PEPPER IMPS Pepper candy USJ Harry Potter area Honeydukes

Food report Pepper Imps 'black pepper candy' like peas, but red  Honeydukes sweets USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man (*´▽*).

Today's report is on Honeydukes' sweets, 'ThePepper Imps, a pea-like black pepper candy.'!

Black pepper candy like peas Pepper Imps

PEPPER IMPS Pepper Candy USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes

Product name: HP Pepper Imps HD Pepper Imps
Price: 700 yen (tax included)
Distributors:Honeydukes (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').
Capacity: 24 x 40g.
Contents: candy
Ingredients: sugar, syrup, cinnamon flavouring, colouring, glue (gum arabic).
Shelf life: at the time of purchase it had more than three months.
Manufacturer: Fujitaka Confectionery, Takahide Fujita Distributor: Amidaike Daikoku Co.

As of June 2020.

Pepper Imps 'black pepper' candies that look like peas, but red  Honeydukes sweets USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

映画&原作小説の『ハリー・ポッターとアズカバンの囚人』に『豆粒のような 黒胡椒キャンディ』登場♪

In the novel, the Honeydukes shop is introduced by'There is another wall full of shelves of confectionery with the words "Special Special Special Effects Koukou" on them. ...] and black pepper candies that look like peas.'The description states. And the benefits of this pepper candy are'I'll show you how to blow fire for your friends!'Is. Eating or licking this pepper candy is a mischievous magic candy with a magical effect of fire in the mouth.

In the film, the label design exists so that it can be used as a 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.I think they are displayed somewhere in the Honeydukes shop in 'Honeydukes', but I don't think they are shown on screen in the film. The scenes showing the shop are very brief, though, so it's unclear whether any of the sweets can be identified without pausing the footage and taking a closer look (laughs).

USJ Honeydukes sold (and did sell) as 'Pepper Imps Pepper Imps'.

Food report Pepper Imps 'black pepper candy' like peas, but red  Honeydukes sweets USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

In the novel, 'Theblack pepper (Piper nigrum)The colour of the Honeydukes in the Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios Japan is completely different from the setting, with a 'pink' like 'red' colour (laughs).

Vertical glass jars with gold caps, brown and gold logo labels and pink candy inside have a stylish appearance.

Contains 24 pieces in a glass jar; each piece is individually wrapped, making it easy to distribute as a souvenir.

What we ate Pepper Candy Pepper Imps

PEPPERMINT TOADS Frog Mint ¥700 USJ "Harry Potter Area" Honeydukes

When removed from the transparent bag, the appearance of the pepper candy is coloured between 'pink' and 'red' colours. The surface is rough and grainy. The size is about that of a pachinko ball.

The following note is on the container label! (Laughter)

Caution This product is a pungent and stimulating candy.

So be careful if you don't like spicy food!
I, Wizard Pancake Man, 'like spicy food'! ← Only if it's good food, though.

Now, I'm going to lick it off with trepidation. The Honeydukes sweets in the Harry Potter area that were! I've had a lot of pranks in my life, and I'm not stupid enough to suddenly pop one in my mouth, because it could be a ghastly snack... What? What? Yes, I'm fine with being a coward! (Translated by.

Pepper Imps 'black pepper' candies that look like peas, but red  Honeydukes sweets USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

'Pepper Imps Pepper ImpsThe impression I had after eating the 'Harry Potter' was that it wasn't as tasteless or spicy as I had been preparing myself for (lol), but if you ask me if it was delicious? It's still a prank-type snack from the Harry Potter area, so it's a bit delicate.

as ifpeppery tasteIt's like a candy with a slightly stimulating taste in your mouth. If you like the taste of pepper, you will probably find this candy to be a little too good! I don't know if there are people who do (laughs), but I can eat it, but I don't think I'd want a second piece if I didn't have any snacks at home. The label says that the stimulation is 'aCinnamon flavouringIt seems that the 'I can eat cinnamon! I see, if it's cinnamon, I might be able to eat it! ← What a genteel W!

USJ Wizarding World Sweets: shock-o'-chocolate Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

'The candy that tasted bad in Honeydukes'.Shock-O-Choc (Shock-O-Chocolate).'-' (used in place of '-')It's a whole lot better than (laughs) I don't want to eat that one again. w


Honeydukes' collection of boxes of sweets â"¢ USJ 'Harry Potter Area', London Studio Tour, etc.

This is not a snack I would recommend in terms of taste, but in terms of visual prettiness, such as the glass jar and label, it is one I would recommend to Harry Potter collectors.

Unfortunately, however, I have not seen them for sale in 2020 and 2021. It is possible that they didn't happen to have any in stock at the time of my visit.

Pepper Imps 'black pepper' candies that look like peas, but red  Honeydukes sweets USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

What? Why did I upload this report just now? (^▽^;) Because it wasn't very tasty, so I put it off until later and forgot about it before I knew it (laughs).

These are some of the unique candies that can be used for pranks in the Universe Harry Potter area.Â

Shop: Honeydukes and Sweets & Merchandise List USJ "Harry Potter Area".

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PEPPER IMPS Pepper candy USJ Harry Potter area Honeydukes
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