Shuttle bus stop for Harry Potter Studios again on the morning of the fourth day in London.

Day 4 of our trip to London is the third day of the Harriotta Studio Tour in a row! Buying dressing gowns, borrowing digital guides and a bit of interaction with British fans! It was a fun day... (Travelling almost alone in the UK)

Continued from Day 3 of the London trip.

Previous article>London Day 3 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross Station for breakfast, or rather brunch, British Bills pancakes... Platform 9 3/4 to Watford for a visit to the film location, merchandise shop and dinner event.

10 December 2019, morning London, day 4. â™' Gummonin! I am the Wizard Pancake Man.

Last night.Harry Potter Studio Tour Christmas Dinner EventI returned to the hotel at around 24:30. Even after returning to my room and taking off my Dumbledore costume to become a Muggle, I still couldn't get over how excited I was (laughs).Part 2: Harry Potter Studio Tour DINNER IN THE GREAT HALL Hogwarts Great Hall Christmas Dinner Report âI couldn't sleep for a long time because I took photos of the goods and items I brought back from the 'The World of the Renaissance'. ←I couldn't get to sleep because I was taking photos of the goods and items I had brought back from "The Polish Festival"! I woke up before 9am on the fourth day in London, washed up and got ready, and left the hotel! I had planned to leave an hour earlier, before 8am, but I overslept.

Shuttle bus stop for Harry Potter Studios again on the morning of the fourth day in London.

9:37In front of Watford Junction station.Harry Potter Studio TourArriving at the shuttle bus stop for the journey to the destination... As expected, this is the third day in a row, so I'm used to it by now (laughs) ←Wow, that's a lot of confidence!

London 4th morning also shuttle bus stop to Harry Potter Studios Watford Junction Station.

CPresent your 'printed voucher for today's Harry Potter Studio Tour' before you are approached by a member of staff in a curity jumper and get in the queue. It's a Tuesday on a weekday, but by the time the bus arrived, there were more than 20 people in the queue. It's a weekday Tuesday, but by the time the bus arrived, there were more than 20 people in line. By the time the shuttle bus arrived at Warner Bros Studios, it was drizzling! (I'm glad to see the lights on in the parking lot of Warner Bros Studios, even though it's still morning.

Warner Bros Studios car park also morning Harry Potter Studio Tour London

ba (Haitian dance music)Exchange your uchar for an entrance ticket.I'm used to it, and I'm also used to 'relaxing' behaviour, taking photos at random to make the most of my time until the queues at the ticket counters reduce! It's raining, so I can't stay in an uncovered area for long.

10:30Full Breakfast Baguette' at the food hall for breakfast on the fourth day.enjoyed!

Eat: Full Breakfast Baguette, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic)Morning breakfast was also served at the studio's food hall! The food we ate was 'Breakfast Baguette'... For more details on the food report, see separate report below.

I overslept, so time is pushing ahead of schedule (^-^;). By the time we finish eating, it's 10:50! Incidentally, the admission time slot for tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour is the same as Day 1, 10:30-11:00; the HIS booking slot is for 11:00 admission.

smallIf you are a little late, they will probably let you in to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but just in case, I called the staff at the entrance to the tour and I, Pancake Man, rushed to the "Studio Shop" to do some shopping.

Harry Potter Studio Tour to buy Gryffindor dressing gowns â

1Day.muggle figure, Day 2.dressed as Principal DumbledoreToday, on the third day of theHogwarts spiritand even in fancy dress (cosplay), you'll enjoy the Harry Potter Studio Tour âWhen purchasing a dressing gown, at the payment checkout, the staff asked me if I wanted to embroider my name on the dressing gown, but I decided against it because I didn't have time (laughs).In a flurry, I took a selfie with the giant Christmas tree in the HUB (hub area) and hurried to the entrance of the studio tour, but it was a little after 11am. We were late, but, well, we entered the tour without incident. Before entering Hogwarts Great Hall, I had a short chat with a Japanese mother and her child who were visiting. Their child is around primary school age, and I'm so jealous that they can come to the Harry Potter Studio Tour while they are kids...

The same Harry Potter Studio Tour dressing gowns can also be purchased at the Haripota Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen site).

Enjoy the locations and film sets that you missed on days 1 and 2 while shooting with the Sony QX1 and Xperia lens-style camera, also known as the Transformer Camera.

The second of today's objectives is to 'todigital guideis to rent a copy of the book and enjoy the commentary and bonus video clips!

'De.The 'Digital Guide' was rented within the tour as we left Hogwarts Great Hall. The rental fee was paid by credit card and no formalities were required to rent it, so it was easy.â

Click here for a report on the Tokyo experience.

