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Hello! My heart is always in the wizarding world... I am the Wizard Pancake Man. 'Warner Bros Studio Tour London - Making of Harry Potter'.This section explains how to book and buy tickets to the
On this page, you will find (1) below, official Warner Bros Studio Tour London tickets.How to book & buy directly on the websiteÂ
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'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.There are three main ways to book and purchase tickets for the

  1. Book & buy directly on the Warner Bros Studio Tour London website.
  2. Booking & purchasing on overseas websites specialising in reservations.
  3. Booking & purchasing on Japanese travel agency websites.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London tickets (single tickets) are not sold for '2' and '3', but are sold as tour products, such as an entrance ticket + return bus set or entrance ticket + train ticket set.

下記はハリポタツアー ロンドンのチケットを取扱い&販売している代理店のWEBサイトです。<PR>

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NOTES! As a rule, tickets for the event can only be purchased directly on the "Warner Bros Studio Tour London" website.
Warner Bros Studio Tour London Ticket purchase page on the official website.Make a pre-order with 'Buy Tickets'.Unfortunately, there is no Japanese-language support. You will need to apply and exchange emails in English, and with the help of Google Translate you should be able to complete the procedure with a junior high school level of English.
Attention! Schedule changes & cancellation procedures are handled by telephone. You will need to speak English and overcome international telephone charges and time differences. If you have a family member or friend who can be relied on to speak English, you may be able to manage.

For ticket information on the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, click here.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour London' tickets on sale until December 2024 entry.

How to get from London Euston Station to Harry Potter Studio Tour London - Train & Shuttle Bus 2023 Studio Tour Admission Ticket

2023年9月25日現在は「ワーナー ブラザース スタジオツアー ロンドン – メイキング・オブ・ハリー・ポッター」のスタジオツアー入場チケットは2024年12月入場分まで販売中です。8月24日から2024年分のチケットの販売を一斉に開始しました。2024年12月31日入場利用分まで購入出来ます。

Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UK Admission tickets from Jan to end of Dec 2024 Schedule|Closures|Admission prices

The exhibition content and decoration changes with the seasons. Which exhibition contentHogwarts Castleand ... andHogwarts Great Halland decide when you would like to visit. And don't forget to buy your tickets early, as unlike previous years, tickets are already on sale from August 2023 to the end of December 2024!

The schedule of events for 2023 has also been announced; the events for 2024 have not yet been announced, but as the same year's events have been repeated in previous years, it is expected that the schedule will be roughly the same as in 2023.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour London' Schedule of events for 2023 'Warner Bros Studio Tour London'

Advantages of buying directly from the official website'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.

  1. Ticket prices are low, with only an entrance fee.
  2. Tickets for the first morning admission slot can also be purchased.
  3. digital guide&c.guidebookThere is a discounted set of
  4. Family and group discount tickets available.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'. Types of tickets available directly on the website.

Ticket typeTicket prices 2024Ticket prices 2023(Previous reference)
Ticket prices 2020
child(5~15 years)£43.00£40.00£38
Family (2 adult tickets 2 children tickets)
(1 adult and 3 children) min.
Children (under 4 years)freefreefree
    From January 2021, shuttle bus fares (between Watford Junction Station and Harry Potter Studios) are now included in the ticket price, eliminating the need to pay on the bus. The net real increase in the adult ticket price is £1.5.
  • Adult tickets Ticket prices:£47 British pounds.£51.50 GBP ~.
  • Ticket for children (5-15 years) Ticket price:£38 British pounds.£40 GBP
  • Family tickets Ticket prices:£150 GBP£160 GBP.
    Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children. Much cheaper than buying them individually!
  • Tickets for children under 4 Ticket price:free
    The fee is 0 yen but ticket reservations are required.
  • Adult Complete Studio Tour Package Tickets Ticket price:£56.95 GBP£61.45 GBP
    Studio tour Tickets,digital guide&c.Souvenirs Official guidebookThe ticket is a set of rather than buying & renting them individually.4.95 GBP cheaperIs.
  • Complete Studio Tour Package for Children (5-15 years) Ticket Ticket price:£47.95 GBP£49.95 GBP
    Studio tour Tickets,digital guide&c.Souvenirs Official guidebookThe ticket is a set of rather than buying & renting them individually.4.95 GBP cheaperIs.
  • Carer's ticket Ticket price:free
    Carers need to book a carer by calling the Warner Bros Studio Tours Visitor Services team.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour London' will see a small increase in the 2024 admission user fee.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London Ticket prices as of Aug 2023

Harry Potter Studio Tour with options London Admission tickets

Harry Potter Studio Tour London sells a variety of tickets with options in addition to the normal tickets.

