Bus stop near Claremont Square, Pentonville Road, London, UK.

London Trip Day 6 Walk from Kings Cross Station to Claremont Square, London Bus to Redon Hall Market, walk to Bala Market, beef sandwich and fish and chips! Enjoy Britain and Harriotta... (Travelling almost alone in the UK)

Continued from Day 5 of the London trip.

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Good morning! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man (≥▽≦).

London, Day 6, 7am.indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.In front of Kings Cross StationI woke up in a hotel room in at last!de facto playable in the UK.last dayIt is. The next day I just have to go to Heathrow Airport. w

Breakfast at the hotel 'ALHAMBRA HOTEL'.

I change in my room and take the stairs down to the dining floor in the basement of the hotel. My room is on the fourth floor, so I go down five flights of stairs.

Halfway up the staircase there is a window that looks out to the back of the hotel. The view from there is lovely... The buildings are situated around the block, so the back of the hotel is a backyard-like view of each hotel and apartment. It's very London-like (laughs).

Behind the hotel 'ALHAMBRA HOTEL' in front of Kings Cross Station|UK Harry Potter Travel

It is also stylish to have a table and chairs to relax on the small balcony... Each household made effective use of various devices. You can enjoy just looking at this place♪ It would be too nice if your own home was a flat like this!


THE ALHAMBRA KITCHEN | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

'ALHAMBRA HOTEL.', so the name of the room on the dining floor is '.Alhambra Kitchen.' and plates were posted. The breakfast menu was written on a simple bright wooden board. This is on the basement floor of the hotel. The photo was taken at a time when it happened to be empty, but the seats were soon filled with other guests w


Breakfast at the ALHAMBRA HOTEL in front of Kings Cross Station | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

The breakfast at the Alhambra Hotel will be described in detail separately, as this is enough to write one report! When you finish eating.I'm super full (bombed).The price of the accommodation is reasonable for London, but you can enjoy breakfast at such a reasonable price. The clientele was a variety of young people and married couples, and the atmosphere was that of many tourists, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Actually, I had a quick breakfast at the hotel and then I was off.Pancakes on the wayI was planning to eat a pancake, but it looked like I couldn't. (Laughter) I was happy but sad! (I was happy, but sad. wI made some leftover Scottish pancakes (the ones in the centre of the plate in the photo), so that's good!

8:40 Departure from hotel! The weather is typical of London, very cloudy!

Hotel 'ALHAMBRA HOTEL' in front of Kings Cross Station|UK Harry Potter Travel

This morning, the sky is overcast with a London-like doneness (laughs) Yes, the sky is covered with clouds all around. You see, that's where the film "Fantastic Beasts.The 'The.Young Dumbledore.The atmosphere is like the atmosphere of the city of London, where the city of London is about to appear. It was a weekday morning, so even in the backstreets, there were a few commuters hurrying along.

Cycle hire in front of Kings Cross Station, United Kingdom Harry Potter Travel

There is also a bike rental service in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Use this bicycle,Harry Potter filming locationsI would have liked to go around the city, but it is hard when it rains heavily, so I will mainly use walking and London buses to get around today (lol), as the weather forecast for the day was rain for the whole day. (In hindsight, I thought it was OK to rent a bike because you can just return it to a bike parking space somewhere nearby.)

Hotel 'ALHAMBRA HOTEL' in front of Kings Cross Station|UK Harry Potter Travel

First thing in the morning again.Kings Cross StationI stopped by the Harry Potter shop, and I saw the Harry Potter shop, which was right in front of me, and I thought, 'I'm going to have a look.Photo opportunities on the 9 and three-quarter line.The queue for the 'I've been to King's Cross Station' was long, so I went through again this time (laughs), passing through the front of the ticket gate to the east end of King's Cross Station. By the way, because it was commuting time, the ticket gate at the south front was open and you could freely enter and leave the station.

King's Cross Station towards Claremont Square|UK Harry Potter TravelIt took about 15 minutes to walk eastwards at the junction in front of King Cross Station to reach the first objective.

