Honeydukes Wizarding World Confectionery USJ Harry Potter Area

good day (daytime greeting)Universal Studios Japan (USJ), Harry Potter Area.â

Good evening, this is Pancake Man Dumbledore, the Wizard of 魔法界ドットコム.Honeydukes.Information on shops, a list of snacks and goods in the

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HONEYDUKES|Harry Potter Area, Universal Studios Japan

Honeydukes Wizarding World Confectionery USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Since the opening of 魔法界ドットコム, we have introduced many Honeydukes sweets, sweets and candies from the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'. But what a surprise! I'm surprised that I haven't introduced any Honeydukes shops.

I'm sure you're all aware by now that Honeydukes is a popular confectionery shop for Hogwarts students, wizards, Muggle children and adults alike.

Shop information Honeydukes|USJ "Harry Potter Area

(Homemade Sweets Honeydukes)

Appearance of the shop: Honeydukes - Harry Potter Area, Wizarding World Confectionery (Hothmead Village, USJ).

Shop Information Honeydukes| USJ Harry Potter Area
opening hours (of a store, restaurant, etc.)USJ, "Harry Potter Area."same as
During the Corona Disaster, there are days when opening hours are different from normal.
goods for saleCakes, sweets and confectionery from the wizarding world.
(Specialist take-away shops).

three broomsYou can bring it to
latency0 minutes
Shop location.USJ 'Harry Potter Area', Hogsmeade Village.Enter, second on the left.
Method of paymentCash (Japanese yen), various Muggle credit cards, PayPay and other QR code payments, d-payment
(NG Galleon gold coins, Sickle silver coins, Knut copper coins)

(as of October 2023).

How to get to Honeydukes|Universal Studios Japan

Honeydukes Wizarding World Confectionery USJ Harry Potter Area

Enter the Hogsmeade Village entrance (arched gate) of the USJ Harry Potter Area on the left. Opposite the Hogwarts Express. The pink shop in the foreground is calledZonko's Mischief Shop (Zonko's Mischief Shop).And the green and pink shop at the back is calledHoneydukes.In 2020 and 2021, the entrance to the shop will be closed to prevent Corona.three broomsThe Zonko door is for exit loss in October 2023. Other doors are free to enter and exit, and the door on the broom side of the Three Broomsticks is often closed.

Map] Location of Honeydukes|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

Shop location Map: Honeydukes & Magic Knee Cart "Harry Potter Area", Hothmead Village, USJ

Honeydukes of the film & original novel Harry Potter.

Honeydukes is a Harry Potter wizarding world confectionery and sweet shop that appears when Harry and his friends go to Hogsmeade Village. In the original novel and the film, it is calledHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.The film has appeared in the 'The Tale of the Tiger'.

USJ Honeydukes Inside the candy shop in the Harry Potter area.

Honeydukes is a famous confectioner in the wizarding world.

USJ Honeydukes Inside the candy shop in the Harry Potter area.

It is located within walking distance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The shop is located in Hogsmeade Village, the only wizard-only village in the UK, and is popular with Hogwarts students.

  Honeydukes has many unique treats from the wizarding world.

it's a secretStatue of the One-Eyed Witch of Hogwarts.A secret passageway leads to the underground warehouse of Honeydukes.Map of the ninjaThe route Harry took when he sneaked out of Hogwarts and went to Hogsmeade to visit his friends.

Staircase to 2nd floor Univa Honeydukes (HONEYDUKES) Shop introduction!

Staircase to the second floor of Honeydukes Â- lovely shocking pink.  The door to the second floor is also green.Â

Honeydukes sweets can be brought to the restaurant 'The Three Broomsticks'.

Honeydukes sweets, cakes and sweets purchased from the Magic Neep Cart are also allowed at the Three Broomsticks. The only condition for bringing your own is that you buy drinks and food from The Three Broomsticks.Â

[Video] YouTube Inside the Honeydukes shop and sweets â

The stock and types of 'sweets' and goods shown in the video change from time to time, so you may not always find the same sweets and goods when you visit.

