Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt
USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.This section reports on new goods in the the new apparel sector.Newly designed open-collared shirts.Is.

Product name: Hogwarts Castle design open shirt

USJ Product category: aloha shirts

Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt Aloha shirt USJ 'Harry Potter area'
(as of September 2022).
Isn't the design too original? (The design is a bowling shirt with the Hogwarts Castle from Universal Studios' Harry Potter area printed on the entire surface. The product genre for USJ is "Aloha Shirt".

WWOHP USJ logo on left chest.

WWOHP USJ logo on left chest Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt Aloha shirt USJ 'Harry Potter area'
There is a pocket on the left chest, although it is not easily visible, with a small lemon-coloured text logo. It is a little insistent that this is Universal Studios in Japan, as it says "THE WIZARDING WORLD OF Harry Potter UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN".

The back print also has Hogwarts as Dawn.

Hogwarts is also in the back print... Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt Aloha shirt USJ "Harry Potter Area".
The back side also has Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry printed large all over. The overall colour is dark and the base is navy blue, so if you don't look at it consciously, it might look like a navy blue shirt with a pattern, but if you look closely, it's 'Hogwarts'! It's a shirt for Harry Potter fans!

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Note unisex sizes!

Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt size Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt Aloha shirt USJ 'Harry Potter area'
Sizes are unisex S, M and L for both men and women. is larger than the Japanese male L size. My sense is that I wear a man'sI felt like I was between an XL and a L.XL size! (Laughs) Even XL is a big www. By the way, Wizard Pancake Man usually wears XL for domestic manufacturers, L for European manufacturers and L or M for US manufacturers, which is about perfect. This Hogwarts shirt is so roomy that you can put it on and wear it loosely. The hem length is also longer.

(good or bad) feel when wearing something

Wizard Pancake Man gives his opinion on how it feels to wear. The fabric is polyester 100%, thin and flimsy and feels nice and dry to the touch. It does not absorb sweat, but it seems to dry quickly even if it gets wet. Any clothes I wore in the stones were sticky with sweat and humidity. A witch in the Filch confiscation shop asked me, 'Is this shirt cool? I said 'Not really (sweat)', but it is cool and comfortable on hot days when the humidity is not so high.â
It is an item to assert the hot Haripota fever of a POTTARIAN in the coming hot summer season casually (meh?). It's the perfect item to assert your passion for Harry Potter in the hot summer season.tomorrowNext day.wellWearing a Hogwarts Castle shirt to school.I'm going to go do that.I have been (≥▽≦)

New merchandise for the Harry Potter Area in June 2020.

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Hogwarts Castle design Open shirt
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