Digital guide terminal (chargeable rental): Harry Potter Studio Tour London'De.Please read a separate report for more information on the 'Digital Guide'Â I borrowed it, but as it turns out, I seemed to need half a day's time just to enjoy the Digital Guide. The content of the Digital Guide is dense! It's a lot! The basic content is the 'spotlight' of the film set. The basic content is linked to the 'visiting spots' on the film set. So you need a lot of time in front of the film set to listen to and watch the commentary on the screen and headphones, and then watch the real film set, which is surprisingly enjoyable.

young (animal)The Forbidden Forest area has not yet been reached even though it is just before 13:00, and my body is still quite tired (laughs). There were groups of 20 to 30 children in the lower and upper grades of primary school here and there. So there are not many times when there are no people in front of the tour spots. It is a bit more empty than on Sundays, so sometimes if you are lucky you can enjoy the set with less people, but there are indeed no zero people. And there were a lot of old people (laughs).Britain is amazing! The Harry Potter fan base is so wide!

Harry Potter Studio Tour London floor plan

MAP Warner Bros Studio Tour London floor plan (Harry Potter Studio Tour London).

3rd in a sequence denoted by the iroha systemIn the full Leigh Potter Studio Tour, I'd say, 'Forbidden Forest ((Top right on the floor plan)' place is not even 1/3 of the way through the tour (laughs), but it is the third day of the studio tour, so not everything has to be seen at every spot, so we will enjoy it flexibly... ♪

13:20Lunch at the Backlot Café! Backlot Burger & Chips, a burger and chips restaurant.We ate the â

Eat: Backlot Burger & Chips, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

lacentimeter (esp. of cannon caliber, etc.)Today's burger is the Studio Tour burger! The burgers are also only seasoned with the base, so you can season them with your own sauce, such as ketchup, near the entrance to the Backlot Café.

See separate report for details of the food report.

I was tired, so I enjoyed a leisurely hour at lunchtime... Unlike day 1, I didn't order a lot today and my stomach was safe and sound on the World Wide Web.

Then set off on the second half of the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionI was actually hanging out in the outdoor space 'Backlot' in front of the café before I had lunch at the Backlot Café. Then I saw a pretty woman in front of me, no, I don't care how pretty she was, but she was holding a'Dumbledore's article in the Daily Prophet.'(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionpaper bagIs!I want this!and unable to resist the desire to pierce his heart.Picking up on the pancake man's one-language English!No, I didn't, I asked a question and was told. Where did you get it? And. Then.'The Railway Shop' in the King's Cross Station area.They said they were able to shop at theWhat is it?I later found out that the shoppers for the free paper bags in each of the goods shops in the studios were'Dumbledore article in the Daily Prophet' Design.And! How too good to be true! And I went and got one too, before I had lunch! When I bought the robe, I didn't get a bag because it would get in the way (laughs).

Paper bag with Dumbledore article in the Daily Prophet newspaper Harry Potter Studio Tour London shopper

Well, then! This is it! It's already merchandise, isn't it?The Dumbledore-loving Pancake Man was (laughing). Incidentally, he was wearing the Gryffindor robe he had just purchased, so he got it for free. w

young (animal)The day of the tour, my legs were tired from visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour every day, because I had to walk or stand for almost the entire time (laughs). The magic or charm of the Harry Potter Studio Tour? (Laughs) It's the magic or charm of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. So today, even after walking, my legs are so tired that I want to sit down right away.The studio is surprisingly equipped with benches here and there.So there are many places to sit down and have a short break. Pancake Man is reasonably confident in his strength and leg strength, but he was tired.

ハリポタ スタジオツアーを朝から晩まで楽しむなら定期的に座り休憩を取りましょう♪

After 15:00.Giant Hogwarts model area.We came to the

Boat shed and Black Lake.

counter for films, TV shows, etc.We would have liked to take a more leisurely tour, but on this day the tour and studioShort opening hours.of. The reason is that tonight alsoDates of Christmas dinner eventsTherefore. So it closes earlier than usual.Goods Shopand ... andFrogs Chocolate caféYou'll have to hurry if you want to enjoy the 5pm café andfood hallas it closes. But there will be a pancake man later who forgets this closing time and regrets it later.