9:14 Claremont Square (Harry Potter film location)

Crossroads near Claremont Square (location of Harry Potter films) London, England

Walking along Pentonville rd, you will reach the intersection in the photo above. The area with the park at the far right is 'Claremont Square'. The photo was taken at the bus stop. Turn right at the intersection and walk in the direction of the arrow to the building on the left in the photo below.

Also featured as a hideout in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 of the film|Harry Potter Travel, UK

In the building to the left of this one.Sirius Black's family home in the Harry Potter films, 'Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix'.was filmed in the area. However, I wandered around this area to see which building the filming took place in (laughs) for about 20 minutes. The reason for this is that Google Maps confirms that 'theClaremont Square.The only part of the building in the film that is identical in shape to the building in the film is a corner of the park, but there is no part of the building that is identical in shape to the building in the film... When I walked around, all the buildings were similar, so I had to search all the way to Amwell Street, Mile Street and Mazelton Square (laughs).

For more information on this area, go to the report below.Â

9:50 Transfer by London bus to Redon Hall Market.

After enjoying the building and atmosphere of the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, return to Pentonville Road and take the London Bus. You can also take the underground, but I'm taking the London Bus to increase my experience (laughs) and because it's fun to enjoy the view of London from the bus window while travelling. The great thing about London buses is that if the connection is within one hour, the fare is flat, so you can take as many buses as you want. The buses you get on within one hour of your first ride will not charge you a fare!

Bus stop near Claremont Square, Pentonville Road, London, UK

Bus stop 'Bus stop.Penton Street.View towards Kings Cross Station from 'TheClock tower at St Pancras station.You will see the 'Penton Street'. Board at the bus stop 'Penton Street' at the entrance to Claremont Square. The connecting bus stop is 'City Road Leonard'. The final stop is at 'King William Street Monument Station.'.

Penton Street (Stop PK)
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
City Road Leonard Street (Stop M)
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
King William St Monument Stn (Stop G)

The time it takes to board the bus is.About 25 minutes in total.Is. Depending on the time of day you ride.Bus stop to transfer toandroute numberwill vary. London Buses has many routes and operates a large number of services, soGoogle Mapsand ... andcitymapperアプリのルート検索結果を見て乗り付きしましょう♪

10:15 Arrive at King William Street Monument Station

10:15 Near King William Street Monument Station, London, UK

Get off at the bus stop near Monument Underground station and walk for three minutes from here. This is an office area, lined with office buildings, skyscrapers and towers, but the buildings you suddenly see are still London. There is a building decorated with a coat of arms like this...

10:15 Near King William Street Monument Station, London, UK

10:25 Gracechurch Street side entrance of Redon Hall Market.

10:25 Gracechurch Street side entrance of Redon Hall Market.
Harry Potter location, "pot that has leaked outIf you just want to see the 'Redon Hall Market', you don't have to come to the entrance of Redon Hall Market, just turn right into the back street (see photo on the left). But since you've come all this way, you'll have to take the long way round to enjoy the atmosphere of Redon Hall Market (laughs).


The Leaky Cauldron location, Leadenhall Market.
Facing Gracechurch Street.Entrance to Redon Hall Market.Is. A gorgeous arcade appears in the space between buildings. It's like a wizarding world sandwiched between Muggle worlds! No, I'm going in. It is an atmospheric shopping arcade with dim electric lights and indirect lighting. The word 'shopping arcade' sounds very folksy, but it has a slightly upmarket atmosphere.
It's lovely, with restaurant terraces. I walked around thinking that if I had more time I would like to enjoy the beautiful old arcade while having something to eat here too.


Location of The Leaky Cauldron Entrance (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film).

The Glass House (The Glass House Spectacle Shop)|Location of The Leaky Cauldron Entrance (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film)

As it was early in the day when we visited, there were a few shops that were not yet open for business. The desired shops are in the back street to the south-west, looking from the intersection of the main street of Redon Hall Market.Hagrid and Harry's path to the Leaky Cauldron in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.This is a spot where you can indulge your thoughts while tracing the The blue area in the photo above is the 'Thepot that has leaked outThe entrance to the 'The entrance to the (' (Exterior is white as of 2022).

