'Buckingham Palace' could be seen from the taxi.

Day 1 of my London trip was full of trouble! Heathrow Airport - London City, a fun Harry Potter shop tour, my first London taxi ride, abandoning Winter Wonderland and getting to my hotel at Watford Junction Station (travelling almost alone in the UK).

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man (**).
Every day in Japan there are still days when the Corona disaster has not subsided. I am hungry to travel and have fun (laughs), and I am sure you are too.

So the trip to London, which I enjoyed immensely, ".Go to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios Tour ♪ Dream Plan ♪ The Go to London Back to Hogwarts project has begun!I'm writing a report on 'The LondonHarry Potter Studio Tour,,film location,,Goods ShopIf you want to see the "魔法界ドットコム", please click on ← to disappear. This '魔法界ドットコム' has only focused on the main theme of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, so it's a bit off-topic (laughs) and we hope you enjoy reading it and feel a bit like travelling abroad!

Continued from Day 1 of the London trip.

Previous article>'Depart Kansai International Airport for London on a direct British Airways flight... with Dr Flit Wick on the in-flight monitor!'

Table of Contents

Report after entering the country from Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom (London).

London 'Go to London Back to Hogwarts Project' trip report.

This article is almost exclusively about my trip to London, rather than focusing on Harry Potter. This is a travel report on the first day of landing in London, from Heathrow Airport☛Transportation within London, meeting up with fellow Harry Potters, exploring the Harry Potter shops and getting to the hotel!

Setting up your phone with the docomo Overseas App.

I left the arrivals hall at Heathrow Airport! For a moment, I activate the Docomo Overseas app on my beloved smartphone Xperia to secure my communications. Because my fellow Harripotters waiting for me in London.Sherly.The purpose of this is to contact the I am to inform you that I arrived safely and almost on time to the UK and to discuss the meeting place where we will meet up.

The only relief was the reassurance that I would be able to meet up with my fellow passengers. Because when I got off the plane, my heart was racing. My heart was full of anxiety! ←Because I don't speak English. It was my first time abroad. Because of the pressure. (Laughs)

The Xperia is now safely ready for use in the UK. The settings for the docomo Overseas Apps installed in Japan were completed smoothly and international roaming is now available. This is a relief (#^. ^#)

It was, but I couldn't use my phone later on.mass panicTo become a ... www.

Buy a Tube Oyster card.

The next hurdle is buying a tube ticket. Buying a ticket each time is a hassle, so you can buy an 'Oyster Card', London's version of ICOCCA (Suica), from an automated ticket machine. To purchase, anyone with a credit card that can be used in the UK can get an Oyster Card with a deposit + charge. I cleared this with no difficulty and got an Oyster Card... because the screen is Japanese compatible (laughs). Touch the Japanese flag 'Hinomaru' on the touch screen and it will magically switch to characters you can read too (laughs).

It is actually more affordable than buying a paper ticket. London Underground fares are up to half the price of a ticket. And don't worry if you overspend - you will only be debited up to the daily fare limit. What a friendly system!

As of 2023, contactless payment services will be the norm: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Visa touch. Discounted rates also apply, as does the Oyster card.

Underground from Heathrow Airport to Leicester Square Station.

We only agreed to meet Sherly in the vicinity of Leicester Square station on the Piccadilly Underground line, so we will travel from Heathrow Airport by underground. Yay! My first London Underground! I've always wanted to go on the Tube since I was a kid (laughs).

London Underground trains are as small as the Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line in Osaka and the Oedo Line in Tokyo. And they are old! (laughs) Old but tasteful, retro-chic and modern because I see it from the perspective of a British lover!

It's so retro that I wonder if it's the same vehicle I, Pancake Man, saw in a magazine picture when I was a kid more than 30 years ago (laughs). I bring a large carry-on case, but of course there is no dedicated space for it. The only place where you can put it and it won't get in the way is next to the door. There is a small space between the door and the edge of the seat. The chairs are long and have handrail poles at the ends; flexible wires from a 100 yen shop are useful. I fixed the handle of the carry case to the pole at the end of the seat by wrapping the wire around it twice. This is easy as both hands are free.â

The Tube departs from Heathrow Airport, but it actually runs above ground (laughs). It is almost completely dark outside, so you can't enjoy the scenery very much. Even so, the brick buildings that could sometimes be seen from the train windows gave me a sense of the British atmosphere. The announcements in the train about the next stop were in English, and of course the majority of people getting on and off the train were British. I felt as if I had entered the world of some kind of film, and I was constantly scurrying around. The conversations of the people next to me are naturally spoken in British English, and just listening to the sound of it is somehow very exciting. In my opinion, I already have the illusion that I've entered into a Harry Potter film. www. Yes, I'm a Harri Potter fool.

