Ollivanders wands Ollivander's wand shop (Universal Studios Japan) USJ Univa

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Neighbouring country, 'People's Republic of China (China)In 'The.Universal Beijing Resort(Universal Studios Beijing) is rumoured to have a grand opening in the near future? As of July 2021, that is to say.Operating in soft openings.The following is a list of all the Harry Potter fans in China who have been to the Harry Potter Area! Congratulations to all Harry Potter fans in China on the birth of the Harry Potter Area! Applause â

Ollivanders wands Ollivander's wand shop (Universal Studios Japan) USJ Univa

So we compare the different types of wands in Ollivander. Suddenly, it's a story that no one will get to know immediately, but it's a story about the wands in the Harry Potter area at Universal Studios. This page should beUSJ merchandise representative.I am writing this article with the hope that you will also read it (laughs), because there are so many different types of canes in the United States! And Σ! I mean, China has a lot of them too!

USJ in Japan.Product nameMagical wandis in the United States.Interactive wandThis is the name of the product. The name of the product in China has not been confirmed.Wand Magic at the Harry Potter Area.The cane is used for

A total of 62 types of magical wands are available in the USA!

Universaal Orlando Resort UOR (USA) Breakdown.

13 original interactive wands (magical wands).
49 interactive wands of characters (magical wands).
(There will also be a collector's edition Magical Wand that will be available for each year).

The focus is on the wands held by the Harry Potter characters, the character's interactive wands (magical wands) Comparing UOR (USA), UBR (China) and USJ (Japan).

Types of character interactive wands (magical wands).

  1. Universal Orlando Resort UOR, USA: 49 types.
  2. China (Beijing) Universal Beijing Resort UBR: 22 types.
  3. Japan (Osaka) Universal Studios Japan USJ: 27 types.

Ollivander Wand Store Magical Wand 7 character wands, 20 in all (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

What a difference, compared to 39 types in UOR Orlando and 22 types in UBR Beijing,USJ has only 7 varieties; it is sad that 1/3 of the varieties in USJ are not available (no....

1 July 2022 USJ increased to 14 types August 16 types â

2022 New Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them interactive wands are now available for sale at Universal Studios Hollywood. The table below adds the interactive wands of the characters confirmed for sale in Hollywood.

2023 USJ, Orlando Fantabi wand and other new releases are added.

UOR, USJ, UBR List of Harry Potter characters' magical wands for sale.