Now there are more places I want to visit, so I want to head to my next destination, but I just wanted to go to the lavatory (Loo) (;^_^A department stores' at the southern end of Redon Hall Market? I borrowed a toilet on the second floor of the supermarket and felt relieved (laughs).Rose Market.Walking to 'The Walk to the World'.

You can take a bus to get around, but it is recommended to walk and wander around to get a better feel for London... Exit Redon Hall Market and walk south down Gracechurch Street, passing the Monument crossing and into King William Street. Walking south along this road, you will cross London Bridge, which is a very nice bridge, and is a good place to walk. It's a drizzly, on-and-off kind of rain, so it's perfectly safe to take a walk.â

Walking on London Bridge

Walking on London Bridge, London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

In the old days in Japan (when I was a child), we used to say.♪ London Bridge fell down ♪ ♪ London Bridge fell down ♪ ♪ London Bridge fell down ♪The photo above shows the view from London Bridge towards Millennium Bridge! The photo above shows the view from London Bridge looking towards Millennium Bridge.

Walking on London Bridge, London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

The weather is cloudy, so the picture doesn't look great, but if you look downstream from London Bridge, to the left in the direction of travel, you'll see a picture ofCruiser Belfast Memorial Ship.And further afield.Tower BridgeThe Thames is visible in the background. The flying scene in the Harry Potter movie started with Tower Bridge in the background and flew north-west over the Thames.

London backstreets between London Bridge and the Rose Market, London, UK

If you follow the route that Google Maps shows you, after crossing London Bridge, go down the stairs to the right into the back alleyway and you will see a sign that reads: 'The London Bridge is now closed.Southwark CathedralIt was a pathway where you could walk through the grass and bushes looking beyond the 'â Lovely.â

Southwark Cathedral, London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

11:10 Arrive at Borough Market!

Borough Market, Winchester Walk side entrance | Harry Potter Travel, UK

Borough Market, Winchester Walk side entrance | Harry Potter Travel, UKWe entered the Rose Market via the entrance on the Winchester Walk side. There are plenty of eating areas for buying and eating.

The Rose Market also has a purpose for me, the Pancake Man, to be here,Location of the exterior of the Leaky Cauldron shop in the Harry Potter film.It is! Yes, that's right. After all, the main theme of the London trip is Harry Potter, so wow!

KNIGHT BUS carrying Harry to the location of the Leaky Cauldron, a wizarding shop in London|Harry Potter Travel, UK

Now, we have to find the location of the Harry Potter location in the Rose Market. I had no idea what I was looking for, so I used Google Maps to find the location. For more information on the Harry Potter filming locations, please see the report below.

It's a big market, like the kitchen of London, so there's a lot of food to eat (laughs) I've been holding back for a long time, but I couldn't stand the visuals, so I said, 'SALT BEEF SANDWICH (salted meat sandwich)Â Â In other words, a corned beef sandwich.

If you go to the Rose Market, you might enjoy eating your way through the food... | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

This was a failure (>_<).... First of all, the volume is very large! It was more than twice the volume of a sandwich from a Japanese convenience store (;^_^A Thanks to eating this, I had to delay my plans to eat afterwards by more than three hours (laughs) because I wasn't hungry...

'SALT BEEF SANDWICH', i.e. corn beef sandwich|Harry Potter Travel, UK

The bread for the next sandwich,Super flaky doughI later found out that British people have more water in their mouths than Japanese people, so I think the texture would be just right for the British. However, when Japanese people eat it, all the water in their mouth is taken away by the bread.

Sauces and other condiments Barra Market, London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

As usual, the seasoning is only base, so this sandwich was tasteless as it was. There are a lot of sauces such as seasoned ketchup and mayonnaise next to the shop, so you can season it to your liking and eat it as you like! The beef itself is tasty, but the bread is dry and tasteless, so if you subtract it from the beef, it feels tasteless! If you want to enjoy the rose market, you might want to spend a couple of hours here alone... It was a lovely market.