The journey from Heathrow Airport to Leicester Square Station in central London takes about 40 minutes.

The first problem occurs here!

The train has stopped at the station for a long time and is not moving! What's wrong?

After a while, a non-automatic announcement is made in the train. Pancake Man, who has no English skills, put his ears up to listen to it and understood that there had been an accident on another train on the same line, that the train would be stopped for a while and that the arrival would be delayed. It was more of a sensory understanding than an accurate hearing, though.

This is a big deal, I'm going to call Shirley and tell her I'm going to be late, and I'm going to use my Xperia as a means of communication.LINE AppI sent it to try to contact you atUnable to transmit.Apparently the mobile signal was unstable in the area. It was still an above-ground station ...

No contact can be made. We don't even know when the trains will move. This was a problem. The problem here was whether to choose a different route, as the station was a transfer station with another line. If I were in Japan, I would have looked up another route and moved on, but as a beginner who has been in London for less than an hour, I could not use the MAP app on my smartphone to search for another route! I didn't look up any options along the way, because I didn't know what to do. In the spirit of 'hurry up and wait', we decided to wait for a while. Fortunately, the service resumed after about 20 minutes.

Arrive at Leicester Square with no way to contact you on line, but it is very busy!

I thought it was good that the train started moving, but the trouble was that my phone was not connecting at all. Moreover, the train went underground immediately. ...(>_<) I can't get in touch with you. I'm going to cry. ←I can't afford it (I'm a good old man).

This car was empty when it left the airport, but as the train stopped at the central station, the interior became very crowded. Yes, it was a Saturday in December, the weekend before Christmas. The platform was overflowing with people who were going downtown and could not get on the train. In the meantime, the train arrived at its destination, Leicester Square.

Second London Troubles.

Xperia's LINE is not connected on the platform or in the ticket gate area. Or rather, I can't connect to the internet. I thought that if I went to the ground for the time being, I could send and receive signals normally, so I started to move.

Leicester Square station is also so crowded with people that it is difficult to move around on the platforms. How crowded it was: there were so many people inside the ticket gates that it was impossible to get through the gates. Outside the ticket gate, the stairs to the ground level were also packed, and there were so many people that it was difficult to move around. The sense of frustration blots out that I got off at what a terrible outrageous crowded station (;^_^A).
The signal does not connect even near the ticket gates, so you manage to drag your carry-on case out of the crowded station and onto the ground. Incidentally, there are almost no lifts or escalators underground in London. In other words, you have to take the stairs! Yes, this is important! (Laughs)

Is your phone Xperia faulty?

Instead of going above ground and enjoying the streets of London for the first time, I'm feeling a bit nervous. I'm completely nervous (sweating profusely) I send my current location on LINE, but it behaves as if it's not connected to the internet. The antenna pictogram on my phone is fully up, but 💦Hey? Has something gone wrong with the settings? Malfunction? What's wrong? And...

It's no good when people are temperamental. Usually, it's a no-brainer situation, where the signal is weak and you move from one place to another. But I was in such a hurry that I lost my composure.

On this occasion, I couldn't connect to the internet for a long time from the underground, so the cause was not a weak signal, but rather a faulty phone? Or the roaming settings have gone wrong? I am full of thoughts that it might be a problem. I used the overseas app to reconfigure the settings and called DOCOMO's overseas call centre for advice. So point is, I was in a situation where I could use the phone (call) at this time but could not connect to the internet, so my mind was even more confused and panicked (;´displayed).

For the moment, activate the mobile Wifi router as a backup means of communication. This is the now defunct 'Anytime WIFI'. Once activated, it should automatically connect to the internet abroad, but... it doesn't connect here either. Rebooting the phone does not solve the problem. Switching to a spare phone (Xperia Z Ultra) doesn't help. It took about an hour of struggling at this location. I can't connect to the internet on my phone to contact and ask for help at night in a foreign city... I can't connect to LINE. I feel sad and lonely, and if I can't use my phone, how can I spend my trip to London from tomorrow? I feel like a child abandoned in a strange city. Yes I'm a good adult, more than twice the age of an adult (laughs).

For reasons unknown, but yay line recovery! Joined up with Shirley.

