[Photo spot] Black Lake Pier, Hogsmeade Village Harry Potter area.

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As of September 2023.Harry Potter Area (USJ: Universal Studios Japan)The suspended shop in the "Hog's Head pub.and attractions '.Hogwarts Castle WalkSuspension & status of operations of the "The

USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.[Inactive] There are shops, services and attractions.

2023 September Universal Studios Japan (USJ) parks are still reeling from the effects of the Corona disaster. Many restaurants, wagon carts and attractions have been temporarily suspended.For up-to-date information, see the official USJ website Show schedule, etc.for more information. Also see the following page for an introduction to the Haripota area.
And unfortunately, the Harry Potter Area is also experiencing suspended services and attractions (see below for an organised list of suspended conditions). Please be prepared in advance so that you don't get a shock when you arrive at Hogwarts.
Hogwarts tours, goods carts, Hog's Head pub and other services are suspended.

[Open for business] Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (ride attraction)12 Apr (Mon), 2021 - Reopening.

Harry Potter Journey (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) Hogwarts Castle r-ride Attraction (ride)
The suspension of the most popular ride attractions in the Harry Potter area and theOfficials have unconfirmed information on theIn a Twitter post, he said, "Hogwarts closed' "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey service suspended' information, which appears to be suspended on 8 and 9 April 2021. At this time it is not listed on the USJ official website's information on suspended attractions: on 10-11 Apr (Sunday), you will still not be able to attend Hogwarts or ride the Harriotta Ride. The official website schedule confirms the suspension: from Monday 12 April 2021, Hogwarts.Scheduled to resume!Reopened and in operation after 1 June 2021.

[Suspended & resumed in flux] Paid photo serviceHarry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.Commemorative photo during the ride of the

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Photo Opportunities Paid Photo Services USJ Filch's Confiscated Goods Store
View & purchase photos that are automatically taken during a Harry Potter Journey ride.Photoopportunity [Photography service].Is. Usually the shop after getting off the ride, 'TheFilch confiscated goods shop.You can check the photos and if you like them, you can buy them. 2021.As of 1 September, both viewing and purchasing are suspended.Reopened in late October 2021.  Suspended on 23 February 2022. 30 (Wed) 6 Dec, and 27 Jan 2023 were open. Open since then.  Suspended on 2 May; also open and suspended in July, August and September.

[Suspended] Hog's Head pub.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Beverage outlets

Hog's Head pub (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').
Restaurant in the Wizarding World, '.three brooms' is open for business, but the adjacent 'Hog's Head pub.' is closed. The front door is locked and cannot be opened. The table and counter in front of the counter inside the Hog's Head pub can be used for eating and drinking at the Three Broomsticks.22 September 2023.point in time


[Suspension].Tour of Hogwarts Castle Hogwarts Castle Walk

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Attractions

Hogwarts Castle Walk Moving Portraits (paintings) Hogwarts Castle Tour USJ Harry Potter Area
Hogwarts Castle Walk, an attraction that allows visitors to walk through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is also on hiatus.It's very sad for Potteries that they won't be able to attend Hogwarts, but let's wait for the school to reopen!1 September 2022.point in time
In addition, the vehicle 'Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.' is open for business.
On Saturday 10 April 2021, Hogwarts was temporarily open... Hogwarts Castle Walk was reserved for the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which can be enjoyed with very few Muggles (as the Harriotta Journey is on hiatus).


22 September 2023.At Inactive
If you ask the crew when the Hogwarts Castle Walk will reopen, they will reply: 'We don't know when it will reopen. The Hogwarts Castle Walk will reopen at the same time as the Hogwarts Castle Walk.
Whether Hogwarts Castle Walk is held Waiting time signs USJ 'Harry Potter Area'
You can judge whether a train is in operation or not by the presence or absence of a 'waiting time sign'. If there is no signboard at the location shown in the photo, the service is suspended.
Saturday 12 March 2022, also with signage in place,Signage indicates (Closed), i.e. the school is closed.The schedule after 13 (Sun) March is unknown. 13 (Sun) and 14 (Mon) were also suspended. 21 (Mar) The original description on the USJ official website has also been changed to "suspended". It appears that the service will be suspended for a while.
Unfortunately, the official USJ website is not clear on the operation status of the Castle Walk. For guests coming from far away, we would like to see at least two months' notice of availability & opening hours. It would be too callous to enter USJ from Kyushu or Tokyo, looking forward to the Castle Walk, and only to find out about the Close at the Hogwarts gate...(+_+)

[Open for business].butterbeer Kurt, in front of Hogwarts Castle.

USJ Harry Potter Butterbeer retailers

Butterbeer cart In front of Hogwarts Castle (USJ Harry Potter area)
The Butterbeer cart between Hogwarts Castle and the Hogsmeade Village stage (where the show is) is also open for business.suspension of music, dance, etc. as a sign of mourningReopening.butterbeerIf you want to drink a Here or,three broomsor enjoy the Butterbeer cart (open for business) in front of the Three Broomsticks... open for business.28 October 2022.At Suspended on Friday 30 November. Appears to be open on weekends. 2023.10 February.(money)Open on Saturday 25 March; in March it was open on weekdays; in July, August and September it is still basically open.

