You can still enter the Harry Potter area without a numbered ticket in early 2024.

As of April 2024, the USJ Harry Potter area is open to visitors without an area entry ticket.

Last year, 2023, it was thought that if it was going to be crowded, it might be crowded when the new event was due to start on 17 March 2023. Depending on crowds, it was thought likely that numbered admission tickets would be issued for the first time in several years, but there were no numbered tickets on Fridays and Saturdays from 17 March, when the event started. The Harry Potter area is open to visitors without numbered tickets until April 2024. Numbered tickets are not issued even if there are large crowds in the Harry Potter area.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' - A show where you can meet Hippogriffs, Nifflers, Baby Dragons and Pygmy Puffs Magical Creatures♪ New magical experience [Magical Creatures Encounter] 15 Mar 2024- Limited-time event!

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USJ Parks Free admission to the Harry Potter area immediately after opening.

USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.can enter without numbered tickets up to a certain number of people when the doors open first thing in the morning (free entry). In 2019 and 2020, there were a few days when numbered tickets with restrictions were required. 2019 onwards is free admission, except during Halloween.

Incidentally, the same applies to other areas of Univa (such as Mario's Super Nintendo World).

It is important to note that Universal Studios Japan (USJ) opens earlier than the time indicated on its official website. Depending on crowds, the park will open early, at least one hour before the published time.

Map of how to enter the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' entry & numbered ticket locations, early park-in map.

USJ Early Park Inn visitors, go to left column.

Until USJ opens in the morning, the area in front of the entrance gates is overflowing with guests waiting for it to open. There is a special queue for Early Park Inn guests. The Early Park Inn queue is to the left of the gate, so don't make the mistake of queuing for the regular guests.

Early Park Inn is a special system for travellers who have purchased an official hotel and Universal Studios Japan admission ticket as part of a JTB overnight tour package. Guests with Early Park In entitlement can enter USJ 15 minutes before the opening time.

Unfortunately, there are no Early Park Inn only tickets available - this is a special offer for JTB users only. You can enter the park 15 minutes earlier than the general public, so you can first enjoy all attractions and facilities without queuing up. Of course, if you enter the Harry Potter area, you can enjoy a bit of time without people in the reserved area.

USJ Early Park Inn hotel accommodation blancs can be booked through JTB.

General admission guests wait in front of the USJ Main Gate.

General Guests will wait in line in front of the non-Early Park Entry gates until the Park opens, and will be able to enter the Harry Potter area freely up to a certain number of people from the front of the line when they enter USJ and head to the Harry Potter area. If the number of visitors exceeds a certain number, entry will be restricted and numbered tickets will be issued.

Harry Potter Area Entry Tickets & Lottery Tickets are issued by Central Park ticketing machines.

Numbered tickets are issued at the Central Park ticketing machine next to the lagoon.

After the free admission, there will be a sign for numbered tickets.

Numbered ticket locations and Express Pass entrances (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

Harry Potter Area.When the Harry Potter area is crowded, admission will be restricted approximately 30 minutes after the park opens. It is not as crowded as it could be. You can freely enter and leave the Harry Potter Area at any time.

The Harry Potter area in 2023 is very busy with inbound visitors from abroad on weekdays and weekends, but no numbered tickets are issued. Visitors can freely enter and exit without a confirmed admission ticket.

The number of numbered tickets issued is capped for each time slot and is on a first-come, first-served basis and ends as soon as they are gone.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Entrance Order Tickets

The 'numbered tickets for the Harry Potter Area' allow entry to the Harry Potter Area at the designated entry time. Numbered tickets with a yellow bio will be issued at a different location (Stage 14). Numbered tickets will also be converted to lottery tickets when distribution ends.

The admission ticket for the Harry Potter Area, pictured above, is printed '18:30-19:30'. This means that you can enter between 18:30 and 19:30. As a rule, entry is not possible before or after this time. If you miss this time slot due to other attractions, please do not give up. Ask the crew (wizards and witches) at the entrance to the Stone Circle at the entrance to the Harry Potter Area for a numbered ticket. They will probably be able to help you (laughs).

In addition, you can purchase a 'guaranteed admission ticket' or a 'ticket to the USJ' from a travel agent or an official USJ ticket shop in advance.Express PassIf you have a 'Confirmation Ticket' or 'Express Pass', you do not need an entrance ticket. The entry times for the Harry Potter Area are also printed on the Confirmed Entry Ticket and Express Pass, so you can visit the Harry Potter Area at those times.Â

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Raffle tickets do not guarantee entry to the Harriotta area.

Lottery tickets for entry to the Harry Potter Area (USJ Harriotta).

