Universal Studios Japan Wizarding World of Harry Potter Spell-Casting Map of Wand Magic at Univa

Wand Magic (Wand Magic, Spell-Casting Spots) Comparison Orlando, Beijing, USA, Japan USJ Bring your Magical Wand and experience magic in Harriotta areas around the world.

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Today we compare wand magic (SPELL-CASTING).

Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios Japan.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionWhere you can experience magic (wand magic).and the Universal Studios Hari Potter area in the US and China, and whether the locations where you can experience magic (Spell-Casting Spots) are the same or different.Â

Wand Magic (Wand Magic, Spell-Casting) in Orlando, Beijing, USJ Types of Hogsmeade Village.

Wand Magic Map [Hogsmeade Village MAP] 3. Wand Magic Map Location List! Magic Wand Magical Wand Experience Spot Introduction (USJ "Harry Potter Area")

  1. Universal Orlando Resort UOR, USA: 9 types.
  2. China (Beijing) Universal Beijing Resort UBR: 10 types.
  3. Japan (Osaka) Universal Studios Japan USJ: 8 types

Wand Magic (Wand Magic, Spell-Casting) locations also vary at each Universal Studio.Â

Universal Studios Japan Wizarding World of Harry Potter Spell-Casting Map of Wand Magic at Univa

The picture above shows a map of the Wand Magic magic experience in USJ, Japan. Orlando, USA and Beijing, China also have wand magic experiences, some in the same spots and some in different spots. The spells used are also similar.

Comparison of Interactive Wands spell names, magical effects and magical experience location names (UOR, USJ, UBR).

Wand magic spells and magical effects.United States of America
1Revelio, show up.Honeydukes.Honeydukes.
2Incendio (Incendio) Burn.Zonko's prank shop.Chimneys on the wallthree brooms
3Herbivicus, flower, bloom!dogweeddogweed
4Locomotor Plates - Plates, move!
Arresto Momentum Stop.
madam, padfoot (Papilio mazus)
5Finite Incantatem, spell, end.Scribbenshaft quill pen
6Descendo Fall in.
Ascendio Ascendio.
Gladrags Magical Western Wear Shop
7Locomotor Music Box - a music box that moves.Dervish & Bangs.
8Wingardium Leviosa Float.Spintwitches.Spintwitches.Spintwitches.
9Silencio, shut up.Ceridwen cauldron
10Ventus, wind and wind.Quidditch flagDominique Maestro (bay window in).
11Arresto Momentum (Movement, stop).McHubbockDervish & Bangs.
Gladrags Magical Western Wear Shop
13Locomotor Snowman - a snowman who can move.madam, padfoot (Papilio mazus)
Arresto Momentum.
Dervish & Bangs.
15Alohomora, unlock.Toms & ScrollsGreat Door of Hogsmeade Village.
16Cistem Aperio (System Aperio) Box, open!Hogwarts Express boot.
17Meteolojinx (Meteolojinx) Snow, fall!Path behind Honeydukes.
18Aguamenti, water.Dervish & Bangs pathway.
Types of places to experience magic in Hogsmeade Village.Total 9 types.Total 8 types.Total 10 types.

Map of Wand Magic (Spell-Casting Spots) is Universal Orlando-specific â

  1. The Harry Potter Area (Hogsmeade Village and Hogwarts Castle) in Orlando, USA, is where you can experience the magic of wand magic. 9 locations(Orlando is another area Diagon Alley.16 locations(The two Harriotta areas combined are.25 locationsÂ
  2. WAND MAGIC, Beijing, China, as of July 2021. 10 locations in totaland are all located in the village of Hogsmeade.
  3. Japan In Osaka USJ 8 locations in totalIs.
When compared, Orlando and Beijing are quite similar in terms of where they are set up (shops). The objects and movements of the spells are slightly different. On the other hand, it can be seen that USJ has many of its own spells and locations. Also, the names and layout of the shops in Hogsmeade Village are slightly different from those in USJ.

Japan USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.' in theY's Acre', but not in Orlando or Beijing.OrlandoThen, 'Wise Acre' is a good place to start.Diagon AlleyThe following are present in theBeijing (China)It is not even present in the village of Hogsmeade in the'Harry Potter area', at the time of the second or third phase of expansion.It is assumed that Diagon Alley is planned to be built in Huh? By that logic, USJ has no plans to expand...(>_<) No, please do your best to build it (laughs).

Checking the latest information, there was no Wise Acre in Hogsmeade Village in Yahara Beijing (I envy you www).

The Magical Wand (Interactive Wand) can be purchased and used at any Universal Studios location with the same functionality. If you bring your wand with you when you visit the Harriotta area in the USA or the Harriotta area in China, you will be able to experience a different kind of magic than at USJ! The Hogsmeade Village magic experiences in the various areas of the world are 18 different types of magic experiences! You'll have to visit all three places! ←It's a bit of a hurdle, but...

3. wand magic Spot location summary! Magical Experience / Magical Wands|USJ USJ "Harry Potter Area".

Ollivander's Wand There are 57 types of magical wands in the USA! A comparison of the different types of Magical Wands in Japan, the USA and China! Universal Studios

Ollivander Wand Shop Magical Wands 23 character wands, 36 in all (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

Shops Ollivander's Wand Shop (Attractions & Shops) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

USJ "Harry Potter Area" General menu & how to play summary

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Universal Studios Japan Wizarding World of Harry Potter Spell-Casting Map of Wand Magic at Univa
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