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Updated schedule pages for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, USJ, theme parks, exhibitions, merchandise sales, Harriotta studio tours, events, functions, promotions and opening periods for the year. For an up-to-date list, see.Harriotta & Fantabi planned for 2020.Is. Also this category is used for gatherings in the Harry Potter area during the Halloween season at Univa and for recruiting participants for Fantabi films and Harriotta-related events.

  • 31 August 2020.
  • 12 March 2023.

1 September 2020 Avoid the density of both the Hogwarts Commencement & Opening Ceremony and Halloween and enjoy Hogwarts & Hothmead Village in the USJ Wizarding World 'Harry Potter Area' in Hogwarts and Hothmead Village in Hogwarts costume (cosplay).

The Hogwarts and Horsmeade Villages in the USJ Wizarding World Halloween area are the perfect place to enjoy Hogwarts and Horsmeade Village in costume, but the Muggle world has been hit by a new strain of corona, making it difficult for many to get together. [...].

  • 28 February 2019.
  • 14 March 2021.

Yurubo: Let's gather at Stofest in HARI POTA & FANTASVI cosplay... The biggest cosplay event Nihonbashi Street Festa, Saturday 9 March 2019.

Get together with your Hallipota & Fantabi cosplay friends at Nihonbashi Stofest 2019! Yurubo ♪ Explanation of the planned meeting place and other information. . Date: 9 March (Sat), 2019 Opening times:  Sakaisuji Main Street: 12:00-15:00  Ota Road: 12:00-14:30  *Cosplay photography is prohibited from 14:30 on Ota Road.  Namba Parks Carnival Mall, Times Square: 11:00-17:00  *The cosplay photography areas (orange on the map) other than the Carnival Mall can only be entered with a camera photography participation card.  Available cosplay photography hours vary depending on the location! Changing room available hours: 10:00 - 17:30 Changing room locations differ for men and women. Premium changing rooms are also available (sold out). Cosplay participation: 2000 yen (cosplay wristbands) on sale Camera photography participation: 2000 yen (photography participation card) on sale. Shops selling participation certificates: 12 shops, see official website Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore Wizarding World Blog

  • 4 January 2019.
  • 1 November 2023.

2019 Harriotta & Fantabi Events & Plans USJ Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts the Movie Limited Time Shop etc.

Summary of the annual schedule for HarryPotter and Fantasticbeasts. <HarryPotter & Fantasticbeasts events & Wizard Pancake Man schedule for 2019 2 Jan (Wed) - 9 Jan (Wed) Potacolle (Wizacolle) Sogo Kobe ~ 6 Jan 2019 USJ Christmas season is here!  Winter in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter held.  Christmas Feast & Christmas Plates at Three Broomsticks until 6 Jan. ~28 Feb Winter season ends at Hogwarts & Hogsmeade Spring USJ Wizarding World of Harry Potter area night show unveils new version Spring USJ Night Parade gets a limited-time boost (and maybe something for Harriotta too!) This page is a list of the USJ Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Buy limited time only shops, etc. We will also inform you about Harpottas fancy dress and cosplay events. Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore

  • 12 September 2018.
  • 12 March 2023.

Back To Hogwarts! USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Hogwarts & Hothmead Village for the 2018 Halloween season Â

Good afternoon, students of Hogwarts and other schools, and Muggles! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man and sometimes Dumbledore. It's been a long time. Another year has passed. It's that time of year again. The 2018 USJ Halloween season started on Friday 7 September! ♪ It's time for all wizards to return to Hogwarts ♪ The watchword is "Back To Hogwarts!" - in honour of Fantabulous Fantasy 2. Here are some tips on what to expect when playing dress up as Harry Potter, changing rooms, and how to have fun in the wizarding world! The Three Broomsticks also has a special Halloween menu.

  • 3 February 2018.
  • 1 January 2023.

2018 HARRIPOTA & FANTASTIC BEAST Events & Schedule USJ Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movie related, including the Wizard Pancake Man schedule (lol)Updated as needed.

This is the schedule of events for Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts (harrypotter,fantasticebeasts) in 2018 â And of course, the Wizard Pancake Man's Wizarding World schedule â With the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film) coming up in November, there are many Harry Potter and Fantabi events, as well as the Wizarding World Best Goods Collection (Potacolle, Wizacolle) and the limited time shop for minalima (minalima) in Tokyo, This is your chance to get your hands on Noble Collection and minalima merchandise! Many collaborative events, merchandising, pop-up shops and collaborative goods from Warner Bros. Wizarding World to coincide with the film's release♪ Japan premiere, fan night and red carpet also announced♪ Wizarding World Night Show will also be held at USJ♪