Harry Potter Letter Set Contents (Minarima).

MINALIMA New Goods Harry Potter Hogwarts Admission Letter Set, 10 pairs, ¥3480 MINALIMA Osaka

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man (*´▽*) and finally Hogwarts in Osaka has reopened,Minalima Osakahas also resumed... I went to school at Hogwarts as soon as I could.
Today we present.MinorimaNew goods for'Hogwarts Letter Set'.It is. The perfect item for going to Hogwarts!

Product name: Harry Potter Letter Set MINALIMA (Hogwarts Admission Certificate)

Product name: Harry Potter letter set Price: ¥ 3,480 (incl. tax) Retailer: MINALIMA OSAKA

Price: 3,480 yen (incl. tax)

The case is a gorgeous design in dark blue & golden colours.

Harry Potter letter set (minalima minalima) Case in dark blue & golden colours.

Hogwarts Acceptance Lettermeans 'to beHogwarts Admission Certificate.'. In the film, many Hogwarts envelopes were delivered to Harry Potter by 'Owl Mail'. These envelopes and letterheads have been made into Harry Potter goods. And because the items were designed by Minarima, we are very moved by them.

Harry Potter letter set (minalima minalima) Design on the back of the case.

The back of the package is printed with a picture of what is included in the package, making it easy to see what is inside. The glittering packaging makes it stylish to display the whole case.

Hogwarts Admission Letter Letter Set Contents.

Harry Potter Letter Set Contents (Minarima).
10 sheets of writing paper (letterhead) 10
Hogwarts Envelopes & Sealing Seals, set of 10.
Envelope size: 15.7 cm (W) 11.3 cm (H)
The sealing seal is designed with a red sealing wax seal. In the red pattern.'H' in HOGWARTS.contains. The letterhead has the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest design at the top, the rest of the design is blank. The envelopes are also plain, except for the Hogwarts crest printed on the binding allowance on the reverse side.
Send a letter to a fellow Harry Potter with this Hogwarts Envelope & Letterhead and you're sure to be delighted! It could be a birthday celebration for a friend or a love letter to someone you admire! It might even be more effective 2001 TP5T than using a normal envelope... Let's leave it at that... There are plenty of people waiting for their acceptance letters from Hogwarts, no matter what age they are. Send it by owl mail to make them feel a little bit better and they'll be very happy.
PROP replicas identical to the real envelopes from the Hogwarts acceptance letters are also available (MinaLimaOSAKA) MinaLima OsakaI want the real thing, because the difference between PROPs (props) and replicas from films is the size, balance, shape and colour of the envelopes, letterheads and logos.PROP replica Hogwarts admission card.Buy a copy of the book! It's expensive though (;^_^A

If you post it in a postbox in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area', it will be postmarked (stamped) with the Hogsmeade Village & Owl Mail postmark!

Post office slot:Width up to 12 cm, thickness up to 1 cmpostcards and envelopes can be posted.

[Ended] Present project! We're giving away 2 sets of envelopes & letterheads out of the 10 sets inside!

2 pairs of Hogwarts envelopes & letterhead & 2 pairs of sealing stickers from the contents of MINALIMA 1
For more information, please go here to the June 2020 Present Project page and keep out of sight... â
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A present project to celebrate the reopening of the wizarding world! We'll be giving away a lot of gifts! (魔法界ドットコム official Twitter account & ...

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Harry Potter Letter Set Contents (Minarima).
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