Milkshakes with chocolate brownies (MilkShakes) Frog Chocolate Café Harry Potter Studio Tour London15:50 After exiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour, the first place we headed for a break was theFrogs Chocolate Café'. I had a 'Chocolate Brownie Milkshake' here... a sweet treat that soaked up my tired body... For more information, please click on the link to 'Figures'...

counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted)El Choco CaféWe decided to enjoy the cakes we hadn't eaten yet in the goods shop before we went to check out the goodies.Studio ShopWe've moved on to the 'The World's Most Beautiful Place'. I'll be buying plenty of souvenirs and merchandise today! (Laughs) After about 80 minutes of wandering round and round the merchandise shop, the Pancake Man has 'Dumbledore's Daily Prophet Newspaper' in his hands!three(laughs) In other words.3 large paper bagsgoods! Yay (≥▽≦)no souvenirs for my friends, for myself and as gifts for readers. Unfortunately, the present campaign was over a year ago, since it was implemented w three large paper bags, and when I looked at the clock it was past 5:10pm, feeling a little hungry.

Studio Shop to Food Hall for dinner at the Food Hall.

trace (e.g. of route taken by hunted criminal)The pancake man collapsed to his knees and...Yeah, the business was Close.・・・Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)ガーンそうこの日も夜は『Christmas dinner event Dinner in Great HallThe date of the 'The I just remembered that both the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the shop were closing earlier than usual... It was already too late. I headed to the Frog Chocolate Cafe to at least take home a cake... This was also Closed and the staff were closing the cash registers and clearing out... Ahhhhhh... my sweets, my dinner...

Please note that everyone! W to the opening hours.

Dinner event reception preparations Harry Potter Studio Tour Londonthe futureThe milkshake was so hearty that I was perfectly fine not eating it (laughs). When I came out of the shop to the hub area, the reception for the dinner event was being prepared. It brings back memories of the fun I had here last night (laughs).

Then, at the shuttle bus stop, you wait for the bus with three large bags plus your own bag.

meTwo English ladies with a nice atmosphere were lined up in front of the shop, and seeing my large amount of shopping, they approached me. Yes, in fluent English, I managed to communicate with them in English, too, using a few words and a few English words. They told me that they are locals and visit Warner Bros. Studios from time to time, so I was envious... They told me a lot of things (unfortunately I didn't understand half of them in English, which was a pity or a pity), so I thought I should give them something to enjoy, although it wasn't a thank-you.Super-fast full speed through the brain.The answer we came up with is this.

コスプレ ファッションショー ハリーポッター 東京コミコン2019 Harry Potter Cosplay stage show at Tokyo Comic con 2019 in Japan

(Video recording & provided by:@arare_0206(Thanks to the Lord...)

Tokyo Comic-Con 2019 Cosplay & Fancy Dress Harry Potter Stage (Fashion Show, Ron Festival, Championship)

wellThis is a video of the Harry Potter show at Tokyo Comic-Con, where Ina and her friends performed.'Yes! Japanese cosplayers? Real!" 'And you (I) am cosplaying as Dumbledore?'I was happy too, because they seemed to enjoy seeing me (****) and they all got through to the Potterheads in London! I was chatting and laughing with the older local Harry Potter fans. Until the shuttle bus arrived... (laughs) I love that most of the people who come here are Harry Potter lovers...

Little children, grandparents and grandma and grandpa (laughs), and their Harriotta friends from all over the world.I am very emotional when I think about it! For example, even if they don't speak the same language, I'm sure they can understand my love of Harriotta.(*) This bus seemed to be the last one for almost all regular passengers, and it was almost full to Watford Junction Station. I got off the bus and my hands are full of luggage, even if I wanted to buy something in the station. I went back to my room at the hotel. I'm exhausted and my body is not wishing to lie down any more than anything else, but I have to get ready for tomorrow at the hotel. I'm staying at this hotel until tonight, and will leave in the morning for my fifth day in London tomorrow at a hotel in front of Kings Cross station.â

So, organise your carry-on case!

spaceperfectly naturalOversized carry caseround from among theSmall carrying caseout. The luggage that can now be accommodated is1.7 timesI folded the Dumbledore costume I used last night because it was hanging on a hanger. It was bulky, so I put it in a compression bag that I brought from Japan and stored it in my carry-on. I also put the souvenirs I bought on the studio tour into my carry-on, trying to make them as bulky as possible. The large-sized souvenirs we boughtHogwarts sleeping bagare also flattened in a compression bag with just the contents removed. The same goes for dressing gowns and cardigans. It's the sweets that are the problem, lol.Honeydukes box.The "I" is cute, so I put it in there so that it doesn't get squashed as much as possible, but I bought a lot, so it took up a lot of space, most of the contents of the WWW small carry case.Honeydukes sweets.The Polish people were occupied with the Polish people! I plan to buy a lot of Harry Potter goods from tomorrow onwards. I can easily imagine that my carry-on case will be overflowing when I return home! It would be 10,000 times better to buy and regret it (laughs).