 NO The cane of the characters United States of America
United States of America
1Interactive Harry Potter Wand
Harry Potter's Magical Wand.
 having  having having
2Interactive Hermione Granger Wand
Hermione's Magical Wand.
having  having having
3Interactive Ginny Weasley Wand
Ginny Weasley's Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes  having
4 Interactive Ron Weasley Wand
Ron Weasley's Magical Wand.
having  having having
5Interactive Luna Lovegood Wand
Luna Lovegood's Magical Wand. 
having  NEW Yes having
6 Interactive Fleur Delacour Wand
Magical wand of Fuller Delacourt.
having  NEW Yes having
7 Interactive Cho Chang Wand
Chow Chang's Magical Wand.
having   having
 8 Interactive Cedric Diggory Wand
Cedric Diggory's Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes  having
 9 Interactive Neville Longbottom Wand
Neville Longbottom's Magical Wand.
having  having
10  Interactive Professor Dumbledore Wand
Albus Dumbledore's Magical Wand.
having  havinghaving
 11 Interactive Professor McGonagall Wand
Minerva McGonagall's Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes having
 12 Interactive Professor Snape Wand
Severus Snape's Magical Wand.
having  having having
 13 Interactive Sirius Black Wand
Sirius Black's Magical Wand.
having  having having
 14 Interactive Mad-Eye Moody Wand
Mad-Eye Moody's Magical Wand.
having   having
 15 Interactive Nymphadora Tonks Wand
Magical wand of Nymphadora Tonks.
having   having
 16 Interactive Professor Lupin Wand
Remus Lupin's Magical Wand.
having  NEW Yes having
 17 Interactive Narcissa Malfoy Wand
Narcissa Malfoy's Magical Wand.
having  NEW Yes having
 18 Interactive Draco Malfoy Wand
Draco Malfoy's Magical Wand.
having  NEW Yes having
 19 Interactive Lord Voldemort Wand
Voldemort's Magical Wand.
having  having having
20Interactive Bellatrix Lestrange Wand
Bellatrix Lestrange's Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes  having
21Interactive Death Eater Snake Wand
Death Eater Serpent Magical Wand.
22Interactive Death Eater Swirl Wand
Death Eater Whirlpool Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes  having
23Interactive Yaxley Wand
Yaxley's Magical Wand.
having   having
24Interactive Peter Pettigrew Wand
Peter Pettigrew's Magical Wand.
having NEW Yes 
25Interactive Gregorovitch Wand
Magical wand of Kregorovic.
31Interactive Fred Weasley Wand
Fred Weasley's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
32Interactive George Weasley Wand
George Weasley's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
33Interactive Xenophilius Lovegood Wand
Xenophilius Lovegood's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
34Interactive Death Eater Skull Wand
Magical wand of the Death Eater (toxic).
NEW Yes   
35Interactive Molly Weasley Wand
Molly Weasley's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
36Interactive Arthur Weasley Wand
Arthur Weasley's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
37Interactive Viktor Krum Wand
Magical wand of Viktor Krum.
NEW Yes   
38Interactive Rufus Scrimgeour Wand
Magical Wand of Rufus Scrimgeour.
NEW Yes   
39Interactive James Potter Wand
James Potter's Magical Wand.
NEW Yes   
 – Harry Potter series Total39 Type. 18 types.22 types.
26Interactive Fantastic Beasts Seraphina Picquery Wand
Chancellor Pickery's Magical Wand.
havinghavingNEW Yes?
27Interactive Fantastic Beasts Albus Dumbledore Wand
Young Dumbledore's Magical Wand.
havinghavingNEW Yes?
28Interactive Fantastic Beasts Gellert Grindelwald Wand
Grindelbard's Magical Wand.
havinghaving NEW Yes?
29Interactive Fantastic Beasts Queenie Goldstein Wand
Queenie's Magical Wand.
havinghavingNEW Yes ?
30Interactive Fantastic Beasts Newt Scamander Wand
Newt Scamander's Magical Wand.
havinghavingNEW Yes ?
31Nicholas Flamel's Magical Wand. NEW YesNEW Yes NEW Yes 
32Magical Wand of Porpentina Goldstein (Tina). NEW YesNEW YesNEW Yes  
33Rita Lestrange's Magical Wand. NEW YesNEW YesNEW Yes  
34Magical Wand of Theseus Scamander. NEW YesNEW Yes NEW Yes 
35Yusuf Kama's Magical Wand. NEW YesNEW Yes  
 –Fantabi Total of series10 types. 9 types.None?
limitCherry and unicorn mane wands (USJ exclusive)  having 
limitLarch and phoenix feather wand (Orlando only).having   
limitWalnut and Dragon Heartstring Wand (Hollywood only) having  
limitRed oak and unicorn mane wand (Beijing only)   having
 HP&FB series Total49 Type. 27 types.22 types.

[Note: Hollywood only describes the Fantabi wand.

Interacive Wand of Newt Scamander, young Dumbledore from Fantabi.United States.Magical wands of Harry Potter characters.39 Type.,,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Magical Wand of the Fantastic Beasts characters.10 types.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion49 types in totalAlso available! (Including 4 additional varieties that also appeared in the online shop in April 2020 Including the new October launch additions; including 5 additional varieties in November 2023).
We can confirm the launch of new products in Hollywood in 2022, including Nicholas Flamel and Tina from the Fantastic Beasts wand. They have not yet appeared in the Orlando online shop. No listing on the official website, but confirmed by several Potterhead blogs.

I would like to see additional Magical Wands of characters not yet sold in USJ Japan (Harriotta characters and Fantabi characters) sold... and I would also like to see more new characters in addition to the 49 mentioned above! For example,Harry's father, James Potter.,,George Weasley.,,Fred Weasley.,,Gilderoy Lockhart.,,Lucius Malfoy.,,Hagrid.,,Arthur Weasley.,,Tina Goldstein.,,Nicholas Flamel.Many fans would be pleased if they commercialised products such as

USJ Merchandise staff! Please consider (≥▽≦)no!

