Arrived 'large wooden trunk (second-hand)' I 'Hogwarts boot'.

Hogwarts Trunk for Christmas 2020! Large wooden trunk ordered from the UK by International Owl Mail.Â

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man... ♪
Today's report is a gift from me to myself.

A Christmas present to yourself in 2020!

Looking back over the past, 2016 was a year of 'Genuine leather boot like the one Newt Scamander carries.', 2018, which was produced by the man who created Michael Gambon's beard.Dumbledore's beard like the real thing.I gave it to myself for working so hard on 'The Greatest Gift of All'. Looking back now, it was an extravagant gift (laughs).

Albus Dumbledore wig & beard (made by Harry Potter production staff)And then I received my Christmas present for 2020... a Christmas present in January? You would think, but actually the Harry Potter goods I had ordered were cancelled... I was searching for other goods I wanted and decided and ordered them on 6 January. The fastest owl delivery service delivered it in a few birds and it arrived at the Pancake Man's hideout (Japan) on 16 January... The owl is from Kingswinford , United Kingdom (West of Birmingham region of the UK.It seems that the owls have relayed the international route from the city to us (laughs).Fastest record of owl flights from the UK in the past.Is.

As an aside, on the other hand, the owls from America have not flown away from the Americas at all (^_^;) I have asked for another item from the magical world long before the boot, but it seems that the shortage of owls has caused a great deal of confusion. I was informed until the middle of the movement of the American continent, but I haven't heard from them for two weeks now. I regretted this time when I saw the owl delivery, thinking that I should have asked for it in the UK (laughs).

What arrived was a 'large wooden trunk (second-hand)' I call it the 'Hogwarts Trunk' â

Arrived 'large wooden trunk (second-hand)' I 'Hogwarts boot'.

The boot in the picture is the PROP (props) boot on display next to the carriages.caveAround the Hogwarts Express in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.and ... andIn front of the carriages at Kings Cross Station on the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK.Similar large wooden boots are displayed in the following places. The large boots carried by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students on their way to Hogwarts are thought to be filled with a year's worth of clothes, uniforms, wizarding equipment, textbooks and snacks. Therefore.'Hogwarts Trunk.'-' (used in place of '-')I call it on its own.

Size; 86 cm (W) x 55 cm (D) x 33 cm (H).

Hogwarts Trunk-like appearance.

It might be hard to tell from the picture, but it's so big. It's the same size as Harry and his friends' trunks in the films (laughs). It's the same size as Harry's boot in the film.

Exterior view of Hogwarts Trunk.

Exterior view of Hogwarts Trunk.

The entire boot is made of wood. It is light brown with four lines of reinforced wooden frames. The corners are further reinforced with iron. It has dirt and scratches, so it is very realistic. The whole thing has been wiped clean many times to a level where it is not dirty to the touch.

'Large wooden boot (second-hand)' I 'Hogwarts Trunk' Hogwarts Trunk.

It is secured by three locking locks with a central locking bracket and keyholes on either side. It is a real boot that someone has actually used for many years, so it is quite sturdy.

Fred Weasley (FW) Harry Potter Studio Tour¥.George Weasley (GW) large wooden boot Harry Potter Studio Tour (UK)

Harry and his team's 'TheHogwarts Trunk.' has the initials 'HP' for Harry Potter and 'RW' for Ron Weasley on the side to indicate whose boot it belongs to. Fred Weasley is 'FW' and George is 'GW'.

I got the initials 'AD' painted on the boot...

I got the initials 'AD' painted on the boot...

The initials are painted on as a service (or not), but I couldn't decide whether to use Pancake Man Dumbledore's 'PD' or Albus Dumbledore's 'AD'. The result is as you can see â

There is also a Hogwarts trunk-like crest on the top of the boot.

There is also a Hogwarts trunk-like crest on the top of the boot.

The crest-like symbol on the boot is also hand painted by the service. This is not official Harry Potter merchandise. The initials and logo were painted on by a person who refreshes and sells second-hand boots. It now looks like a boot that a Hogwarts student would have (laughs), which is why the Pancake Man is also going on the Hogwarts Express to study wizardry!Kings Cross StationGo to. Put the boot on a carry cart.9 Lines 3/4.Heh.

Contents and structure of the boot.

Boot contents and construction Hogwarts Trunk

Now open the Hogwarts Trunk! When opened, the inside is double-layered with a raised bottom. It's quite clean for its age.

Boot contents and construction Hogwarts Trunk

If you take the top wooden tray, you can see the bottom of the boot. You see, it looks like this.

Boot contents and construction Hogwarts Trunk

The lid and body of the boot have a movable hinge stopper at the back left, so it will not close on its own. The interior lining is very clean, although there are some tears in places. It is probably because the previous owner was very careful in using it. To be sure, I left it fabulised, wiped it down and put it in plasmacluster air for a few hours. w

I packed a set of Hogwarts uniforms in the boot, and what's that? In Harry's boot (laughs).

I packed a set of Hogwarts uniforms in the boot, and what's that? In Harry's boot (laughs).


robe, raw shirt and trousers,cardiganTies, ties and Harry Potter wands,Textbook of Magical Arts and Sciences.Gryffindor knitted hat.
What do you think? It's got a very Harry Potter feel to it, doesn't it? (lol) If you display it like this, you will definitely feel like you are at Hogwarts and the Gryffindor dormitory every day (´▽`*) When I look at the contents of the boot, for some reason it looks like Harry's boot (lol). I would like some Harry Potter goods manufacturer to sell replicas as official goods.

What? You want me to have one too? Hmmm I want to give everyone a Hogwarts Trunk too! I'd like to, but the Pancake Man's safe at Gringotts Bank... if, if, if...Twitter (mahoukaicom).When the number of followers of the "W" reaches 100,000... maybe... (not even 1,000 yet, but...)

Incidentally, I thought the boot could also be used for the following purposes. It can be used for HARIPOTA cosplay items, a table (Harry and his friends used it as a table, didn't they?) and a box to house HARIPOTA goods. Personally, I'd like to put it on the baggage belt conveyor at the airport and see the reaction of the people around me (laughs).

Official merchandise Hogwarts boots are available in mini sizes.

Wooden boot with Hogwarts emblem, £185.Hogwarts boots and mini-types for sale! Initials OK

  1. Harry Potter Studio Tour Studio Shop Square type Hogwarts trunk
  2. Harry Potter Studio Tour Round type Hogwarts trunk in the train shop.
  3. Kings Cross Station, Harry Potter Shop, round type Hogwarts trunk.
  4. Harry Potter Shop UK Online shop with round type Hogwarts trunk.

Hogwarts boots (personalised service) are available for purchase at the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen site)Â

Detailed report] Platforms 9 and 3/4, luggage carts and Hogwarts boots |King's Cross Station recreated film set Harry Potter Studio Tour London, United Kingdom

Hogwarts boots have extended capacity with undetectable expansion spells.

The Hogwarts Trunk holds more luggage than it looks, as the inside of the boot is extended by an undetectable expansion spell. This is the same magic as Hermione Granger's drawstring bag and Newt Scamander's magic boot. It is also the same with Ron's dad's borrowed tent.

It is not mentioned in the novels or the Harry Potter films, but J.K. Rowling explains it in Pottermore. The spell cast by the Undetectable Extension spell is "Capacious extremis!".


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Arrived 'large wooden trunk (second-hand)' I 'Hogwarts boot'.
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