Hogwarts Expecto Patronum Show.

2) Key to seeing the HARRIPOTA Night Show â€" how to enjoy the Expecto Patronum Night Show 100% (spoiler alert for second half) in front of USJ Hogwarts Castle â

Good evening! I'm Pancake Man Dumbledore.

I would like to summarise some of the key points to enjoy the Expecto Patronum Night Show in the USJ HARRIPOTA area.

For more information on the Harriotta Night Show, please refer to the following article...

[Dementors finally appear outside Hogwarts Castle? 'Expecto Patronum Night Show'! New spells are also coming to the Magic Wand Spot (Wand Magic), 21 Apr (Mon) - 5 Nov (Sun) 2017, USJ Wizarding World].

ハリポタ ナイトショーを見るポイント♪エクスペクト・パトローナム・ナイトショーを100%楽しむ方法(後半ネタバレ有)USJホグワーツ城前♪魔法使いパンケーキマン・ダンブルドア
My verdict: "Great!" Wonderful!" "Hogwarts is stunningly beautiful!" See you soon.
By the way, I should inform you that I have already seen it ten times, lol.

First, a bit of non-spoiler information should be noted.


1. the first session is crowded every day. Many guests have taken up places an hour in advance for the better places.
(Countermeasures) The first time, watch from a distance and move to a better location for the second time.
2. not everything is visible from the Three Broomsticks terrace
(Countermeasure) Even if you see it on the terrace, it is recommended that you see it another time in front of Hogwarts.
3. on bad weather days, the event may be cancelled or some of the staging may be changed.
(対策)運任せじゃ♪呪文を唱えるべきじゃなw メテオロジンクス・レカント!
Those who can only go once choose a day when the weather forecast is absolutely clear.
4. if you have children with you or if you are short, try to watch along the fence on the Black Lake side or in front of Hogwarts.
(Details are given below. The content will contain spoilers.)
5. it is likely that numbered tickets will be issued by 6pm in the evening, whether on weekdays or weekends.
(Measures) Until 4pm at the latest? Enter the area while there is free admission.
Numbered tickets were sold out by 18.30 on Friday 21 April, and again after 16.00 on Saturday 22 April.
The time when the numbered tickets are issued is unknown until they are issued. You can't get an answer by asking the crew. If you are far away and want to enter the area at the last minute in the evening, buying an Express Pass is an option.
(Measure 2) Wait until the night show is open for a longer period of time and wait until it calms down before going. Saturdays and Sundays may be as busy as ever.
*Beware, however, that there are no night shows on weekdays in May/June. See report 1) for calendar.
6. enjoy it from the terrace of the Three Broomsticks... a different way to enjoy it from the front of Hogwarts.
7.The viewing area and aisles are separated by a fence.hippogriff,,Hogwarts,,Harripotta Journeyand ... andFilch confiscated goods shop.Those going to the "Go to" section can move smoothly through the aisle side. However, they cannot stand still. The viewing area is not accessible to the main Hogwarts gate.
ハリポタ ナイトショーを見るポイント♪エクスペクト・パトローナム・ナイトショーを100%楽しむ方法(後半ネタバレ有)USJホグワーツ城前♪魔法使いパンケーキマン・ダンブルドア
The above is spoiler-free information.Â

Here's a request from Pancake Man Dumbledore. If you are in the front row and there is a child behind you who is shorter than you, put him in front of you so that you can see him.
Also, as explained to you by the wizards in the crew, you are allowed to take photos and videos, but do not raise them above your own eye level. Not only will it block your view behind you, but most digital cameras and smartphones have bright LCD monitors, so it will interfere with the viewing experience.
If you don't want to see or read any advance information or spoilers, don't read down here.
Others want to discover or see for themselves for the first time.

See the following previous article for details of the Expecto Patronum Night Show:Â

'[HARRIPOTA NR2] Will Dementors finally appear outside Hogwarts Castle? 'Expecto Patronum Night Show'! New spells are also coming to the Magic Wand Spot (Wand Magic), 21 Apr (Mon) - 5 Nov (Sun) 2017, USJ Wizarding World.'-' (used in place of '-')

 About the viewing points to see the Expecto Patronum Night Show.
(Unauthorised translation: Patronus Spells of the Patronus Spell, Harriott's Night Show)
Those who only have one chance to visit the USJ Wizarding World.
The night show itself is recommended for those who don't have time to see it two or three times.
Contains spoilers! If you don't want to read it, don't go further down: ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
This is something I think potteries would love to see.


About the night show viewing area (in front of the main Hogwarts gate to in front of Ollivander).

ハリポタ ナイトショーを見るポイント♪エクスペクト・パトローナム・ナイトショーを100%楽しむ方法(後半ネタバレ有)USJホグワーツ城前♪魔法使いパンケーキマン・ダンブルドア

I'll detail them on the ninja map, but here's what you should look out for.

ハリポタ ナイトショーを見るポイント♪エクスペクト・パトローナム・ナイトショーを100%楽しむ方法(後半ネタバレ有)USJホグワーツ城前♪魔法使いパンケーキマン・ダンブルドア

1. stage along the Black Lake (horseless carriage)
2. stage in front of Ollivander's shop (crate)
3. on the roof of Ollivander's shop (rooftop)
4. stage on the other side of the Black Lake.
5. the surface of the Black Lake and the sky above.
6. Hogwarts Castle and Gryffindor Tower.

Therefore, it is difficult for those who only have time to see it once to enjoy it all. If you are taller than 170 cm, it is recommended to stand in a place where you can see the top six places.

However, those who are not tall enough, or children and pupils, can enjoy the whole experience, if possible, by splitting the view into two or three parts and changing the location of the view.

For example,
The first time we set up at the fence in front of Whagwarts Castle (to see 6).
The second time, we set up in front of the carriage (to see 1, 4 and 5).
For the third time, they set up in front of the Butterbeer barrel (to see 3).
About the night show viewing area (Three Broomsticks Terrace).
From the terrace, is almost invisible (...).
6 can't see the front staging of Hogwarts Castle either.
The viewing from the terrace will be described in more detail in a separate report, so please wait a while.

The most important factor in enjoying a night show is the weather.

This is a force of nature and there is nothing we can do about it, so we can only pray.
If the weather is bad, e.g. rain - the show is cancelled.
If the wind is strong, ・・・・ some staging may be changed or cancelled.
Good weather with no wind ... full production.
Unless you are a wizard or witch and can effectively cast the magic spell 'Meteorozincus Recant'.

The specifics will be explained further on in the 'super-spoiler' report.

The rest of this report is a 'super-spoiler' report.Â
This one will have restricted access.
1) Expecto Patronum Night Show Details.
2) The key to seeing the HARRIPOTA Night Show Â- how to enjoy it 100% (with spoilers in the second half) (not the page you're looking at now).
3) Super-spoilers for those who can't go to see the film or can only see it once.

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Hogwarts Expecto Patronum Show.
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