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The Halloween season at USJ, aka Univa, is coming again this year... unfortunately.USJ Hallipota AreaAs for the Halloween information, no Halloween information has been sent out at all (^▽^;), but we will still gradually summarise how to play Halloween in the Harry Potter Area...

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USJ (Universal Studios Japan) Halloween period: 10 Sep (Fri) - 7 Nov (Sun), 2021.

USJ (Universal Studios Japan) Halloween period: 10 Sep (Fri) - 7 Nov (Sun), 2021.Halloween Horror Nights starts on Saturday 11 September 2021, and there are roughly four different ways to enjoy Halloween at USJ 2021.

  1. Attractions only available during Halloween.
  2. Shows and events only during Halloween.
  3. Food & drink and sweets only available during Halloween.
  4. Goods available only during Halloween.

USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.魔法界ドットコム will not cover most of the Halloween content, except for Hallipotter-related content, so please check the official USJ website for Halloween content.

Univa (USJ) 2021 Halloween period requires advance purchase and advance booking!

Due to the fact that the event is held within the Corona Disaster, the number of USJ visitors is likely to be more strictly limited. In order to enter the park during Halloween, tickets must be purchased in advance and annual pass holders must book in advance! Please note!

  • Enjoy USJ for one day 1 Day Studio Pass advance purchase (e.g. fare)is required
  • Various annual studio passes advance reservationis required
    Advance booking of annual passes. Wednesday, 18 August 2021 Reception starts on Wednesday, 18 August 2021.
Annual pass users have a 'reserved admission ticketObtain a copy of the 'The first time you get a copy of the book' in advance!

Extract from USJ Guide to visiting the USJ during Halloween

Universal Studios Japan is currently operating the Park in accordance with the instructions of government authorities. This Halloween, in order to allow guests to release their daily stress from the bottom of their hearts and experience the Halloween events in comfort, during the Halloween event period (10 Sept - 7 Nov), in addition to the current park operations,In addition, thorough hygiene reinforcement measures and significant restrictions on the number of visitors have been implemented to avoid density in the park.to be carried out.Advance purchase of a Studio Pass is required for all visiting guests and advance reservations are required for guests with Universal Annual Passes.
Universal Studios Japan will always pursue the world's best park operations through a series of new measures and innovations, and deliver special experiences through entertainment that will energise and invigorate guests for tomorrow.

  • Period: 10 Sept (Fri) - 7 Nov (Sun), 2021.
    *Halloween Horror Nights run from Saturday 11 September.
  • Where to buy tickets: Universal Studios Japan web ticket store, ticket booths, etc.
  • Ticket types sold: 1 Day Studio Pass, 1.5 Day Studio Pass, 2 Day Studio Pass,
    Twilight Pass, Universal Express Pass
  • *For more information on purchasing tickets, see the official website (https://www.usj.co.jp/ticket/(See also.
  • *To avoid crowding in the Park, the number of visitors per day is capped. When the upper limit is reached, Studio Pass sales and applications for reserved admission tickets will be closed without prior notice. Please make sure to purchase and reserve tickets in advance (for Annual Pass holders) via the official web ticket store or other means at least one day before the day of your visit!
  • note (supplementary information) symbolAnnual pass holders.and other advance tickets (One Piece Premiere Show 2021, Sanji's Pirate Restaurant, etc.).Make sure you get your 'admission ticket' in advance.Please come to the exhibition after
  • *Masks must be worn in the park. Please bring your own mask when visiting the Park. The Park has also implemented various hygiene enhancement measures. Please check the official website before visiting the Park (see below).https://www.usj.co.jp/web/ja/jp/service-guide/safety)

Extracts from USJ releases up to the above (some highlighted text in red has been changed on this website).

Correction to Tweet content. Pre-booking starts 18 August.(Water)3 pm - Wednesday is correct.

20% discount on food and merchandise for Annual Passport and Annual Pass Lite holders, 30%Off for VIPs!

Annual Pass holders can save on dining and shopping during the 2021 Halloween season at Universal Studios Japan! This year's campaign will also offer savings.

20% off: USJ Annual Passport, USJ Annual Passport Lite.

30% off: USJ Annual Passport VIP

Discounts offered:Goods, souvenirs, food, sweets, drinks, confectionery(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of
Haripota If the area is the same standard as in the past,three brooms,,magic kneepkartThe following is a list of the most popular goods shops, shops andHoneydukes.The discount is almost always available, such as

Excluded from the annual pass discount at Three Broomsticks are drinks in plastic bottles. For example, sparkling water,gilly waterThese include.

Limited-edition Halloween merchandise, but no Harriotta connection?

As of 17 August 2021, there appears to be no Hallipotter-related merchandise, and any changes to USJ's Halloween content will be made as soon as possible.

Friday 10 September 2021 Unfortunately, there was no dedicated USJ Halloween Halliburton merchandise range.

Limited Halloween food: The Three Broomsticks Halloween Plate is now available!

The Three Broomsticks Halloween 2021 also features Halloween plates in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.Every year, the Three Broomsticks and Magic Knee Cart restaurants in the Harry Potter Area feature dishes and sweets that are only available during Halloween. This year, 2021, the "Halloween Plate", a dish for one, is also available!

