Talking heads on the driver's seat of the Knight Bus.

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Today we present the 'dried head', a doll that looks like a fresh head from the film Harry Potter. It is somewhat grotesque in appearance, so if you are not a fan of skeletons or corpse-like objects, please be careful when viewing it.

Harry Potter's 'Dried Head "Shrunken Head"'.

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The film "Harry Potter.) in the series.shrunken headThe name of the 'call' is,Shrunken Head(Schrankenhead).

Shrunken Head(The (Schranken head) itself is a real object (item) that exists not only in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but also in our own Muggle world.

However, the wizarding world of Harry Potter'sDried head (Schranken head)' moves and talks to the wizard as if it has vision and intelligence. (It is unclear whether they are actually talking to each other, but they recognise their state and speak to them about their attention.)


The dried head 'Shrunken Head' appeared in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.The 'dried neck' appears in the scene where the Knight Bus (Night Bus), a bus that helps wizards, is introduced in the following section.

The 'dried head' hangs in front of driver 'Ernie'. It possesses a higher intelligence, such as alerting him in advance to obstacles in the direction the night bus is travelling and interrupting Harry's conversations.

Third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.'s Hogsmeade Village as a shop off-limits to minors.three brooms' appeared. Ron and Hermione were about to enter the shop when 'TheShrunken Head' to ".No minors allowed in today.I was kicked out of the house because I was told that I was not allowed to leave.

."shrunken head(Schranken Head)' appears in the film 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' as the assistant driver of the Knight Bus (Night Bus) and as the receptionist at the entrance to the 'Three Broomsticks' in the village of Hogsmeade.

Hidden spot] Dried out head (Schranken Head)|Studio Tour's 'Night Bus'.(Night Knight Bus)"

Also in the driver's cab of the Knight Bus (Night Knight Bus), an exhibition set on the Harry Potter Studio Tour London (UK).shrunken headYou can see the "I can see".

[Character appearing in films only] Dried Head (Schranken Head) [Detailed report] Knight Bus 'Night Knight Bus' | Backlot Area (outdoor exhibition) | Harry Potter Studio Tour London

KNIGHT BUS 'Night Knight Bus' (KNIGHT BUS).When I looked into the driver's seat of the car, I saw! A 'dried head', a doll with a fresh head, advising the driver, Arn, on his route! The face is not visible in the photo due to the light (sweat).

The 'dried head' (Schranken head) does not appear in the original novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It appears frequently in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and has a huge impact, but many people may not know that it only appears in the film and not in the original novel.â

Dried head (Schranken head) souvenir goods|Studio Tour

UK Studio Tour London sells 'Schranken Head' dolls in its merchandise shop, so you can buy them as souvenirs... (see photo).

Shrunken Head, the talking head on the driver's seat of the Knight Bus, is a 'dried head' and a witchpot Studio Shop merchandise shop Harry Potter Studio Tour London (in the studios).

', which hangs at the entrance to the Night Bath and the Three Broomsticks.Shrunken Head.' is 'Theshrunken headA magic doll called 'The Magic Doll'? (Laughter) It is maniacal that they even sell this doll! (Laughter) Two types of witch pots are also sold, albeit in a smaller size!

Dried head (Schranken head) souvenir goods|Harry Potter Studio Tour London

The Studio Shop (London) has a large selection of 'dried heads', so beware if you don't like the look of them! The character is quite popular with maniacal Harry Potter fans.

'Dried neck' at the Hog's Head Pub in USJ's Harry Potter area.

Dried neck (Schranken head) also at Universal Studios Japan (USJ).The place is also decorated.The Three Broomsticks eatery in the Harry Potter the counter at the Hog's Head pub.Is.

Dried head (Schranken head) USJ 'Harry Potter area' Hog's Head pub Boar's head behind counter and Butterbeer keg

You'll find a 'dried head' (Schranken head) hanging from the left and right corners of a moving boar statue... Visit the Harry Potter Area for a meal or drink break and take a look behind the counter at the Hogshead.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UK

Harry Potter Studio Tour London (UK) [General report] 3 consecutive days of Warner Bros Studio Tour London - a very long report on the making of Harry Potter experience â

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

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Talking heads on the driver's seat of the Knight Bus.
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