Harry Potter sweets, drinks & merchandise available at Honeydukes.


A detailed food report is up on the link.Click (tap) on the title section of the snack.hereuponDetailed reportopens (≥▽≦) in the title section.Yellow markerがあるお菓子はリンク付きです♪

This section also explains the taste and texture of the various Harry Potter sweets sold (or used to sell) at Honeydukes, their volume, and a discussion of which scenes from the films and novels they appeared in. Whether they are tasty or not is subjective, so I would be happy if you could interpret them as a reference.â

Pumpkin juice ¥800 [Sales suspended] USJ Honeydukes

Unfortunately, 'pumpkin juice' is out of stock at USJ in 2021 2022 and October 2023.

Shock-O-Choc (Chocolate) (Shock-O-Choc) USJ Honeydukes.

The Shock O' Chocolate is a great snack whose packaging is a replica of the film and the box is a collector's item.

Fly-shaped chocolate fudge (fly-shaped nougat) USJ Honeydukes.

FUDGE Wizarding world confectionery: Fly-shaped nougats (fudge) are chocolate... Honeydukes (USJ, Harry Potter Area)
On the right in the photo is 'Fly-shaped chocolate fudge fudge'.甘いチョコレートで小さなハエのような昆虫の形をしています♪
Price: 700 yen.

Chocolate Frog Chocolate Frog USJ Honeydukes

Bertie Bott's 'Hundred Flavour Beans' USJ Honeydukes.

Bertie Bott's 'Hundred Flavour Beans' in a case of oversized cans USJ Honeydukes.

Tins of individually wrapped 100-flavour beans USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
Every-Flavour beansThe tin has a cute 100-flavour bean design. Please note that the list of flavours only contains one piece.â
Distributors:Honeydukes.,,Rodeo Drive Souvenirs.,,Universal Studios Store (Universal CityWalk shop)
Price: ¥2,800.
Several purchases have been made but no detailed reports have been produced.

Lemon Candy Sherbet Lemon|USJ Honeydukes

Lemon Candy Lemon Sorbet, a favourite of Principal Dumbledore (Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area')
It is officially known as 'Lemon Sorbet'. It is famous as Dumbledore's favourite sweet. It is also a popular snack in the Harry Potter area.The photo shows the large bottle before the renewal, but it is now one size smaller.
Price:2,000 yen After small size change 1,500 yen

Nameru Jelly Jelly Slugs [Discontinued]|USJ Honeydukes

Dr Remus Lupin's chocolate boards|USJ Honeydukes

Drooble's Balloon Gum that keeps on inflating|USJ Honeydukes

Exploding bonbons (EXPLODING BONBONS)|USJ Honeydukes

Honeydukes macaroons [no longer available] | USJ Honeydukes

All-you-can-stuff "Hundred Flavour Beans" and "Sweets"|USJ Honeydukes.

Honeydukes' Hundred Flavour Beans All-You-Can-Stuff USJ 'Harry Potter Area' sweets.
Every-Flavour beansAll-you-can-stuff service andsweetsThere is an all-you-can-stuff service for Two sizes of bags to pack. No box of 100-flavour beans. No bags for small portions. Benefits will be fun!
Price: ¥2,000 and ¥3,000.

Witch Pot Sponge Cake [no longer available] | USJ Honeydukes

Witch Pot Sponge Cake Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area' sweets
'Big pot cakes' sold on board the Hogwarts Express!It's a shame, because it tasted great.
Price: 800 yen.

Honeydukes cupcakes [no longer available]|USJ Honeydukes

5 types of broken chocolate [no longer available] | USJ Honeydukes

TOOTH SPLINTERING STRONG MINTS Strong mints that break your teeth|USJ Honeydukes.

Toad-shaped peppermint peppermint TOADS|USJ Honeydukes

FIZZING WHIZZBEES Fifi Fizzbees|USJ Honeydukes

FIZZING WHIZZBEES Fifi Fizzbees ¥900 USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
Hogwarts Express on-board sales.and Honeydukes in Hogsmeade Village (glimpsed on screen) are sweets. Crunch-type chocolate confectionery. It tastes normal.ÂMore about Fifi Fizbee â
Price: 900 yen.

