Today's report 'Make a DIY Hogwarts admission letter...' Minalima letter sets and quill pens.

HP Crafts DIY 'Make a Hogwarts Entrance Permit' with MINALIMA Letter Set.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man.

Today's report, 'Make your own DIY Hogwarts admission card...'

So 魔法界ドットコム first! It's time for a craft activity. We'll be making the Harry Potter world, the one we've all been waiting for, thethat letter'. So long awaited by children and adults alike, 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' from 'TheHogwarts Admission Certificate.It's an envelope of 'It's an envelope of 'It's an envelope of 'It's an envelope of 'It's an envelope of 'It's a report with stories. 'Hogwarts Admission Certificate.The English name for 'TheHogwarts Acceptance Letter'.

        Prepare the necessary items for the craft.

Today's report 'Make a DIY Hogwarts admission letter...' Minalima letter sets and quill pens.

  1. MINALIMA Hogwarts Admission Letter Set.
  2. Quill pen (preferably with green ink)

MINALIMA Hogwarts Admission Letter Letter Set.

The MINALIMA Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance Letter Set has a whopping 'Envelope with Hogwarts crest.' "Letterhead with Hogwarts crest.' "Hogwarts crest seal.The set includes three of the following items: â Convenient♪ This time by using Minarima's goods,Easy and simple, apparently official.I would like to make a letter from Hogwarts.

The colour of the letter in the admission letter envelope and the body of the letter is 'greenThe green lettering is a good way to create an atmosphere.


I probably don't need to explain this to you already, but where was Harry Potter living when he received the letter from Hogwarts?
Right.Little Winging, 4 Privet Street.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionUnder-stair storageis Harry's room.It was. So the address for Harry is as follows.
Mr H, Potter,.
The Cupboard under the Stairs,.
4, Privet Drive,.
Little Whinging,.

Addressing the Hogwarts acceptance letter envelope.

It's no fun to write it as it is, so I'll change the address to me, Pancake Man Dumbledore, and make it 'P, Dumbledore'. Yeah, I carefully wrote it with a quill pen, and voila! Finished!


Carefully and cautiously run the quill over the quill.

Hogwarts admission letter on letterhead Minalima Letter Set.

I've addressed it and the sender to Pancakeman Dumbledore... as you may have noticed if you love it very much... yeah, that's right. The film, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.The font resembles the super-penmanship of the font that appeared in the book (laughs), and in fact the replica admission letter has been redesigned in a blocky font. Minarima art prints and Harry Potter Shop 934 letter contents as well. I don't know the reason why the font on the replica goods was changed from the first film (I'll ask the question when I get a chance).


What do you think? If you look back at the film, you can't read it, it's so expertly written, isn't it? (Laughter)

Completed! Hogwarts admission form!

Hogwarts Admission Letter DIY Minalima Letter Set

It's a good achievement for a first craft (≥▽≦).

What? Too beautiful?

To be honest, I, Pancake Man, can't even write in Japanese.incessantlyextreme clumsiness(^_^;)Yeah, there's no way I could ever write in writing in English, very, very much! (Explosion)

Hogwarts admission forms were printed by a printer!

Spoiler alert!Muggle.personal computerandprinter(Laughter).

Well, computers are very convenient... even I, with my poor handwriting, can reproduce such beautiful English writing styles (laughs).Yes, sorry.The first part of the article, 'quill penThe 'I'm not...' is...Not used at all! (Sorry!

Incidentally.quill penThe 'I'm not...' is...Kings Cross Station Harry Potter Shopand ... andHarry Potter shop at Heathrow AirportThese goods are sold at the w

True crafting procedure! Hogwarts admission form.

  1. Font (font)to be prepared. Harry Potter fans abroad have created similar fonts and published them online.
  2. Search keyword '.Hogwarts Acceptance Letter fontYou can download the font of your choice from a variety of search results, such as
  3. My PC is a VAIO user,on the WORDThe font size and layout were adjusted appropriately in the
  4. Minalima letterheads and envelopesPrinted on a printer to complete the process.

Easy, isn't it?
If you make your own, you can arrange the address and text as you wish!

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So, since I made it... the Wizard Pancake Man thought. I would be really, really happy if the 'Owl Mail' carried these envelopes... (´´I would be really, really happy if the 'Owl Mail' carried these envelopes...)

Present project!
Homemade Hogwarts admission certificate in a further envelope by 'owl mail' â

Envelope with your name on it, your name on the admission card, sealed with a MINARIMA sealing seal.
Put the admission letter in a separate envelope,USJ Hogsmeade Village post.The mail is sent by post by posting it to

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Today's report 'Make a DIY Hogwarts admission letter...' Minalima letter sets and quill pens.
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