Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka (Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop only)

Reservation method] Mahoudokoro Akasaka If you make a reservation on line in advance, you don't have to wait in line for a numbered ticket.

In 魔法界ドットコム.Mahoudokoro Akasaka At the start of the reservation service, the information was announced on the shop information page.The details of the Once again, we tell you how to book Mahoud Koro.

You can book a date and time to enter Mahoudokoro Akasaka on line without queuing up in the shop.Â

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Harry Potter Mahoudokoro, Akasaka Wizarding World Street, Akasaka, Tokyo Book online before you visit.

The Harry Potter Mahoutokoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop, where you can find official Wizarding World merchandise, allows you to make reservations for a specific date and time you wish to enter the shop.

Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka (Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop only)
The Harry Potter Mahoutsukoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop has attracted a lot of attention and has been visited by many customers every day since its opening on 16 June (Thursday).
To alleviate congestion, we used to distribute same-day entry tickets at our shops, but we have introduced a system that allows customers to make advance reservations for visits to our shops, specifying their preferred date and time, so that more customers can use our shops with peace of mind. Anyone who uses LINE, a free communication tool available on smartphones and other devices, can make a reservation.
Bookings are currently available for October, November and December.
Please use it when watching a play or going out.
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Internet booking is available on your smartphone above.QR CodeScan for!

Mahoudokoro Akasaka How to make a reservation LINE is required|Secure a date and time to enter the restaurant in advance â

Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka (Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop only)

Image of the booking screen

  1. Read the QR code (2D barcode) in the two images above with your smartphone.
  2. Register Benelic BROOM as a friend on the LINE app.
  3. Open the Benelic BROOM talk screen.
  4. Tap 'Make a reservation' on the right-hand side at the bottom of the talk screen.
  5. Tap 'Select'.
  6. Select the date you wish to visit Mahoudokoro Akasaka and 'tap'.
  7. Select the time you wish to enter Mahoudokoro Akasaka and 'tap'.
    (Entry appointment time slots are from 11:00 to 19:00 in 60-minute increments).
  8. 予約が完了するとトーク画面上に『予約中●年●月●日 ハリー・ポッター マホウドコロ 赤坂店入店予約』と表示される。
  9. Meet in front of Mahoudokoro Akasaka 3 minutes before the appointment time.
  10. When entering the shop, present the "Entry Reservation Screen" in the LINE app to the staff at the Mahoudokoro shop.
    (When two people enter the restaurant, just tell them it's for two.)

(I, Pancake Man, have added my actual experience of the booking procedure. (The above procedure description has been changed from the content of the release)

How to cancel a reservation to enter a restaurant|Mahoudokoro Akasaka

Displayed at the bottom of the on line entry booking screen, 'TheCancel.You can cancel a booking by tapping on 'Cancel booking'.

How to confirm a reservation to enter the restaurant|Mahoudokoro Akasaka

LINE.'Benelic BROOM'.on the bottom left-hand side of the talk screen of the'Confirmation of booking'.Tap to display the appointments that are currently booked to enter Mahoudokoro Akasaka.

Booking points|Mahoudokoro Akasaka

  • 1 reservation allows up to 2 people to enter Mahoudokoro Akasaka.
  • It is not possible to change reservations outside of the LINE app.
  • (魔法界ドットコム survey) If you want to change the date and time of your appointment, cancel it once and make a new appointment.
  • There may be a wait to enter the Mahoudokoro Akasaka shop depending on the situation.
  • After 45 minutes from the appointment time you are scheduled to enter the shop, it will become invalid and you will not be allowed to enter the shop.
  • (According to 魔法界ドットコム) One reservation slot for the same day and time is possible with one LINE account; if three or more people want to enter the restaurant, two reservations are required, using two LINE accounts.
  • (According to 魔法界ドットコム) Bookings can also be cancelled on-screen.

WIZARDING WORLD characters, names, and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s22).

Reservations can be made up to two months in advance of the desired date and time of entry into the restaurant.

approx. 7 weeks aheadâ

Booking start date and timeDate of booking you would like to enter the restaurant.Booking timeframe
Tuesday, 5 July, 10.00 am -.Fri 8 Jul - Wed 31 Aug.11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
Wednesday 6 July, 10.00 am -.Friday 8 July - Thursday 1 September11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
Thursday, 7 July, 10.00 am -.Fri 8 Jul - Fri 2 Sept.11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
Friday 12 August.Sat 13 Aug - Sat 8 Oct.11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
Saturday 13 August.Sunday 14 August - Sunday 9 October11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
19 Oct (Wednesday).Wednesday 19 October - Wednesday 14 December11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.
Thursday 20 October.Thursday 20 October - Thursday 15 December11:00, 12:00 ... 19:00 -.

The earliest booking time slots are from 11.00 a.m. The hourly slots are available, with the last booking slot available for entry from 19.00 p.m. Mahoudokoro Akasaka closes at 21:00.

For every day that passes, the available booking date advances by one day.56 days ahead(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionbusiness dayis available for booking â

One LINE account can make one reservation for the same date and time slot; one reservation allows up to two people (three people including schoolchildren) to enter the restaurant. If four friends want to enter Mahoudokoro Akasaka at the same time slot, they must also make one reservation on their friend's LINE account to secure a total of two reservations.

If you book in advance, you do not need to get a numbered ticket on the day. You do not have to wait in line for a long time in hot weather at the shop to get a numbered ticket. However, you will have to wait in line to enter the shop until your reservation time.

I made a reservation on line and went to Mahoudokoro Akasaka.Â

After Mahoudokoro Akasaka started offering on line reservations, I immediately made a reservation on line and visited. Here is what I experienced.

When I arrived in front of the Mahoudokoro Akasaka restaurant 10 minutes before the reserved entry time, there were already more than 40 people lined up along the building from the entrance (^^; yeah yeah yeah????). This many people lined up? I was surprised, but don't worry. When it was time to enter the restaurant, the queue went smoothly in turn into the restaurant: everyone was able to enter within 10 minutes, so if you make a reservation, you don't have to wait that long to enter the restaurant.

When you enter the restaurant, just present your LINE reservation screen to the waiter and you're good to go♪ One or two people can enter the restaurant with one reservation screen, so you can invite your Haripotter friends you met in Akasaka to join you on the day♪

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Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka (Harry Potter Mahoudoukoro Akasaka Wizarding World Street shop only)
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