PEPPER IMPS pepper candy [no longer available] | USJ Honeydukes

SUGAR QUILL LOLLIPOP quill pen candy green apple, orange flavour|USJ Honeydukes

SUGAR QUILL LOLLIPOP quill pen candy green apple, orange flavour USJ 'Harry Potter area' Honeydukes

HONEYDUKES LOLLIPOP Honeydukes Lollipop Candy|USJ Honeydukes

HONEYDUKES LOLLIPOP Honeydukes Lollipop Candy USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
Honeydukes design colour round candies.

ICE MICE LOLLIPOP Bulbul Mouth CandyGreen apple, orange flavour|USJ Honeydukes

ICE MICE LOLLIPOP Bulble Mouth Candy Green Apple, Orange Flavour USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
ICE MICE LOLLIPOP Bulble Mouth Candy Green Apple, Orange Flavour USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
Price: 400 yen (incl. tax)
Ice Mice Candy.
In the original Harry Potter novel, 'Bulble Mice' (I can hear your teeth chattering and squeaking!) ), and the sweets referred to are thought to be these 'Ice Mice Candies'.

ACID POPS Sour Pero Pero Acid Candy|USJ Honeydukes

ACID POPS Sour Pero Pero Acid Candy|Honey Dukes USJ "Harry Potter Area".
This is the 'peroxide acid candy' that Ron ate when he was seven years old and punctured his tongue. It was also a password for Principal Dumbledore.Â
Price: 400 yen.

Assorted gummy balls in glass jars|USJ Honeydukes

Assorted gummy balls in glass jars USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
An assortment of gummy bears with cute colourful spheres. Containers are glass jars with stylish Honeydukes logo.
Price: 1,500 yen.

Wand Chocolate|WAND CHOCOLATE|USJ Honeydukes

Wand chocolate milk Wand shaped chocolate USJ Harry Potter area Honeydukes
Wand-shaped milk chocolates. In the original novel, 'cane-shaped liquorice candy' appeared, but USJ sells chocolate confectionery â
Price: 700 yen.

Little frog chocolates|USJ Honeydukes

Small Frog Chocolate USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Honeydukes
Frog chocolate is now available in smaller bite-size pieces and individually wrapped. The packaging is also cute and ideal for souvenirs♪
Price: ¥2,000.

I have not yet experienced this little frog chocolate. I've been trying to buy this, but I've bought regular frog chocolate and haven't been able to buy it (;-).

Chocolate Frog Magnets Chocolate Frog Magnets|USJ Honeydukes

Frog doughnuts, chocolate, with stylish case|USJ Honeydukes

New frog doughnut chocolates... Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.
chocolate frogThe snacks are inspired by the It does not appear in the film or novel, but the box of the package is more solid and drawer-shaped than the contents, so the box itself can be used as a merchandise item.âMore about frog doughnut chocolate.Â
Price: 1,400 yen.

Two types of roll cake, chocolate with 100-flavour bean tops|USJ Honeydukes

Two new roll cakes and one new chocolate fresh confection from the wizarding world confectionery Honeydukes! USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

New Honeydukes sweets on sale from 4 November 2021!
Left: Pink Honeydukes roll cake Price: 700 yen
Right: green Honeydukes roll cake Price: 700 yen
Medium: 100-flavoured bean chocolate Price: ¥1,000 [winter-only sweet].