[Suspended] Goods cart, in front of Hogwarts Castle.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' merchandise shops

Goods cart, in front of Hogwarts Castle, USJ, 'Harry Potter area'.

14 May 2022 the cart itself was moved and disappeared; on 27 May it was back in its original location.

One wagon cart selling Harry Potter merchandise (mainly accessories) is also out of business. This merchandise cart is located in front of Hogwarts Castle, along the Hippogriff's Fence.6 September 2023.point in time
On 22 September the carts had disappeared.

[Resume].Ollivander, cane cart.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' wand shop

Cart sales outside the Ollivander wand shop in the Harry Potter area (USJ, 'Harry Potter area').
The Ollivander cart in front of the Ollivander cane shop is also open for business.pauseReopening.Regular wands and magical wands are available in Ollivander's shop.It can be purchased in the cane sales cart at,Magical wand of the characters.,,Harry Potter New original wand (Magical Wand)sold. Open only during busy times; closed on weekdays in April, May, June, July, August and September; open on 22 September.
22 September 2023.point in time


No post-show photo opportunities for Flokwa, Triwizard and Wand Study shows.

The Harry Potter Area stage show is not only fun to watch, but also to take photos with the cast members after the show. Since the Corona Disaster, the photo service was suspended and has not resumed. There is a photo grille after the show...6 September 2023.point in time

For another reason, Triwizard may not have an open show and may only have a photo grille.

The Frog Choir is set to reopen from 31 January 2023!

From 31 Jan 2022, the show Frog Choir in the Harry Potter Area will be suspended for the time being. The resumption schedule is yet to be determined, as stated in the information on suspended attractions in April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December and January 2023.

Good news!The Frog Choir has disappeared from the list of information on suspended attractions from February 2023 onwards!

The suspension period lasts until 30 January 2023. Therefore.at the earliest opportunityReopened on 31 January.ÂI do.Â

USJ HARRIPOTA AREA "Frog Choir" show resumes & schedule confirmed â- 31 Jan 2023.

The other two Harriotta shows are.Triwizard Spirit Rally.,,Wand Studywill operate (perform). Some days may or may not be performed.

Wand Study 14 Feb 2023- Temporary suspension|USJ Harry Potter Area

Harry Potter area show 'Wand Study'.will suspend performances for the time being from 14 February 2023. This is speculated to beThe new show, which will run from 17 March to 31 December 2023, is called'Hippogriff Magical Lessons', The Magical Animal Hippogriff Show.'The' opens.This is thought to be due to the fact that. If you would like to view the Wand Study, please do so as soon as possible!

On the day you go to visit the Harry Potter Wizarding World, make sure there is a stage show you want to see.Â

Inactive map (MAP) USJ 'Harry Potter Area', Sep 2023.

Harry Potter area USJ on hiatus in Feb 2022 Map [MAP].

The situation is currently as described above. It can't be helped, but we hope that it will be re-opened as soon as possible.

Unusual information boards appear only during the period of suspension!

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry closed Ministry of Magic Order NO.04 issued! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is closed!

Ministry of Magic Hogwarts Closure Information Board USJ Harry Potter Area

Photo credits:ERICA @emagicallife

This unusual information board appeared in front of the Hogwarts gate in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area' for just two days in April 2021. It is a unique information board and is located in the 'Harry Potter Area' at the Hogwarts School.Ministry of Magic Decree NO.4 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is closed (closed).The information was that the 'The This means that for the last two days, the ride 'Harry Potter Journey.' and a tour of the castle, '.Hogwarts Castle WalkThe sign was posted because of the suspension and closure of the Hogwarts train station. This must have been a sad announcement for the guests who went to Hogwarts, but it must have been a valuable experience for them to witness a sign that they would not normally have seen.

All-out service from a crew that never rests!

The villagers of Hogsmeade (Universe crew) and the senior students of Hogwarts (Universe crew) are full of energy and full service response even in the middle of all this! They will do the receiving as if you came to the wizarding world as a Muggle!

If you want to experience even more fun, wear a Hogwarts robe or Harry Potter costume (cosplay).

From June 2021, the magical people of the village of Hogsmeade have further powered up their customer service to Muggles!You might experience that you're in the world of Harry Potter more than ever before! I was in plain clothes when I visited, but I didn't understand it straight away and my head couldn't keep up (laughs).


'USJ's unique guest experience'.hospitality' is uninterrupted all year round!

[Suspended] USJ Night Parade (Harry Potter)

As of May 2023, 'TheUniversal Spectacular Night Parade - Best of Hollywood.The USJ official website's suspension information includes the following information.Suspended after November 2023.It is stated that.

The Harry Potter night parade is also currently not available to enjoy at USJ.

Three Broomsticks Opening hours are changing frequently! Check shop information♪

Restaurants in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

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[Photo spot] Black Lake Pier, Hogsmeade Village Harry Potter area.
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