Leave the Rose Market at around 12:00 and stroll along the Thames until your next destination...

A walk along the Thames after leaving the Rose Market|Harry Potter Travel, UK

After leaving the Rose Market, take a walk along the Thames. Through the back alleys and along the Thames River Road, 'Bankside.' Go to.

The railway station visible across the Thames is Cannon Street Station | Harry Potter Travel, UK

The railway station visible across the River Thames is Cannon Street Station.

Southwark Bridge, London, England River Thames Southwark Bridge, London, England River Thames | Harry Potter Travel UK

Southwark Bridge This is another of the bridges on the route of the Thames where Harry and his friends flew on broomsticks. It's been drizzling on and off all day, but so far the weather has been fine without an umbrella. It's kind of London-like weather (laughs).

Extra: a wizened old man on the River Thames, thanking the ducks for the new owl service|Harry Potter Travel, UK
When I walk along the River Thames, I see all kinds of people. Runners, painters, businessmen, tourists, some people feeding the birds... I don't know if it's OK according to the laws and rules of London, but I was a little surprised that the water of the Thames was so muddy, not what I expected it to look like. The Millennium Bridge, our next destination, came into view in the distance.

12:20Millenium Bridge

Millennium Bridge, River Thames and St Paul's Cathedral | Harry Potter Travel, UK

Millenium Bridge, the location of the Harry Potter film, is a separate report.suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.

Millennium Bridge, Harry Potter location|England Harry Potter Travel

Cross the Thames from the south bank to the north bank via the Millennium Bridge. There was a light drizzle, so there were a few people wearing hoods and umbrellas. Looking back at the photos, some people were wearing Santa hats (lol), as it was the Christmas season when we visited.

'St Paul's Cathedral' as you approach the north side of the Millennium Bridge to the other side of the river|Harry Potter Travel, UK

The Thames is a pedestrian-only bridge, so to get through you need to enter from the Thames riverbank. Go up the ramp and make a 180° U-turn,St Paul's CathedralHead towards the north bank of the river where you can see the 'Hana Kaikyo'. Although futuristic in design, the bridge structure is a suspension bridge, so it does sway a little (lol), but not as much as a traditional Japanese suspension bridge, so don't worry♪ The circular building in front of you is theSt. Paul's Cathedral'.and this is also the location of Harry Potter and Fantabi.

Millennium Bridge, Harry Potter location|England Harry Potter Travel

After crossing the Millennium Bridge, on the left is a building with an English-looking coat of arms. 'City of London School'. From my point of view of England and Harry Potter, it's fashionable (laughs). You can cross the Millennium Bridge in about 5~7 minutes, even if you walk slowly. My legs are a bit tired, so I take the tube to my next destination! Or rather, the underground station is my next destination as well (´´s).

From Blackfriars station.Westminster Station (Harry Potter location).suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.

Location Westminster Station turnstiles|Harry Potter Travel, UK

With Shirley on the third day in London.Location where Harry and Arthur (Ron's dad) filmed the Underground station in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.I was talking to the hotel and asked them where the station was. I was talking about it, and when I searched for it at the hotel, it turned out to be Westminster station! Well, it's just a normal station ticket gate and escalator, so there's nothing special about it, but it's one of those pilgrimages to a sacred place for Harriotta fans...

See separate report for detailed report... ♪ You can 'disappear' from the link above ♪

Incidentally, Westminster Station is usually associated with 'Big Ben' (laughs), and Big Ben is Britain's most famous tourist attraction, but in December 2019 it looked like this because it was under construction.

Big Ben under construction in 2019.

Big Ben (English Big Ben), London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

It doesn't look like Big Ben at all (laughs). Maybe it's a service to tourists that only the clock part is not enclosed (*´▽`*).

Here's my mistake ... after Westminster station.Harry Potter's Ministry of Magic locationsI was planning to go to the "The World Heritage Site", and I went round and round to find it, but there was no building that looked like it...

After a while, I was flabbergasted. Is my Harry Potter MAP wrong?