I was standing in a daze in front of a door that looked like the entrance to a shop. The shop opened and I moved to the other side of the intersection to get out of the way and what a line I got! Why ???? Why ????? The reason is unknown. I don't know why, but I felt a bit relieved and shed a tear (w in my heart). Then I looked at the LINE and found out that Shirley was Primark and had been waiting for me for a long time... (...-person-...) Sorry!

I dragged my carry-on and travelled one stop through the crowds to Primark, where I was finally able to meet up with him. I must have looked like I was about to cry when I saw you already (laughs) I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long! No, I'm sure I was making a normal face out of desperation, but w

If I later calm down, I can call the docomo call centre on the way, even if I can't use LINE or the internet. I was also able to SMS for docomo settings.

I should have made a normal phone call to Shirley or sent her a message by SMS... High remorse. (I'm so embarrassed.

So, in light of this reflection, I have reaffirmed the importance of having a clear meeting place and time, even if you can't get in touch (laughs).

The story has become the content of my reflections after landing in London (laughs), so let's get back to the main content.

Harry Potter merchandise Shop tours

Tote bags, Hogwarts trainers with limited edition Christmas designs, pouches with Deathly Hallows designs London Primark (Dec 2019).Primark (a wide range of unique and inexpensive Harriotta merchandise).a bit and hurried to the main Minarima shop (before it was relocated), where closing time was approaching. The Minarima shop at night is beautiful and very inspiring! Pancake Man was very excited to see the shop of his dreams! But...
Detailed report on Primark - lots of Harry Potter merchandise!

MINALIMA LONDON MINALIMA LONDON Night exterior, December 2019 Old shopThird, the London Troubles.
Yes, sir.Minalima LondonBut 'Reflection No. 2' occurs. You can't bring large carry-on cases, buggy cars, etc. into Minarima, only on the ground floor, but not to the second, third and fourth floors of the old shop, because the stairs are too narrow. This is information that you can find out if you check the web in advance... Make sure you do your research in advance! Everyone (laughs).
So I enjoyed looking at some of the goods on the ground floor. It helped that I was planning to come back at a later date (laughs).

Minarima London (before relocation) For detailed report, click here.Â

And halfway round the block of the old Minarima shop.Stage Theatre, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.The Palace Theatre", which is staging a

Wow! A real theatre in front of me that I have only seen online or in magazines! This is very exciting. I can't go inside the theatre because I don't have a ticket, but just looking at the signs and decorations outside was beautiful and lovely♪ In here, the future story of the Harriotta films is being performed. And British actors... I hope to see the play one day.

And the next stop was the place every Harriotta fan loves to go to, theNoble Collection shops.'! It is located close to the Palace Theatre, just a five-minute walk away. Conveniently located for Harry Potter shop-hopping (LOL).

I'm excited to see the city on the move, and I'm also excited to talk with Shirley, who loves Haripota, about her Haripota plans from tomorrow onwards. (I've only met Shirley once or twice before, but this is the first time I've had a proper face-to-face chat with her. Thanks to Shirley's friendly and cheerful personality + our great commonality of liking Harriotta, I was able to enjoy a friendly feeling as if we were friends before.

When you enter the Noble Collection shop on such a high note, it's impossible not to get even more excited as the entire shop is filled with HARRIPOTA merchandise.

Mr Shirley and Mandrake (Noble Collection), London, UK.The Mandrake, which has just been launched as a new product for winter 2019, is on display and Shirley is lifting it up to play with it. The Noble Collection shop area is on the ground floor and basement level. Fortunately, we were able to bring our carry-ons in with us. However, there are only stairs, so we don't recommend taking a carry-on (laughs).

Shop Description Noble Collection London

First time! London Taxi was fantastic.

Christmas season is very busy in London, December 2019. After enjoying Noble, we decided to move on to a place of Shirley's choice. A little south of Noble is Covent Garden, home to Paul Smiths and other stores. Everywhere there are people, the footpaths are jammed with people, and the driveways are jammed with cars. A dreadful London weekend night just before Christmas.

Fourth London Troubles.
When they finally reached the metro station, the shutters were closed and closed. Eh? Why? This is a common occurrence in London, where entire tube stations are closed during station refurbishment periods (laughs)! (Laughs)
The roads are packed even to get to the next station. When I got to Leicester Square station, where I had just got off, it was so crowded that I couldn't even enter the ticket gates. After discussing what to do with Shirley, I decided to try my first London taxi experience... lucky me!

