Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction at Hogwarts Castle.

is a lot more fun than expected.

Waiting trails before getting on the ride are also very attractive to potteries.
Because it makes you feel like you are touring Hogwarts.

Let's go to the wizarding world... ♪ USJ Harry Potter Experience
The pre-ride fun on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is, in fact, twice as hidden.
Point Â
'You should experience it with an Express Pass, and then with general admission.'
The same ride attractions are ridden with 'Express Pass 5,7' and 'General Admission'.
So why experience it twice!
In fact, there are different courses lined up from the main gate of Hogwarts Castle (Wild Boar).
Express Pass entrants enter through the gate to the right and go to the locker area.
General admission visitors will be directed from the gate to the waiting track outside the castle on the left-hand side,
With pass entry, you can enjoy a look directly below Hogwarts that you would not otherwise see.
Furthermore, the locker corner is the same for both people,
The waiting course after the rocker corner is completely different!
Pass admission: short course: experience a staircase with a moving painting in the motif of a moving staircase.
General admission: again, after going outside the castle and enjoying the greenhouse-inspired trails,
Entry to Hogwarts Castle from the upper floor, including score stones by dormitory,
Numerous interiors can only be found here.

A greenhouse that can only be seen by general admission.
Let's go to the wizarding world... ♪ USJ Harry Potter Experience
Griffin statue at the entrance to Principal Dumbledore's office, also general admission only.
Let's go to the wizarding world... ♪ USJ Harry Potter Experience
Yes, let's remember that!
You must enter Hogwarts twice♪

For more information on the general admission waiting track (queue line), and is photography prohibited? go here.

There are no toilets on the waiting course (queue line). Before queuing.Harry Potter Area, 'Toilets at Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade Village.'Â

This has changed as of 2015.
The ride was divided into a queue line and a castle tour.
Visit the castle: go on the Hogwarts Castle Walk

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

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