Magical Wand.Ollivander's Shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 'Harry Potter Area' in USJ, Japan.,,Rodeo Drive Souvenirs.,,Universal Studios Store (Universal CityWalk)Sold at.

Magical wands (wands) not sold in USJ can currently only be imported privately.

Available from Japan via the Åland Resort UOR internet online shop.

Interactive Wands (Magical Wands) purchased in the Harry Potter Area in the USA can also be used in the Harry Potter Area at USJ in Japan♪♪ This means that you can experience magic with Univa's Wand Magic even if you buy it from the online shop♪ (≧▽≦)♪ in Beijing, China. ÂSummary of Magical Wand Q&A.

When importing from the online shop at Universal Orlando, which is located abroad, the main purchase costs are as follows

Amounts paid when importing from the USA by individuals.
Interactive wand (magical wand) sale price
transportation expenses
Import duties (depending on import status)
魔法界ドットコム omits the explanation of personal importation. Please refrain from asking questions about personal imports. It takes a lot of time and effort (^_^;)
Personal importation involves various risks. If you are unable to search for the procedure yourself, we recommend that you consult an import agent service (for a fee).

Even 魔法界ドットコム can be consulted for a fee if you want to ask a question or import on your behalf. It will be expensive! What a (laugh) 2 galleons of agency fee per cane, please!

Sales of Harry Potter's wand and magical wand at UOR.

The online shop operated by Universal Orlando Resort (UOR) sells many of the merchandise available at the Universale Resort on the internet. Harry Potter as well as items from Jurassic World, E.T. and DreamWorks. More than 300 items from the Harry Potter series alone are available for purchase! Amazing!

The wand is also a replica wand (collectible wand) that cannot be used for magical experiences.Harry Potter Store New Yorkused to sell 27 different types of products before the opening of theNew York shop opening and online Harry Potter shoprenewal, the UOR at the moment has been reduced to selling four single canes and three set canes. It is speculative, but it may be that both Warner G and Universal G are sorting out competing identical items.

Furthermore, the price of HARRIPOTA merchandise has increased, July 2021.

  • Interactive wand (magical wand) 55$ → 59$
  • Collectible wand (Wand of Real) 49$ → 55$

UOR online shop

If you want a Magical Wand that is not sold in USJ, you have to Accio from the USA... (≥▽≦) (Please increase the number at Univa, too. I'll cast a curse spell to increase the number ←w).

Interactive wands (magical wands) areHarry Potter Studio Tour London,,Noble Collection,,Harry Potter Shop Online Store,,Kings Cross Station Harry Potter ShopMagical wands are not sold in places such asUniversal Studios shopOnly sold in.

USJ Ollivander has a new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Magical Wand Wand Wand Death Eater, Peter Pettigrew 7 new varieties now on sale.

August 2022 USJ Magical Wands 'Cedric Diggory' and 'Minerva McGonagall' Wands Newly introduced â

2022 Oct USJ Magical Wands (Wands) with new wands for Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange and Remus Lupin â

August 2023 USJ 'Magical Wand' Ginny and Fuller's Wand  Harry Potter Area

New Magical Wands] USJ Theseus Scamander's wand, Tina Goldstein's wand, Nicholas Flamel's wand and Rita Lestrange's wand on sale Harry Potter area Oct 2023.

New Magical Wands] USJ Theseus Scamander's wand, Tina Goldstein's wand, Nicholas Flamel's wand and Rita Lestrange's wand on sale Harry Potter area Oct 2023.

Ollivander Wand Shop Magical Wands 23 character wands, 36 in all (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

Shop information Ollivander's Wand Shop (Attractions & Shops).

Wand Magic (Spell-Casting Spots) Comparison Orlando, Beijing, USA

Harry Potter Area - comprehensive menu & how to play summary.

The Tweet quoted RT in the Tweet below has a photo of the Magical Wand in the Ollivander Wand Shop in the Harry Potter Area in Beijing... I'm jealous!

Ollivander Wand List, Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, Studio Tour Shop.

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Ollivanders wands Ollivander's wand shop (Universal Studios Japan) USJ Univa
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