  1. Studio tour tickets (standard studio tour only tickets as outlined above)£51.50 GBP ~.
  2. Studio tour tickets with souvenir gift voucher (delivered in a Hogwarts acceptance letter image envelope from 2022).
  3. Studio tour and hotel package tickets
  4. Deluxe tour with 2.5-hour guided tour Ticket Adult From £250 GBP.
  5. Gift E-ticket (gift ticket for 12 months' admission) Recipient must call to exchange the ticket.
  6. Afternoon tea tickets (optional)
  7. Group admission studio tour tickets for 10 to 24 persons
  8. Tickets with dinner (also on sale for a limited time)

When to book & buy?'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.

Harry Potter Studio tours outside London, UK, are still very popular. Popular weekends, weekends and public holidays areSold out three months in advance.It is often the case that it is. It is also crowded on weekdays during the British school summer and winter holidays.
Even before the Corona Disaster began, the Harry Potter Studio Tour limited the number of visitors per day. There is also a fixed maximum number of people admitted in a time slot. This is an operating policy to ensure that the Studio Tour is enjoyed by the right number of guests.
Therefore, there is a limit to the number of tickets issued for daily admission. If you decide to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, you must have at least3 months agoIt is safer to book by If you can decide on an itinerary.6 months agoBut it is so good.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.Tickets for early morning entry times are popular.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour has a specific entry time, but you are free to leave at any time. Therefore, if you enter the Studio Tour in the early hours of the morning, you can stay longer until closing time. If you have an evening entry ticket, for example, your stay will be shorter. Therefore, tickets tend to sell out from the morning admission.

Opening hours and ticket timeframes|Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Harry Potter Studio Tour London opening hours vary from day to day.

Regular working days: 9am - 10pm

opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)Hours.Remarks.

First shuttle bus service


Watford Junction station ~.

Studio Open hours


Time to enter the studio.
(Cafés and other facilities outside the tour are available).

Studio Tour 1.

9:00 -.

Tour start time.

Studio, second tour.

9:30 -.

(There is an entry time slot every 30 minutes).

Studio, 3rd tour.

10:00 -.

Studio Last admission session of the tour.

18:30 -.

Studio tours & studio closing times


Last shuttle bus service


From the studio -

The above opening hours are an example. They may vary depending on the season and other factors.

Event dates: 9am - 7pm (past reference).

During events, the last entry and closing times for studio tours are earlier.
food halland ... andFrog Chocolate Café,,Backlot CafeThe opening hours of the
  • After entering the Studio Tour, you are free to play until close.
  • Studio entry times - you can enter (enter) the studio at any time if you have a ticket for the day.
  • Studio Tour entry time - the time to enter the Studio Tour area during the time printed on the ticket.
For example, if you have booked for the 11:00 entrance slot, your ticket will be printed with the time available to enter the Studio Tour as 10:30-11:00. Sometimes it is possible to enter before or after the time slot at the discretion of the staff at the entrance. *Be careful during busy times. It is safer to enter on time.
How popular is it?
Admission tickets are available at weekends.4 months aheadalmost tosold outbe

Harry Potter Studio Tour London website.You can check the ticket inventory on the Buy Tickets page.

