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Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man (^o^).
I and my fellow Harry Potter friends often go to Univa (USJ) in Harry Potter costumes.
And I like to collect HARRIPOTA collectibles.
For a report on recent goods purchases, see.extinguishing lighter' and '.crystal gobletAs I introduced the 'W'.

Now here's today's report.

Report on bringing the goodies and playing with them in the Harriotta masquerade 'Dumbledore'! The birth of YouTube!

Pancake Man in Dumbledore fancy dress.
Hello! I'm YouTuber Mahopan, the Wizard Pancake Man! (Today's Dumbledore Channel comes to you from USJ... where we can't return to the Wizarding World because of the crowds and the wait for numbered tickets.
Makiron-dono Snape masquerade.
Now, my guest today is Professor Snape! (Makiron-sama)

Photo: Mr Kazuki & Mr Sako Neta: Mr Makiron.

Dumbledore Channel Youtube

(Laughs) My friends thought that a picture of Makiron Snape and myself, Pancake Man Dumbledore, standing side by side and selling merchandise looked like a YouTuber, so we turned it into a story for Wizarding World.com. I made it into a story for wizarding.com (laughs).

Now, with Professor Snape, Dumbledore's 'Treasure' introduction corner â

Severus masquerade & Dumbledore masquerade

Today I brought some Dumbledore merchandise, mainly from YouTuber Mahopan.Â

Pancake Man Dumbledore merchandise.

Are there any goods you are interested in? When I asked Severus, he grinned and held up a 'crystal goblet' in his hand.

How to play Crystal Goblet

First of all, how to play The Crystal Goblet... but first of all, I'm the one who has to take the poison...

Pancake Man in Dumbledore costume drinking poison in Crystal Goblet.

I tried to drink it! (Laughs) Aside from whether I said, "I'm in pain... stop it already...", I can't actually put a drink in this goblet and drink it. That's a pity.
*Crystal goblets from the Noble collection have the note: "TheNot for use for drinks.and written in English.

Lord Makiron in Severus masquerade.

Well, I gave Severus next door a drink with a crystal goblet (I took a photo of him looking like I gave him a drink). w

Lord Sako and the Crystal Goblet.

It's an item that allows you to give poison to everyone and play with their reactions. Or who can imitate Dumbledore's scene in real life? That's the question, isn't it?

Filming scenes Harriotta masquerade.

We were having a lot of fun while laughing like this.

Now let's play with the next set of goods!

How to play with a light-extinguishing lighter, since I've been inside Hogwarts.

Dumbledore masquerade and light-extinguishing lighters.
Dumbledore masquerade and light-extinguishing lighters.

I went to Hogwarts with a light-out lighter as Dumbledore and tried to hold it up in Professor Sprout's greenhouse area, but it was too bright and I failed.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry corridors.Verified by!

Put-Out Lighter (Put-Outer/Deluminator) inHogwarts
That's when you flick the light-off lighter on.

Put-Out Lighter (Put-Outer/Deluminator) inHogwarts

 The light of the electric lamp was sucked into the light-extinguishing lighter and it went dark. (This is a story! You can't really do that.)

This is a wonderful item that allows you to play with it (play Harripotta).
If you all have fun ways to play, let me know!
That's all for today's report! See you again on the Dumbledore Channel! ←←

Caution:Visit to HogwartsYou are free to take photos and play in other areas, but please do not do so during busy times or if you are disturbing the surroundings. Naturally, you are not allowed to enter off-limits areas or climb on top of sculptures! Also, standing in the pathways and blocking traffic is also prohibited, as it is a nuisance.

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Dumbledore Channel Youtube
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