Honeydukes cold storage bags|USJ Honeydukes

LOVE POTION Hard candy|USJ Honeydukes

LOVE POTION candies are now available at USJ Honeydukes.
Product name: LOVE POTION Hard candy
Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)
Retailer: Honeydukes (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

Frog chocolate mug Frog with chocolate lid|USJ Honeydukes

Frog chocolate compact mirror (mirror)|USJ Honeydukes




USJ [New product] 'Love Potion Pierced Earrings' from Honeydukes, a confectioner in the Harry Potter area.Â
HONEYDUKES Love potion shaped earringsIs. Lovely item with pink gold colour throughout â
Price: ¥2,000 (incl. tax)
Retailer: Honeydukes (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')


[New items] USJ HARRY POTA collectibles: 'Gryffindor Ribbon and Sword Charm', 'Slytherin Ribbon and Rocket Charm' and 'Love Potion'.
Charm in the shape of a love potion.
The whole item is a lovely pink-gold colour♪
Price: 1,300 yen (incl. tax)
Retailer: Honeydukes (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

'Bertie Bott's Hundred Flavour Beans' and 'Frog Chocolate' stationery sets|Puzzles|Keychains

New products] USJ Honeydukes 'Bertie Bott's Hundred Flavour Beans' and 'Frog Chocolate' stationery sets|Puzzles|Keychains, May 2023.

[New items] Harry Potter accessory products 'Frog chocolate memo' and 'Hogwarts four dormitory keychain' etc USJ Harry Potter area Sept 2023.

Memo with frog chocolate box Price ¥1,900 (incl. tax)

Honeydukes Hundred Flavoured Beans Pencil Case

[USJ new merchandise] Honeydukes Hundred Flavoured Beans Pencil Case [USJ new merchandise] Niffler, Hedwig, Honeydukes, Slytherin, Gryffindor merchandise, November 2023 Harry Potter area.

itemHoneydukes clip set
Price2,600 yen (incl. tax)

Honeydukes clip set

Niffler, Hedwig, Honeydukes, Slytherin and Gryffindor merchandise, November 2023, Harry Potter area.

itemHoneydukes clip set
Price1,800 yen (incl. tax)

Honeydukes pattern tea towel apron.

USJ New Goods] Honeydukes Apron and Tea Towel are now available! Harry Potter area Nov 2023

Honeydukes tea towels, set of 2, price ¥ 2,500 (incl. tax)

Honeydukes apron Price ¥ 4,700 (incl. tax)

Inside Honeydukes (after refurbishment)|USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

In-store photo: Honeydukes USJ 'Harry Potter Area' confectionery.

USJ.zonko& Honeydukes shops have changed between when they first opened (2014) and now (2017). This story is called.Zonko's prank shop.Â

In-store photo: Honeydukes Lots of cute treats! Frogs, chocolates, hundred-flavoured beans, etc. USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Anyone who wants to try some delicious Harry Potter wizarding world treats should definitely stop by Honeydukes, The Three Broomsticks and The Magic Neep Cart (wagon sales). Especially during special seasons such as Halloween and Christmas, when limited-time-only sweets are available... ♪ There are still some sweets that Pancake Man hasn't eaten yet, so I'll let you all know in my report when I do.

[Hidden spot] CLIPPY'S CLIP JOINT Weird dolls and house servant fairies.

[Hidden spot] Honeydukes, skeleton dolls, EYEBALL BONANZA.

Giant hundred-flavoured beans in the bay window of Honeydukes.

Exterior of shop: giant Bertie Bott's 'Hundred Flavour Beans' in the bay window of Honeydukes, USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

See, if you feel like eating, go shopping at Honeydukes.
If you can show up, you can go right away.
Well, we'll see you again... ♪

[Photo spot] Honeydukes back alley is also a great 'candy bay window'.

Photo Spot] Honeydukes back alley is also a great 'candy bay window' USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The alleyway behind Honeydukes is also a lovely bay window photography spot. It is a quiet space away from the crowds at the front of Hogsmeade Village. The bay window is full of sweets from the Harry Potter film Honeydukes, as well as sweets displayed only in this bay window. The POP is in English, but if you read it one by one, you'll be surprised by all the sweets.

Wand Magic [Magical experience spot], Honeydukes Back Alley.

Wand Magic [Magical Experience Spot] Honeydukes Back Alley USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The back alley of Honeydukes is 'theWand magic (magical experience).It is also a spot for 'The Spell to experience: meteorojinx (snow, fall!). Is.