Monday 5 October 2020.Warner Bros Studio Tour London Website online Ticketsstatus. Search for a ticket for two adults using the set criteria.
All time slots were sold out on Saturday 10 October (with a few remaining for one adult).
11 Oct (Sun).15:00 and 15:30 only.remaining tickets available
All other weekends on Saturday 17, Sunday 18, Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Saturday 31 October.sold outAre. More than half of weekdays too.sold outIs.
November for most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.sold out
December, except on Tuesday 1 and Thursday 3.all sold outtaken care of

Weekends also in January 2020.Many days sold out.The only tickets available are for entry from 17:00 and later in the evening.
February 2020 is seemingly ticketed on the calendar,Late evening admission slots from 16:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.There is only.
In March 2020, there are a few tickets for morning time slots, such as from 9:00am, but as tickets for the 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00pm slots are sold out, it is expected that there will be few tickets left for the 9:00am slot.
There are barely any tickets remaining for the 9am-12pm slot until Saturday 10 April 2020, when there are still a few tickets left.
And this is how it is now.6 months ahead! In short.half a year aheadOtherwise, you can get a ticket for the time slot you want.I'm not at liberty to choose.We don't have as much ticket stock as we would like (laughs), so
If you're going to London, start with the Harry Potter Studio Tour.Book your tickets now!!!!
Yes, this is the first task to do.
As of January 2023, perhaps because of the ongoing Corona disaster, some dates are still available and selling tickets for the most recent tickets, including afternoon admission slots.
A credit card is required to make a booking on the website. When booking, you can choose whether you want to send your tickets by post to Japan in advance or exchange them at the studio on the day of the tour. Postal delivery requires an additional fee and takes a few days to arrive.

Print or save the email you receive after completing your booking on your smartphone! You will have a booking confirmation number that you will need on the day of the event.Â

In 2023, you will receive an electronic ticket by email. You can enter the museum with an electronic ticket. You can also choose to receive a paper ticket by post (postage charged) when you purchase your ticket.

Manned ticket windows|Harry Potter Studio Tour London (window to exchange vouchers for entry tickets).
You will receive an email (in English) from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London when you have completed your studio tour booking. The email will contain your booking confirmation and a voucher (voucher) number. If you choose to exchange your voucher at the studio, you will need to print this email or show the screen of your smartphone, so remember to take it with you. You will also need to show identification at the counter. Don't forget to take your passport to the studio as well.Â


When I set my itinerary for my trip to the UK and looked at the Warner Bros Studio Tour WEB site, I saw that it was a 'Warner Bros Studio Tour'.Er, tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour sold out on the day I was due to come to the UK!For those who say "I don't know".
It's not too early to give up (I wish you all the best).Travel agency tickets are relativelyPossibility of remainingis expensive. Because it's usually more expensive (laughs).
This is because services other than the Harry Potter Studio Tour price are included in the package, for example, a bus round trip from London City to Warner Bros Studios + studio ticket or a bus + stagecoach ticket + accompanying guide. ← Changing the way you look at it, it's convenient & easy.

Notes on tour tickets from travel agents.'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.

  • There are not many first morning slots for entry times with bus return plans.
  • Many plans with a return bus plan include a short stay in the studio of 2-4 hours, as the departure time of the bus on the return journey is also fixed.
  • Meeting point varies from plan to plan, e.g. in London.
  • Plans with Japanese-speaking guides are also available, but they may only accompany you inside the studio.
  • Some companies take several days to contact you to secure tickets even after you have applied.

There will be no on-the-day sales of tickets for entry to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

If you are thinking of visiting Warner Bros' Leavesden Studios in London on the same day as Disney or USJ and buying tickets at the counter, beware.No tickets are sold on the day.Always book in advanceis required.

How to cancel and change tickets'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.

To cancel or change your Harry Potter Studio Tour London ticket (direct purchase), you must call TEL 0800 6404550 If you are calling from Japan to the UK for international calls, the country code is '44+800 6404550'. The conversation is in British English, which is a very high hurdle for those who cannot speak English. A fee of £10 is required to change the appointment time.

Before booking or purchasing tickets!'Harry Potter Studio Tour London'.

Facility nameWarner Bros Studio Tour London - Making of Harry Potter
address (e.g. of house)Warner Bros Studios Tour London
Studio Tour Drive
Leavesden Watford WD25 7LR United Kingdom
opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)Varies from day to day


Now, if you're lucky enough to secure tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London of your choice, congratulations! The wonderful wizarding world of London awaits you! Look forward to the day of departure while you organise your hotel, transport and flights. Wizarding World.com has divided the information on the Harry Potter wizarding world in the UK into three categories. As well as studio tours, there are filming locations and Harry Potter merchandise shops. There is so much to research that it's hard to know what to choose, but it's also a fun time...
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