House of MinaLima goods 'Potions' Hogwarts textbook (minalima notebook), MinaLima.

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore...

Well, how are you all doing?
As for me, the pollen is playing a bit of a trick on me, and I'm suffering, but somehow I'm still alive (laughs).

Well, the Wizarding World blog has been relocated and we can now start anew at MAHOUKAI.COM (魔法界ドットコム) (≥▽≦).

That's why today we're announcing a giveaway! Minalima's Potions textbook notebook! (((o(*▽▽*)o)))

Minarima Potions (replica-style goods).
MinaLima Potions textbook notes.

(For more information on the Hogwarts Textbook Notebooks, please refer to the previous report.

Detailed report of notes:Hogwarts textbook (notebook) D.A.D.A. 'Defence Against the Dark Arts' by minalima (minalima), introduction and commentary.

Notebook type report:MINALIMA Six new notebooks with Hogwarts textbook designs... Advanced Potions, Phantom Creatures and their Habitats, Defence Against the Dark Arts, etc.

'Potions', Hogwarts textbook (minalima notes).
'Potions', Hogwarts textbook (minalima notes).

The Potions textbook was an important item in the original novel & film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. [ADVANCED POTION MAKING] With this,In front of Hogwarts Potions classroom.It would be great if we could take a photo on the WWW.

The purpose of the present is to.MAHOUKAI.COM (Wizarding World Blog)and ... andTwitter,,InstagramÂ
We would be very grateful if you could link to our blog, introduce us and spread the word on Twitter.

Present application details: textbook notebook on Potions and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Submission deadline: until 23:59 PM on Monday 10 June 2019.
Entry requirements:
1. follow us on Twitter and RT (retweet) the designated tweets.
Or follow us on Instagram and 'like' our posts.
If you're both on Twitter and Instagram, you're twice as likely to win.
Triple it if you tell us, with a link from your own blog or website... ♪
★Links to.
Winners will be notified by Twitter/Instagram DM.
3. to be a potatarian who observes the rules and manners - this is the most important thing.
4. if you give us your name & mailing address ← otherwise we can't fly the 'owl' w


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MAHOUKAI.COM presents ★ "Potions" Hogwarts textbook (minalima notebook) for one person Entry conditions: follow us on Twitter and RT (retweet) the specified tweet. Or follow us on Instagram and 'like' the specified post. hogwarts-textbooks201905.html For more information, visit the # Wizarding World blog → @wizardpancakeman Appear from your profile and use the search spell # present in the blog â #minalima #minarima # present 1 TP7Tharrypotter #hp #harrypotterworld #harrypotterfangirl #Potterian #jkrowling #jkrowlingwizardingworld 1TP7 Twizardingworld #potterhead #ADVANCEDPOTIONMAKING #photography #Harry Potter #Potterian #Fantavist #Wizardingworldblog 1 TP7THogwarts textbooks

Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.A post shared by @wizardpancakeman -.

Personal data will not be disclosed.
The only basis for this is that you have to trust me, the Wizard Pancake Man, lol.

NotesOther: Please read.

This time only in Japan.
It may take a few days for delivery.
If they cannot be contacted within three days by DM, they will be moved up to the next person.
There is no compensation in the event that the post is not delivered for any other reason.
Also, we don't accept all complaints... (except unique complaints).
Please understand that there may be some damage during delivery, and that the owl may make a detour along the way.
This campaign is unique to the Wizarding World Blog and has nothing to do with the respective official relations.

That's why. Oops, I may not answer your questions, don't worry.

House of MinaLima goods
'Potions', Hogwarts textbook (minalima notes).

In June, the two MinarimaMiraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima visit the House of Mina Lima Osaka for the second time.I'm very much looking forward to it!

Well, good luck to you...
Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.

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House of MinaLima goods 'Potions' Hogwarts textbook (minalima notebook), MinaLima.
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