Entrance Lottery Tickets for the Harry Potter Area may be issued when all Entrance Lottery Tickets for the Harry Potter Area have been issued for the day. If you obtain an Entrance Lottery Ticket, you may be able to enter the Harry Potter Area if you are lucky in the lottery.

The lottery ticket system works in the same way: when there is a cancellation of a scheduled visitor, a lottery is held and only if you win the lottery will you be allowed to enter the Haripota area. In both cases, it depends on luck and the level of congestion to gain entry to the Haripota area.

If you go to the Harry Potter area as soon as the park opens, you will have free entry. According to Cast Member information, on weekend holiday mornings, some people arrive by the first train and wait for the park to open. On the weekend I visited, the park opened at 8:15am and by the time I arrived at 7:30am, there was already a huge queue of over 1000 people lined up at the gates.

Due to the crowds, the park opened early at 8:00am but it took about 20 minutes to get through the entrance gates. To ensure entry to the Harriotta area on weekends and public holidays, it is recommended that you buy a guaranteed entry ticket such as an Express Pass in advance. However, on weekdays, it appears that you can get a numbered ticket even around lunchtime... (as of 23 July 2014).

2019 2020 has never been crowded to the point of issuing raffle tickets; I think the last few days were during the 2018 Halloween season.

How to get numbered tickets for the Harry Potter Area

Ticket machines for the Harry Potter area (USJ Universal Studios Japan).

  1. One representative goes to the ticketing office with enough Studio Passes for the number of people.
  2. Hold the QR code of the pass for the number of people on the ticketing machine yourself.
  3. Select the time slot you wish to enter the Haribo area and issue your ticket.
    During busy times first thing in the morning, the crew may operate the ticketing machines.
    There are designated entry times to the Harriotta area, but there are no restrictions on exiting the Wizarding World and you can stay until the park closes.
Please note that numbered tickets become invalid after the entry time slot! However, if you have any special circumstances, please consult the crew.Â

No numbered tickets were issued from 2020 to March 2024.

From the reopening of Universe in 2020 until now, August 2022, there are almost no numbered tickets issued for the Harry Potter area. In early September 2022, no numbered tickets will still be issued to enter the Harry Potter area.New magical animal (magical creature) events and shows in the Harry Potter area from spring 2023.No numbered tickets are issued until March 2024.

From 2020, you can use the official smartphone USJ app to obtain a numbered ticket for the Harry Potter Area eAdmission.

Harry Potter Area e-numbered tickets USJ smartphone appHarry Potter Area e-numbered tickets USJ smartphone app

  • Â You can obtain admission numbered tickets (e-numbered tickets) for the Harry Potter Area via the official USJ app for smartphones.
  • To obtain this, you need the QR code of your Studio Pass or Annual Pass.
  • The QR Code must be used while entering the USJ Parks (Park Entry). Entrance tickets cannot be obtained from outside the park.
  • The 'Entrance Order Tickets' that can be obtained via the official USJ app are for two areas: the Harry Potter Area and Mario's Super Nintendo World.
  • When the numbered tickets are no longer issued, the smartphone application will also switch to issuing admission lottery tickets.

Unlike paper numbered tickets, there is no need to queue for them to be issued, so it is recommended to use the smartphone app to obtain them!

Rakuten Travel USJ Harry Potter

USJ Studio PassBuy a 1-day ticket 1.5 ticket 2-day ticket Evening admission ticket|Authorised distributor klook <PR>

Express Pass with guaranteed entry to the Harry Potter area.

How and what kind of entry to the USJ Harry Potter area Recommended: ♪ advance purchase of an Express Pass ♪ and early park-in ♪.

USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.Entry and exit to and from the Q&A

Can I re-enter the Harry Potter area?
Yes, it is possible. However, there are conditions.
When the Harry Potter area is not restricted, entry is free.
Re-entry is not possible during restricted admission. To re-enter, you need an Express Pass or an admission ticket.
If you wish to retrieve your luggage from a locker outside the area while the Harry Potter Area is restricted
Harry Potter Area exit at Stone Gateway.Please consult the crew (witch or wizard) of the Depending on the situation, they may be able to help you.
Can I enter the Harry Potter Area if my Entrance Order Ticket or Express Pass has expired?
If you are unable to enter the Harry Potter Area in time due to other attractions at USJ or other reasons, you can still visit the Harry Potter Area.The Harry Potter Area at Stone Gateway.Talk to the crew at the entrance and they will usually let you in.
The way in which the park handles the situation varies from time to time. In some cases, the response may differ from what is described above.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' super explanatory guide Menu & summary|All the fun in Univa's Harry Potter area♪

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