Check with your phone Xperia... after all.Input errors in my MAP.The Polish people are now aware of the fact that the Polish people are not registered in My Maps, so they should be accurate! I can't believe I got lost on the road... No, I'm not lost, I don't know where I am, so I think that's not what I mean when I say I'm lost.

Joint Government Office Building, London, United Kingdom | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom

Photo.Joint government buildings in the United Kingdom.It is. Holy shit, I'm going to get myself together and move on... The block in this area is called 'Scotland Yard.' "Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom' "Scottish DepartmentThe 'City of the City', for example, is the UK's government office block. In Japan, it is a place like Kasumigaseki. It took about 10 minutes to walk from Westminster Station in the direction of Trafalgar Square. To the Harry Potter location again (laughs).

Entrance to the Ministry of Magic Location of the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter Ministry of Magic entrance filming location|UK Harry Potter Travel

It's a very back alley, but this is behind the Department of International Trade, and by road it's the T-junction of Scotland Place and Great Scotland Yard. The location of the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is a Muggle government office block, which is a unique setting for a film. The Ministry of Magic in the Wizarding World is located under the British Government buildings... It may not look like much at a glance, but this is where the Harry Potter films were filmed twice (≥▽≦).

More information.ÂThe entrance to the Ministry of Magic is the Ministry of International Trade! Harry Potter film locations Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Great Scotland Yard, London, UK.

When you arrive, you realise that this is where you came yesterday.Sherlock Holmes, Trafalgar Square.(laughs) If it hadn't rained yesterday, if I hadn't entered the wrong location beforehand, I would have been able to come!(←Reflection)

The rain is getting a bit heavier, so we take a London bus instead of taking shelter from the rain again. Yeah, it's a short ride to my next destination (laughs).

We went to a new cake shop in London for a break and a snack! We visited this cake shop as it is also on the way to our next destination. ←Efficient w

Air pancakes at Cakes & Bubbles!

Crispy 'Air-Pancake' 14£, Cakes & Bubbles, London, UK.

I'll conclude first that the pancakes were not what I, Pancake Man, expected, so the rating is low (laughs)! ←

Crispy 'Air-Pancake' 14£, Cakes & Bubbles, London, UK.
Cakes & Bubbles was a very progressive, creative sweet shop (laughs), which means that pancakes are out of the ordinary! Juice is out of the ordinary too! (For more information, please visit the Pancake Man Blog.


Let's go for delicious pancakes & hotcakes... ♪ Pancake Man

Hello! I'm Pancake Man (≥▽≦) and I'd like to introduce you to the shops I stopped at on my first visit to London, England in 2019. ...

The restaurant is stylish and the customer service is probably aimed at the wealthy. The prices are also high. I think it is a good place for a date. I think it's a restaurant for a date. I drank too much drink and the toilets were gorgeous. It was the cleanest and most luxurious toilet on this trip to the UK (laughs). It was raining lightly, but I put on the hood of my parka and hurried north along Regent Street.

14:38Hamleys The Finest Toy Shop in The World (Hamleys, London's largest toy shop).♪ Arriving at the ♪

Shop information: Hamleys London Regent Street, London, United Kingdom Harry Potter Travel

these last (followed by a duration noun and a past sentence: time period before the present time of the speaker)Hamleys has a vast Harry Potter merchandise department in the basement.There is a! Naturally, you have to come here... (laughs) The range of products is different, but it has a wider range and a larger sales area than House of Spells! And it even has a dedicated Noble Collection area inside the shop! And there's even an area in the store dedicated to the Noble Collection, where you can also buy souvenirs. If you want to see more than just Harry Potter toys and goods, you may need more time.

A section of the Harry Potter floor dedicated to the Noble Collection|Harry Potter Travel UK

We were at Hamleys until 3pm and stayed for about 20 minutes. When we left the shop.'The rain turned to snow...'ÂNo matter what,It had changed to heavy rain (-_-;).