I would never have been able to do this on my own (laughs), but I was able to take on the challenge because Shirley, who speaks English, was there.

There were many taxis in the queue, but none of them were empty (laughs)!

There are a few tricks or unspoken rules on how to get a taxi in London.

  1. First, knock on the passenger window pane with a conk.
  2. The driver will then roll down the window and tell you where you want to go.
  3. If the driver is OK, you can get in. (If not, you will have to find another taxi.)
  4. The series of events, which were successfully OK'd by Ms Shahrii in conversation with the driver!

London taxis Comfortable spacious interior (UK), Harry Potter trip, December 2019.

The taxi we took was very nice. It is a spacious taxi with a high ceiling. It is spacious enough for up to six people. Up to three people can carry their carry-on cases in an upright position. The interior space is very comfortable. Three folding chairs on the back of the driver's seat and three people can be seated in the fixed seats at the rear.

Mr Roof with large glass ceiling London Taxi Harry Potter Travel, December 2019.

And look! The ceiling! Wide! It has a big glass roof... and the windows in the back are also very wide! This gives you an all-round view of the sights, both from the side panes and from the ceiling panes! It's amazing! This is a taxi vehicle that we don't have in Japan. It is the size of what you would call a minivan in Japan. The photos are blurry because the vehicle is in motion, but we were able to see some typical British spots on the way.

  From the taxi I could see Trafalgar Square, St James's Park and the Victoria Memorial.

'Buckingham Palace' was also visible from a taxi, London, United Kingdom, December 2019.

I also happened to see 'Buckingham Palace'! This is where the Queen of England is... (No, you don't have to write about it, everyone knows) (laughs).

Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom.

Trafalgar Square was also crowded with people.

I hit the jackpot with this London taxi! The driver was the nicest.

He was a black man who had immigrated to London and he looked like a cool young man from a film. He is attentive, jokesome, has a great vibe, but above all he has a sexy voice. It's hard to convey in writing, but he speaks to me with a beautiful voice, intonation and melody, as if I were listening to Boyz II Men singing a cappella with a beautiful voice. I am a man, but he has such a beautiful voice that I almost fell in love with him (laughs). ^#)

Then you arrive at the entrance to Hyde Park, one of the larger parks in London.

The purpose of coming to Hyde Park was to visit the Winter Wonderland (mobile amusement park), which is only held during the Christmas period!

We got out of the taxi at the end of the entrance to the big park, so it was a bit of a walk to the entrance to Winter Wonderland, the event venue. The 100m or so before the entrance is packed with people queuing to get in, it's a cold night in London in December and you get cold if you stop (laughs) I didn't bother waiting because I was in a state of excitement, but w

When you finally arrive at the entrance gate like that,Problem! 'Trouble No. 5'.

Staff carry out security checks at the entrance gate. The contents of even the smallest bag are all put out on the table and checked in detail for any dangerous items. Even lipstick, for example, is examined one by one with great precision. When it is our turn, the staff look at me with a very disapproving look. Even when I wasn't talking to them, I could see that their faces were releasing an incredible amount of disgust towards me and my carry-on. Yes, it is. The problem is that myHuge carry case.See ...

Staff told me to put all the contents of my carry-on on the table. I'm in trouble. I have a huge amount of luggage. There is a further carry-on inside the carry-on, and in addition to a change of clothes, there is a wand, Dumbledore's costume, make-up kit, dubious glue (for Dumbledore's beard) and all sorts of other things. It would take a very long time to go through all of this carry-on luggage. There is a huge queue behind us waiting our turn. Shirley negotiated with us, but she was very angry and said she would never let us enter the park without inspecting our luggage. I was very angry with her.

Then I asked if there were any places near the park where I could leave my luggage (e.g. paid cloakroom Left Baggage), but they said no. Hi, I didn't do enough research in advance. I couldn't annoy the staff any more and I couldn't make the many people waiting in line behind me wait any longer, so I had to give up and enter the park (>_<).

I caught a glimpse of Shirley's positive personality in Coco (laughs)'.Let's force our way through... ♪One of the things they did was to find a way to get into the park, even using a taxi to get there.force (bulldoze) one's way throughThe atmosphere around the gate was certainly lax in some areas, but it was not a bad place to be. The atmosphere around the gate was certainly lurid in some parts.

