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store (dressing gowns, ties, glowing wands).
  6. Gladrags Magical Western Wear Shop (dressing gowns, socks, replica goods).
  7. Owl mail (envelopes, stamps, owl goods)
  8. Dervish and Bangs (Quidditch, Magic Toys, Nimbus 2001, Firebolt).
  9. Honeydukes (e.g. hundred-flavour beans, frog-chocolate stationery, lips).
  10. Zonko's prank shop (wizarding world prank toys, stretchy ears).

2-2.Ollivander Wand Shop Magical Wand Character wands. 14 1627 types In all.20 27 29 3340 types Price 5,500 yen (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

Table of contents: magical wands and wand magic USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

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    2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wand is now available in Magical Wands.
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Ollivander Store Exterior USJ Harry Potter
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