Yurubo: Let's gather at Stofest in HARI POTA & FANTASVI cosplay... The biggest cosplay event Nihonbashi Street Festa, Saturday 9 March 2019.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man (*^▽^*) no.

Now this year, another fun event for cosplayers will be in Osaka/Nihonbashi in March 2019.
I'm not made up or gimmicked up enough to call myself a cosplayer, but I'll be there!

The name of the festival is Japan's largest cosplay festival! 'Nihonbashi Street Festa 2019'.

It's not an official Harriotta & Fantavi event, but it's a fun day for all your Potterian & Fantabist friends to get together in costume!
In 2017 and 2018, I, Pancake Man, also participated as Dumbledore!
Past reports
Strfest 2017.
Strfest 2018.

Nihonbashi Street Fest 2017 Harry Potter Cosplay
(past photo:.Shirakouin Kikyo@photographer)

And this year, 2019.Let's get together with our fellow Haripotans, Nah-chan, a fellow Haripotan.We are calling on the public to

So let's all get together in a big way...
I don't organise it, but my friends Nana is recruiting Harry Potter friends and Ayapo is recruiting Fantavi friends!
As this is a strike festival, we hope you will come and join and disband freely and loosely (*´▽*).
First, a note of caution!
Rules and manners are observed!
Rules: cosplay participants must purchase a paid participation card. Changing takes place in designated changing rooms.
Other organisers.Rules on the official website of the Nihonbashi Street Festa Steering Committee.states.
Check carefully.Â
Especially for cosplayers, see above.formal ruleis a must-read!
You must change in the changing rooms! Do not wear them from home by mistake!
Do not accept cosplay photography outside of designated areas!
It is an event for the whole Nihonbashi area, but there are shops, hotels and residences. It can only be held with the cooperation of everyone living in the area.
Don't break the rules as it is a nuisance to neighbours! The strike festival itself will not be able to take place.
(in...)Official MAP(marked in light blue, orange or yellow).
I would ask participants not to come if they complain or grumble.
This is whether you say it to their face or behind their back on social networking sites such as Twitter (# p.s.)!
To be clear, if you can't abide by the organisers' rules and manners, don't come!" (1.1")
★Harry Potter & Fantabi meeting place ★
(Translated by... Let's get down to business...
Meeting points in Haribo & Fantabi are listed below.

Intersection near Nihonbashi 3 South, in front of Volks, McDonald's and Family Mart.
If you use the official map, the light blue (Sakaisuji) Nihonbashisuji shopping arcade is at the left end of the cosplay area.
Click here for the official MAP of Stofest 2019.
We have not officially reserved this place. We just decide on our own to make it easier to get together on the day.
Please use this as a guide as the location may be moved depending on the situation on the day.
I will not be able to see much of Twitter or Instagram on the day, so even if you send me a rip or a DM, I may not notice it right away.
Stofest 2018 There were many wonderful and exciting cosplayers, including Harry Potter & Ghibli's Laputa clan ♪ (Osaka/Nihonbashi Street Festa) Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.
(Photo of the past)
Now, the contents of Stofest 2019 can be summarised as follows.
Date: 9 March 2019 (Saturday)
Opening hours:
 Sakaisuji Main Street: 12:00-15:00.
 Ota Road: 12:00-14:30.
 *Ota Road is closed to cosplay photography from 14:30 onwards.
 Namba Parks Carnival Mall, Times Square: 11:00-17:00.
 *The cosplay photography areas (orange on the map) outside the Carnival Mall can only be entered with a camera photography participation card.
 Available cosplay photography hours vary from place to place!
Changing rooms available from 10:00-17:30.
 Male: Nihonbashi Primary School (where it was).
 Women: Nitto Primary School (where it was) & North Nitto Fureai Square
 *Note that until 2018, the same place was used for both men and women!
Premium changing rooms also available (sold out).
Cosplay participation: 2000 yen (cosplay wristbands) on sale
Participation in camera shoots: 2000 yen (filming participation certificate) on sale.
Shops selling participation certificates: 12 shops, see official website.
Toilets: there are virtually no public toilets in the Nihonbashisuji shopping arcade, although they are listed on the official MAP. JOSHIN has a limited number of public toilets available. Although not shown on the MAP, you can either rent a toilet at a convenience store that has toilets or consult your hotel.
Event: cosplay parade (limited to 500 people, with the purchase of a wristband with a cosplay parade entry ticket for 3000 yen).
参加者は12:00パレード集合場所へ ファンタビ仲間は参加する予定との情報です♪
Stofest venue MAP
Strfest Official Guidebook.
*MAP and guidebook are both PDFs.
If the number of cosplayers has been on the rise in recent years, the number of general visitors and photographers has also been on the rise.
The main street Sakaisuji in Nihonbashi becomes as busy as a commuter train from 12.00 pm onwards.
Ota Road and the minor roads in between can also become very busy.
Please take care to avoid injury (especially to small children) and theft (e.g. of valuable bags) and have fun.â
Changing rooms had a one-hour wait for both men and women in 2018, so if possible, you want to arrive at the changing rooms before 10am! I don't want to say this out loud (Polish).
Let's hope that 9 March will be sunny and see you on that day (≥▽≦).

Nihonbashi Stfest 2024 to be held on 12 May (Sun), 2024 The 17th Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 - Naniwa Ward Expo - the largest cosplay event in Japan.

Nihonbashi Stfest 2024 to be held Sunday, 12 May 2024 '17th Nihonbashi Street Festa 2024 - Naniwa Ward Expo'.
Nippombashi Street Festa 2024 | Cosplay Festival

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