However, being a coward, I did not force my way through for fear that this would lead to an incident or trouble (laughs), as I wanted to avoid an event like an arrest on the first day of my trip abroad (;^_^A), much less deportation without being able to enter the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is the next thing to death (laughs).

I found out later that they are very strict about security after the terrorist attack in London in 2005, the London Bombings. That can't be helped.

Also, unlike Japan, there are very few places to leave luggage in London. There are no coin-operated lockers. There are only a few paid luggage storage facilities (e.g. Left Baggage) around the big terminal stations and in the city. Therefore, if you are going sightseeing with large luggage, we recommend that you do your research well in advance. (Depending on the location, there may be a few paid storage facilities in town.)

So here I had to leave Shirley-san and I decided to go to the hotel for the night. Sorry Shirley-san. I'll say goodbye until we meet up again the day after tomorrow.

In the time between my arrival at Heathrow and Hyde Park, I became much more familiar with London and my nervousness eased. I am no longer anxious about travelling around London alone (laughs), compared to my panicked state two hours ago.

My accommodation tonight is at a hotel in front of Watford Junction Station, the nearest station to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

The first step was to take the Underground (Under Ground) to Euston station and change to the overground railway, but the nearest line from Hyde Park required a transfer en route. I often had to walk to the tube station where I could get to Euston station without changing trains. Now I can look it up on an app and see that it would be easier to take the bus, but on this day I still didn't have the skills and knowledge to take the bus (laughs).

The streets are full of lovely London buildings on the way. The streets are old, so it's not easy to pull a wheelchair, and there are more steps and bumps in the pavements and lanes than in Japan (laughs).

Beautiful old building and pale blue flag looking up, 'ROYAL AIR FORCE CLUB', London, UK, Dec 2019.

The cityscape is everywhere, with beautiful old buildings and the pale blue flag 'ROYAL AIR FORCE CLUB' when you look up.

When you finally reach the Tube platform, it is very crowded. The train was packed too, so I felt uncomfortable bringing in my carry-on (^-^; I apologised and said 'sorry', but I had no choice but to bring it in (laughs)). So everyone made space for me to bring my carry-on. Thank you! Thank you very much! It was a great help.

How well do the British respond?

If you touch shoulders slightly while walking, both sides will first apologise with a 'sorry'. If a woman is having trouble with her carry case or pushchair at the front of the stairs, no one is too shy to help her carry it away. I have seen such scenes many times (laughs). Well-behaved, kind to others, friendly and shy is London. Every passenger who gets off the bus thanks the driver with a 'Thank you' or 'Cheers'. No one gets off without saying anything (laughs), although there are more pickpockets and thieves than in Japan.

Yes the city and station facilities are very unkind to people, but the structure is very unfriendly,People in London are extremely kind and warm. And they never fail to say thank you (laughs).

To get from the platform to the turnstiles on the London Underground, just follow the 'Way out' signs. If you follow the flow of people, you can get to the ticket gates. Basically, there is only one ticket gate, so the flow of people goes in one direction. At transfer stations, there is also a flow of people proceeding to the platform of the transfer line, but the signs are simple and easy to understand (see below).

Now, I went up to the ground level, following the sign 'Euston' indicating the above-ground railway station. In fact, there is a route leading from the underground turnstiles to the turnstiles of the Euston station platform (laughs) I felt I could get there, but went up to the surface once (laughs) There is an escalator from Euston underground station to Euston aboveground railway station, which made it easy to get around.

You do not need to buy a ticket as you have a recharged Oyster card. If the charge amount is insufficient, there is an automatic ticket machine near the ticket gate where you can charge your Oyster card with your credit card.

The next hurdle is finding the train to take from the large destination signage at Euston station.

Euston station large destination signposting information (London) UK towards Watford Junction station.

Look for signs with the words 'Watford Junction (railway station)', but there is one caveat.

For trains to Watford Junction Station.'Each station is a stop.'and'Express'.There are. For each station.Approx. 50 mins.If you're on the express.16-20 minutes.It is about. So make no mistake.express (e.g. train)Take the The express train with no stops to Watford Junction takes 16 minutes; the express train, which takes 20 minutes, stops at two stations along the way.