We hurried to our destination café in the SOHO district. Ehh, to get revenge for the pancakes!Walking in the rain for more than 10 minutes.... I arrived at the café I wanted to go to. But when I looked at the menu in the shop...No 'pancakes', which is what I wanted...The waiter told me that apparently they only served the breakfast menu...Polish Polish people are not allowed to use the Polish name "Polish".

I checked My Maps, but there were no other pancake shops nearby, so I gave up on British pancakes and decided to change my aim and have dinner a little early.fish and chipsWe decided to go for 'The

Streetscape of Carnaby Street in the SOHO district in December.

SOHO London London, United Kingdom Soho area of London, December 2019 | Harry Potter Travel, United Kingdom
Crossing CARNABY Street, there were decorations as if it was the Christmas season. At this time of year, the streets of downtown London are all lit up and decorated with lights and decorations, creating a very festive atmosphere. I traversed south through the SOHO district in the pouring rain to arrive at Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho!

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips.

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

This is the place for 'shioriThe shop specialises in fish and chips, and is recommended by the restaurant's owner. I was hesitant to enter the shop because of the dark exterior and the interior seen through the window.Poppie's Fish & ChipsI was very impressed with the food and the service! ' When I entered the restaurant, an experienced male waiter of about 60 years of age, with a good atmosphere, amiably guided me to my seat. I sit down in the chair with a sense of relief. He immediately unfolds a large menu.

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips Menu London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

Fish and chip shop specialising in fish and chipsSo there is an extensive menu! The standard menu is a bit too large, so it's hard to know what to ask for.Cod (Cod).I ordered a regular size Cod because I know that it is I'm not confident in my pronunciation, so I point to the menu and sign 1 with my finger while saying 'one please' And the drinks are.ginger aleI told him that I was going to say 'The

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips Menu London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

The nice elderly waitress said that the menu on the table, 'Mushy Peas'I recommend this one too! You should eat it! He recommended it to me with a nuance of 'You should eat it! I decided to give it a try and ordered it.

These are Poppie's Fish & Chips! Â They were excellent.

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

Appeared in!Poppie's Fish & Chips "Â

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

The size is also big! The ketchup and tartar sauce comes in a small bottle with lemon. The reason is that the shop's lighting is dark and the colours are neon pink and blue, so when you take a picture with a camera, the colours are very bad. I can't correct it even if I reproduce the images (laughs).

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

Text describes the appearance. Massy Pea was a beautiful moss green.
The fish is exquisite, with a brilliant golden brown fry colour, neither too dark nor too light. The potatoes are a lighter deep-fried colour, but they are hot, crispy and flaky. This is a type of potato we don't eat very often in Japan.

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

And my impression is... it's so delicious! The fish is naturally hot! Crispy! The white meat of the ingredients is hokey and fluffy. Delicious w/o ketchup, but even better with it!

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK | Harry Potter Travel, UK

I wish I could have at least shown you a beautiful picture of the www. This restaurant has three branches in London, so I hope you will go and try it. The mashed peas are also delicious. I later found out that it is a classic London food. It is normally eaten on its own, but it was also excellent in the mouth with fish and potatoes... The Soho branch is,MINALIMA, before and after relocationIt is also close to the city!

16:40 In the rain at night.HOUSHE OF MINALIMA Before relocation.        Enjoy the atmosphere of the shop through the

MINALIMA LONDON MINALIMA LONDON Night exterior (shop before relocation) | Harry Potter Travel, United KingdomThe rain is still strong as I write this (laughs) and I had to get my camera out in the rain to take photos... The atmosphere in each window up to the fourth floor is lovely... This is my fourth visit to Minarima in total... How many times have I been here in one trip (laughs)? (And in 2020, the old shop has moved to a new location, so we've really seen the last of the old shop.)Detailed report on Minalima shop information and goods. See also.

After this, go to Primark at Tottenham Court Road station to buy souvenirs of Harriotta merchandise.


