Shepherd's pie The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area

Shepherd's Pie & Garden Salad The Three Broomsticks USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Royal British cuisine.

Shepherd's pie & garden salad areMar 2022.It disappeared from the menu in the renewal of the The derived menu, "Smoked chicken & shepherd's pieIt is possible to enjoy a shepherd's pie in â

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Today's Three Broomsticks meal report!

Shepherd's pie, a classic of British cuisine.

Royalty of British cuisine Shepherd's pie, The Three Broomsticks

The royal menu of British home cooking.Shepherd's pieYou can eat the Three Broomsticks in the Harry Potter area at USJ.

Price: 1,750 yen (Annual pass discount (When applicable -350 ¥ 1400)
Taste: ★★★3.9
Shop:three brooms

I usually don't get a chance to eat shepherd's pie very often because I prioritise the menu I want to eat. Because the other menu items, thebeef stewFish and chips,smoked chickenRoast beef saladI end up ordering things like. So it's been three years since I've ordered a shepherd's pie. I eat at the Three Broomsticks at least once a month.

Shepherd's pie with garden salad â

Shepherd's pie, The Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area

The Three Broomsticks.shepherd's piewellgarden saladThe set includes. There is a choice of three salad dressings.

  1. Cobb salad dressing
  2. Grated onion dressing
  3. Lemon Creamy Dressing

The green drinks container at the back left of the picture is called.Jelly drink Slytherin'. The emblem shows Gryffindor, but it's just the wrong direction to put the container (laughs), and the drink at the back right is...L-size cold teaare. Jelly drinks are.Magic Neepkart.Buy at.Brought to Three BroomsticksThe following is a summary of the results of the survey.

Impressions of Shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie, The Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area

Shepherd's pie today.passionatelyThe Shepherd's Pie comes with a garden salad. I like the Three Broomsticks' garden salad because it has a unique crunchy texture and tastes delicious.â

Shepherd's pie, The Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area

Shepherd's pie is a meat pie filled with minced beef and vegetables. Although it is called a pie, there is no pie crust,mashed potatois the dish on which the ingredients are placed. Look, when you scoop it up with a spoon, you'll see that underneath a thick layer of mashed potato, which has been browned on the surface, is packed full of minced beef, vegetables and other ingredients.

Shepherd's pie, The Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area

When you put them in your mouth, the potatoes are fluffy, soft, fresh, juicy and full of happiness! Delicious♪ Huh? Was the shepherd's pie from the Three Broomsticks this good? I ate it while thinking (#^. ^#) Maybe it's because it's hot? Because it is hot and full of flavour, the accompanying garden salad goes well with it. It's a good balance to alternate the hinny and fresh vegetables with the pie (laughs).

This time inside the Three Broomsticks shop? s.Hog's Head pub counter.We enjoyed our meal sitting in the So the photos are a bit dark... (lol) Here is a photo of us eating in a well-lit place before... ♪

Shepherd's Pie & Garden Salad The Three Broomsticks (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

The colours are vibrant...

The Slytherin flavour of the jelly drink is reported in a separate article.Â

The Three Broomsticks USU "Harry Potter Area" with renewed menu Shepherd's Pie & Roast Chicken & Corn with Hot Vegetables.

Shop information Three Broomsticks (Sanbon no Broomstick)

Three Broomsticks Meal menu

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USJ 'Harry Potter Area' General Menu & Summary

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Shepherd's pie The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area
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