Honeydukes and Magic Neep Cart sweets can be brought to The Three Broomsticks.

You can bring sweets, cakes, food and drinks purchased in the Harry Potter Area to the Three Broomsticks restaurant. The only condition for bringing them in is that you buy something at the Three Broomsticks.

Magic Neep Cart (cart sales) snacks|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

'THE MAGIC NEEP CART.'The Village of Hogsmeade'.'Gladrags Wizardwear'-' (used in place of '-')and'Toms & Scrolls bespoke wizard bookshop.'-' (used in place of '-')You'll find it between the

The Magic Knee Cart sells sweets and drinks that are not sold at Honeydukes.

Magic Knee Cart Selling Sweets Menu USJ Harry Potter Area

This photo, taken around July this year 2017, shows the food and drinks available at the Magic Neep Cart at the moment, as seen on this menu board...

The 'Magic Neep Cart', a wagon cart that can be described as a Honeydukes stall, sells different sweet shops, drinks, fruit, etc. The items sold on the carts change with the seasons, so the fun changes with each season.

Hogwarts meat pie, price 600 yen|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Churritos and meat pies from the Magic Knee Cart, USJ Harry Potter Area.

The traditional British meat pie, very popular in the Magic Neep Cart, is accented with cheese in the wizarding world. The meat pie is branded with the Hogwarts 'H' on top.

Harry Potter Churritos in the four Hogwarts dormitories price ¥650|USJ Magic Neap Cart

Churritos with the image of the four Hogwarts dormitories Price ¥600 Magic Knee Cart USJ 'Harry Potter Area' confectionery

Cute and colourful Harry Potter churritos decorated in the image colours of the four Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw houses.映画ハリー・ポッターでは登場しませんが、きっと「ハリー・ポッター エリア」の魔女と魔法使いたちの大人気商品です♪

28 Jun 2021- New sweets Jelly Drinks on sale! |USJ Magic Neep Cart

Jelly Drink Jelly Drink Gryffindor x Ravenclaw Jelly Drink USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Magic Neep Cart

1 Mar 2023 Fantabi-goods Bowtruckle magical creature drink bottle holder|USJ Magic Neap Cart

USJ [New Fantabi merchandise] Bowtruckle (picket) plastic bottle strap|Harry Potter Area - Magic Neep Cart

Bowtruckle bottle strap Price ¥ 500 (incl. tax)

USJ HARRY POTTER & FANTASVI Magical Animals (Magical Creatures) Plush Toys & Merchandise Summary|Harry Potter Area

See separate report below for information on the Magic Neep Cart shop.Â

Three Broomsticks Sweets and Desserts Menu|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

Zonko's Mischief Specialist Shop Information|USJ "Harry Potter Area".

To the right of the red bay window is a dark blue vertical bay window. This is another shop, but only on the exterior.

Honeydukes Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

Many Honeydukes sweets and goods are also sold in the UK. Many of the sweets are not available at USJ in Japan. Location.Merchandise shop in Warner Bros. studios outside London, UK.Is.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo sweets list Honeydukes.

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' merchandise shop

  1. Filch's confiscated goods shop (souvenir sweets, stuffed magical creatures, apparel).
  2. In front of Hogwarts Castle Goods cart
  3. Ollivander's shop (replica wand, magical wand).
  4. Ollivander, Kurt.
  5. Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store (dressing gowns, ties, glowing wands).
  6. Gladrags Magical Western Wear Shop (dressing gowns, socks, replica goods).
  7. Owl mail (envelopes, stamps, owl goods)
  8. Dervish and Bangs (Quidditch, Magic Toys, Nimbus 2001, Firebolt).
  9. Honeydukes (e.g. hundred-flavour beans, frog-chocolate stationery, lips).
  10. Zonko's prank shop (wizarding world prank toys, stretchy ears).

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Super Interpretive Guide Menu & Summary

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Honeydukes Wizarding World Confectionery USJ Harry Potter Area
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