This year, the combination of pork ribs and rotisserie smoked chicken has been changed to include lollipop candy Price: ¥2,400

No Halloween events or Halloween attractions in the Hallipota area? expected. In the past, projection mapping and Death Eater Attack were held against the backdrop of Hogwarts Castle.

2021 Harriotta Area & Harry Potter-related information will be updated as needed â

If you are going to Hogwarts (USJ "Harry Potter Area") during Halloween 2021 this yearattention (heed)Please. Corona COVID-19.delta stockhas been more infectious than coronaviruses until now,Airborne transmission, even for short periods of time.It is said that.Reduce the probability of infecting or infecting others.for the sake ofnon-woven (non-woven) fabric maskWearing of,point-blank rangeAvoid conversations in,Can't get more than one person together.Please ensure that you enjoy yourself and take care to protect yourself, such as

Halloween service for children "Trick or Treat♪".

Halloween service for children "Trick or Treat..." is also available.Not applicable in the Haripota area.Is. If you want to enjoy the 'Trick or Treat' service, where you can get candy from a Univa crew member and a sister or brother with a Halloween pochette.Except for the Harriotta and Mario areas.Find it at.

No Halloween decorations in the Harriotta area in 2021.

There will be no Halloween decorations in Hogsmeade Village in the Harry Potter Area this year. It is the usual Hogsmeade Village. Expect it next year in 2022.

and I'd be sad to see nothing, so I'm going to recommend some of the best Haripota areas that have appeared over the past year!

Spring 2021! Drink Jelly♪ Drink Jelly

Two dormitories are sold per day. Strategy to win all four types of dormitories.
Considering the recent sales trend (Quidditch match combination schedule), it appears that to conquer all four dormitories, you have to go to them every other day for three days! For exampleMonday, Wednesday and Friday.is needed! Good luck! For more information, go to the report below (≥▽≦)

Coming in autumn 2020! Harry Potter Churritos  meat pies

These are the Churritos from the four Hogwarts dormitories, which appeared before the drink jelly. These are also two dormitories a day and the variety is the same as the drink jelly! So.The same hurdles need to be overcome to win all the dormitories.(Â Incidentally, both are eligible for the annual pass discount.Â

Hogwarts Meat Pies are on sale daily.The meat pie is the best dish to try because it is excellent.(≧◇≦)b

Coming in autumn 2020! ♪ Witch pot lemon cake ♪

It is a Three Broomsticks cake that tastes quite good! You'll enjoy the look and the magic gimmick.You should definitely eat at least once.Sweets (**)

Hogsmeade Village crews power up customer service â

Wizarding World Cleaning Crew, Lord Higashi, USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.I, Pancake Man, feel that from the summer of 2021, the Witches & Wizards of the Harriotta area (Univa crew)Customer service is further enhanced.The new version is now available! Your visit in Muggle form may feel more like a visit to the wizarding world than before! (Note: It depends on timing, circumstances and who you are.)
Be proactive and talk to the crew.Â
Any crew member in the village, both shopkeepers and cleaning staff ヾ(≥▽≦)ヾ.
In some cases, the world is so blown up that my head can't keep up with what I'm hearing (laughs).) If you're dressed up in a Harriotta costume or cosplay, you might have a more enjoyable experience (((o(*▽▽*)o))).

When available, you can also fully experience the magic of wand magic with the Magical Wand!

The Harriotta area is also empty at the moment. Because most of the guests are 'in the.Uncle Bearded Brothers' and '.The boy who killed the ogre' "The Boy Who Wouldn't Get Away With ItBecause I'm going to 'The Magic Experience' (laughs).All you can do! Practice all you can! And have fun!(If there is another person in line behind you, switch between three and five times.)

Twitter USJ official tag and post for fun!Â

The first is for registered USJ Fan members.

Unregistered wizards can register with USJ Fun immediately.USJ Fan Site

Hashtags to post. #USJ Fan,#USJ Autumn Reflections

Second, USJ Halloween costumes & cosplay.

You can also post photos from the past♪ Post photos of you in costume at Universal Studios Japan on Twitter with the following tags! Of course, if you're a member of our website, you can post photos of Hogwarts students, professors and others in Harry Potter fancy dress and cosplay for fun. If you can't make it to Hogwarts, please send us your photos from the past... and you might even win a prize! Va.

Hashtags to post. # Winner only USJ fancy dress
Submission deadline: 7 November 2021.

That's why I, Pancake Man, tweeted about it as soon as possible... here it is.

If you want to dress up (cosplay) as Harriotta, changing room Stage 18 in USJ is now open.

Below are past articles. For reference, 2021 is in the midst of the Corona Disaster; please note the additional cautionary information and other information added on the official USJ website.

If you want to dress up (cosplay) as Harry Potter, the best changing rooms outside USJ are on the 4th floor of Universal City Walk.

Paid make-up rooms are available en route from Universal City Station to Universal Studios Japan. There are coin lockers, changing areas, make-up areas and a number of rental equipment such as hairdryers for a comfortable makeover.

USJ "Harry Potter Area" Summary of services during the closure.

Shop information: Three Broomsticks (location, opening hours, etc.)|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

(Reference) Halloween information for the Harry Potter Area in 2020.

Amazon Harry Potter collectibles
Rakuten Ichiba Harry Potter Goods

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