(1) [HARRIPOTA NR2] Will Dementors finally appear outside Hogwarts Castle? 'Expecto Patronum Night Show'! New spells are also coming to the Magic Wand Spot (Wand Magic), 21 Apr (Mon) - 5 Nov (Sun) 2017, USJ Wizarding World.

Good evening! I suppose it's time for all good children to go to bed already.
What? You said you're awake. I'll have to deduct points from the dormitory for students who break such school rules.

This evening, we have some very good news.
In terms of content, you could say it's bad news, but you could also say it's not bad news, but it's not bad news.

The news is that dementors are appearing in the wizarding world!
But don't worry, no one will be attacked. Because it will be a night show (laughs).
Hogwarts Castle and Black Lake at night (USJ Wizarding World Harry Potter) Wizard Pancake Man.

The first night show will be held around USJ Hogwarts Castle and the Black Lake.

The details are still a secret.

Oops, just in case. Senior students and Hogwarts faculty and staff should remember to practice Expecto Patronum, the spell to ward off Dementors. ^)
If you can chant a solid and powerful Expecto Patronum, your own Patronus will appear and you will be able to ward off dementors.
Hogwarts Castle and Black Lake at night (USJ Wizarding World Harry Potter) Wizard Pancake Man.

Weezing World of Harry Potter's Expecto Patronum Night Show .

Period: 21 Apr (Mon) - 5 Nov (Sun) 2017.
*Note* Non-performance dates (closed): 8 May - 30 June (Mon-Fri), 27 May, 3 June, 7 July, 4 September and 8 September.
Venue: Hogwarts Castle & Black Lake area(USJ)
Duration: 30 minutes after sunset until the park closes Duration: approx. 5 minutes
Wizarding World of Harry Potter's Expecto Patronum Night Show viewing area (spot) Wizard Pancake Man.
A more detailed version of the map above* is available separately in articles 2) and 3).


April: 19.00 hrs - 21st - all days.
May: 19:00 - 1 (Mon) - 7 (Sun), 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun), 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 28 (Sun).
June: 20:00hrs - 4 (Sun), 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun), 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun), 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun).
July: 19:00hrs - all days except Fri 7.
August: 19.00 hrs - all days.
Sept: 18:00hrs - all days except Mon 4 and Fri 8.
Oct: undecided.
November: to be confirmed.
The schedule of events isUSJ official websitesuffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.
Non-host days (closed days) will be listed as 'Closed' in the day's show schedule.
For example, here are the opening times for 21-24 April.
Friday 21 April, 19:10, 30 and 50 minutes, 20:10, four performances scheduled.
Saturday 22 April, 19:10, 30 and 50 minutes, 20:10, 30 and 50 minutes.
23 Apr (Sun) 19:20,40 20:00,20,40 5 performances planned.
24 Apr (Mon) 7.20pm,40pm 20.00pm,20pm 4 performances planned.
The show schedule can be found on the web, on the USJ app and on the schedule distributed at the gate.
The content of the book will be vulnerable to the weather. Keep in mind that there may be no rain or wind.
Hogwarts Castle and Black Lake at night (USJ Wizarding World Harry Potter) Wizard Pancake Man.

And from Monday 21 April a new'Magic Wand Spot' List of wand magic locations.The news is that a new

The spells to be practised have not yet been revealed.
Until then, make sure you practice your magic wand waving and spells with the wand magic you have.

★Two new wand magic locations! Aguamenti and Alohomora ♪
12.12 *Magic Wand Spot 7* Cauldrons in the back alleys of Dervish & Bangs Aguamenti.
13.* Magic Wand Spot 8 * Gate door in the square in front of Hogsmeade railway station Alohomora.
Of course, you can't experience magic without the Magical Wand, so,Ollivander's Cane Store.,,Universal Studios Store,,Beverly Hills GiftsAnd don't forget to buy it at.
This year's Wizarding World will be a lot of fun in the spring!
Now, from 21 April to 5 November, let's go and enjoy a night out in the wizarding world!
We will add new details as soon as they become available.


1) Details of the Expecto Patronum Night Show (not the page you are looking at now).
2) The key to seeing the HARRIPOTA Night Show... and how to enjoy it 100% (with spoilers in the second half).
3) Super-spoilers for those who can't go to see the film or can only see it once.


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