By the time I went to bed, I had put everything in two carry cases. Well done me! ←

That's the end of my trip report for Day 4 in London! But I'd like to introduce you to some of the lovely hotels I stayed at!

Hotel where I stayed: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction

Hotel where I stayed: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction

EXPEDIA: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Station IHG Hotel

HOTELS.COM: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Station IHG Hotel

5th note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.)Tel entrance (exterior). Behind the fence is the outdoor terrace of the restaurant. Prices in London are higher than in Japan, and the same class of hotel costs about twice as much. The price difference between weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays is 1.7 times higher, and if you apply early-bird (non-cancellable), the price difference is much lower.

Beds at Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction

5th note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.)The Reday Inn London was quite a spacious and nice room. It is new and clean. The bed was a semi-double size and comfortable, not too hard and not too soft, so I had a good night's sleep. The room is a single room, but from the specifications it seems to be designed for two people.

Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction outlet.LAN and USB charging ports at Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction.

-teThe room is spacious and has a comfortable digital environment with multiple power outlets, a LAN port for internet connection and multiple USB power supply ports. Thanks to this, I was able to use my laptop, smartphone, digital camera and mobile battery and charge them at the same time, which was a big help.

Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction outlet Harry Potter UK Travel

individualThe plugs are different from those in Japan, so I brought my own conversion plugs (British BF type and Japanese A type) and also prepared an extension power strip with a USB port. The purple one is a conversion plug.

Washbasins, toilets and shower rooms are clean and comfortable.

Holiday Inn London Watford Junction toilets Harry Potter UK Travel

day (of the month)What was novel to me, the person in question, was that the toilet bowl was square (laughs)! There? (Laughs) Not only in this hotel, but in the UK as a whole, bidet toilets (shower toilets) are not widespread. It was my first experience with a square toilet, so when I sat on the seat, I felt a bit uncomfortable, but once I got used to the comfort of the seat, it was no problem. Because for men, when you sit on it, it's like...(laughs)(laughs)(laughs)(laughs)(laughs).

Holiday Inn London Watford Junction shower room Harry Potter UK Travel

side (of a building, etc.)is a glass-enclosed shower room. No bathtub. I'm a shower person at home, so it's not a problem. The shampoo in the shower room is different from that in Japan, and when it dries it feels dry and the scent is not familiar, so it made me feel like I was in London every time I used it (laughs).

Holiday Inn London Watford Junction washbasin Harry Potter UK Travel

primnessThe face stand was convenient with a magnifying mirror... It was very useful for transforming into Dumbledore and doing simple make-up. A www portable magnifying mirror for gluing on my beard and applying my eyebrows would be useful for changing my clothes, usually at USJ.

Hotel where we stayed: front entrance of Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Harry Potter UK Travel

indecentThe oliday Inn London is not such a large hotel building, but the ground floor (ground floor) had a restaurant terrace outside and a restaurant inside. Incidentally, the second floor (first floor) and third floor (second floor) are called in the UK. The buttons on the lift (lift in the UK) are also marked like that, so please pay attention to the floor numbers (laughs) The main advantage of this hotel is that it is about a two-minute walk from Watford Junction station.

EXPEDIA: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Station IHG Hotel

HOTELS.COM: Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Station IHG Hotel

Recommended if you are visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour on consecutive days.

counter for objects with stretched strings (i.e. stitches)In addition, Shirley stayed at a 'B&B (bed and breakfast)' in a residential area in the opposite direction of the station, which was also comfortable. When I glanced at the exterior of the B&B when I passed by it on the shuttle bus, it was a large, very English brick house with a good atmosphere. There were a number of hotels and B&Bs around the station. However, it is a local station in the suburbs, so there are hardly any shops in front of the station (laughs).

And so ends the report on Day 4 in London.

↓Report from Day 5 in London is now up (≥▽≦).

London Day 5 Watford Junction Station - again Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations, British pancakes for breakfast â

London Harry Potter trip report.

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  2. Day 1 in London was full of trouble!
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  4. ­London Day 3 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross Station for breakfast, evening dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall.
  5. Day 4 in London is the third day in a row of the Harriotta Studio Tour!
  6. London Day 5 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations again.
  7. London Day 6 (provisional) Walk from King's Cross Station to Claremont Square, London Bus to Redon Hall Market, walk to Bala Market.
  8. Last day in London 7 days, early morning from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport Harry Potter Shop and return to Kansai Airport.

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Shuttle bus stop for Harry Potter Studios again on the morning of the fourth day in London.
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