Primark London|UK Harry Potter Travel

Long T-shirts, T-shirts, slippers Primark London|UK Harry Potter Travel

Primark has a large Harry Potter merchandise section, though it is all original merchandise! Prices and cheap! And the designs are beautiful, with lots of cute items! The items are not yet on sale in Japan, so they are perfect as souvenirs for your Japanese Harry Potter friends. I bought a lot of items, enough to fill two large paper bags (laughs).Primark Harry Potter merchandise.

The free shopper is a paper bag, and I think people will come with a hunch.Heavy rain outside.I was so worried that I would have to pay for a plastic bag. I thought that a paper bag would be a disaster, so I asked the cashier for a plastic bag, even if I had to pay for it, and said, 'I'm sorry.I want to buy plastic bagsI told him, 'I'm not going to do it,' but he didn't understand my intention at all (^^;) I was troubled, so I had it in my hand.Plastic bags from HamleysI showed them and told them with gestures that... the only shopper I could get was a paper bag, and they replied...Nah! what!... I don't have a choice, I'll just have to put up with it,I have a bad feeling already (laughs).

I left Primark and boarded a London bus. My Primark paper bag was getting wet even before I got on the bus (^^;). I then got off near Euston station. We strolled for about 10 minutes through the rainy back alleys to the cafe on the north-east side of Euston station, and arrived at our destination! I thought I could finally eat British pancakes, but even though it was a café, people were standing around and drinking in the shop. I wondered if... this café was a pub at night...Polish Polish people are not allowed to use the Polish name "Polish".I couldn't eat pancakes again... 17:30 Shaun the Pancake Man. I'm not hungry at all, though, so that's not a problem.

The only thing to remember is to check the opening hours and the content of the restaurant before visiting. I've fallen into this pattern many times in London, where it's difficult to find the shop's website on the World Wide Web, and even if it's there, the content is in English,I feel sorry for myself for skipping the preliminary research (laughs).

I gave up and walked to the hotel. We walked out behind the British Library onto Euston Road and past St Pancras Station to Kings Cross Station. There is no time for sightseeing tomorrow, so the lastKings Cross StationThe night view of the Harry Potter shop and the Harry Potter shop were enjoyed. I'm sad to think that this is the last time I'm going to see it. I've been here a total of five times (laughs).

And as I was indulging in nostalgia, one of the paper bags in my hand started ripping!

(*_*; I knew it.turn out like thisconclusionI'm laughing at myself and saying "W".

I managed to hold it in both hands and carry it home to the hotel. w It was a relief that it was near the hotel when I ripped it open. If I had been in Japan, I would have thought, "What about the shops that give you a paper bag when it's raining? When I arrived at the hotel room, I found that the bag was in such a shredded state that it no longer functioned as a paper bag.

Rain-torn paper bag in Primark, London, England | Harry Potter Travel, England

The paper bag has passed away into the room's rubbish bin ←.

After a break, I wanted to go out for something sweet to eat, but my body was cold and tired from the rain and I felt like sleeping in the warm room. I was already satisfied because I had played enough in the morning. It was raining outside.

After a hot shower, I felt refreshed! I spent the rest of the day sorting out my luggage, relaxing in bed, organising my photos and researching the route and time to travel to Heathrow Airport tomorrow morning. My last night in London, relaxing in my hotel room in London... I woke up around 5:30am the next day, so I dozed off to sleep early and before I knew it I was asleep. I was probably asleep before midnight.

This concludes Day 6 in London.

The last seven days of the London trip are gradually being uploaded...

Last day on the 7th day in London, early morning from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport.

London Harry Potter trip report.

  1. Departure from Kansai International Airport to London
  2. Day 1 in London was full of trouble!
  3. London Day 2 First Harry Potter Studio Tour
  4. ­London Day 3 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross Station for breakfast, evening dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall.
  5. Day 4 in London is the third day in a row of the Harriotta Studio Tour!
  6. London Day 5 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations again.
  7. London Day 6 Walk from Kings Cross Station to Claremont Square, London Bus to Redon Hall Market, walk to Rose Market.
  8. Last day in London 7 days, early morning from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport Harry Potter Shop and return to Kansai Airport.

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Bus stop near Claremont Square, Pentonville Road, London, UK.
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