Departure Euson station
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
1.Harrow & Wealdstone station
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
2. Bushey railway station
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
Arrival 3. Watford Junction station

And I'm looking up at the electronic board at Euston station, and the time is 20:30. What comes to mind is the impression that there are not many places to eat and drink around Watford Junction station. As far as I can tell from my preliminary research. If you go to the area about 10 to 15 minutes away from Watford Junction station on foot, there seemed to be some places that looked like a downtown area, but... tomorrow morning, I'm going to start early in the morning.Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio TourI want to relax at the hotel tonight, so I want to go straight to the hotel and go to bed early. I want to relax at the hotel tonight, so I want to head straight to the hotel and go to bed early (laughs). When I arrived at Watford Junction, I didn't want to be stuck for dinner, so I decided to get dinner at Euston station. I had actually planned to eat at a random night stall in the Winter Wonderland, so I didn't expect it and didn't check what was on sale (laughs).

Pasties purchased at Euston station for dinner.

Euston station also has a variety of take-away (take-away in British English) shops on this floor. Pancake Man usually checks for good reviews in take-away shops. It's sad to eat food that doesn't taste good (^_^...). However, at that time I was too tired after a long flight to do the research... because I was too lazy to translate and research on an unfamiliar English website... (laughs).

The Pasty Shop, Euston, London.

So I chose one based on its appearance! After looking at various shops, I chose The Pasty Shop. Why only here? (It's a pasty! I bought two pasties and a bottled drink and boarded the train.

Incidentally, the Google map review I saw after returning to Japan was 1.9 www. It was normally delicious, but I am unfamiliar with pasties themselves, so I imagine it would be even better in another restaurant in the UK♪. I felt there was not much filling for the size of the dough though (^_^.)

When we boarded the train, the car was empty and rattling, but as the departure time approached, the train was almost full. I had brought a large carry-on case with me, so when I put it between the facing seats, it was in the way (^^;) Sorry. I apologised to the people passing by, saying 'sorry' and 'sorry'.

The train departs Euston and speeds off at high speed towards the outskirts of London.

Arrive at Watford Junction station in 20 minutes!

Here he comes! At last, the Pancake Man has landed at Watford Junction Station, the closest station to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (applause!). (Laughter)

The platform at Watford Junction station is dark at night, and it is quite dark (laughs). To get to the ticket gates from the platform you alighted from, you have to go down the stairs. Of course, there are no escalators or lifts. (Laughter) Once down the stairs, there is a ramp to the ticket gate, so it was a bit easier.

A further tension-boosting event occurred at the ticket gate!

Automatic turnstiles at Watford Junction station, Harry Potter Studios tour specification.

The automatic turnstiles and gate flaps are illustrations of Hogwarts Castle in the snow from the Harry Potter Studio Tour 'Harry Potter Hogwarts in the snow'. This increased the concentration of Harry Potter in my brain from 90% to 120%... ♪ Now even though I'm excited to see the Harry Potter Studio Tour information, I'm just going to the hotel tonight... ♪

The Watford Junction station premises outside the ticket gates were small and spacious. There is a convenience store 'WHSmith' and a coffee shop, but they were already closed at this time. I knew it (laughs) I was in a buoyant mood and headed for the hotel I had booked, relying on GoogleMap. It only takes a minute or two to walk to the hotel 'Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction' near the station! The street was easy to find as the station is not wide.

Holiday Inn London - Watford Junction Station IHG Hotel

Check-in at the hotel was successful as I showed my printed voucher and passport and received my card key. The hotel staff explained everything to me in British English. They also explained about the breakfast restaurant, but the English was too fast for me and I couldn't understand it at all (laughs).

Arrive safely at your hotel on day 1 of your stay in London!

To be continued 👇.

London Day 2 First Harry Potter Studio Tour Shuttle bus from Watford Junction Station hotel to the studios and back.

London Harry Potter trip report.

  1. Departure from Kansai International Airport to London
  2. Day 1 in London was full of trouble!
  3. London Day 2 First Harry Potter Studio Tour
  4. ­London Day 3 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross Station for breakfast, evening dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall.
  5. Day 4 in London is the third day in a row of the Harriotta Studio Tour!
  6. London Day 5 Watford Junction Station - Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations again.
  7. London Day 6 (provisional) Walk from King's Cross Station to Claremont Square, London Bus to Redon Hall Market, walk to Bala Market.
  8. Last day in London 7 days, early morning from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport Harry Potter Shop and return to Kansai Airport.

Harry Potter Studio Tour LondonThere are three main ways to book and purchase tickets for the

  1. Book & purchase directly on the Warner Bros Studio Tour website.
  2. Booking & purchasing on overseas websites specialising in reservations.
  3. Booking & purchasing on Japanese travel agency websites.

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'Buckingham Palace' could be seen from the taxi.
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