Let's get together at Hogwarts... and dress up as Harry Potter... and enjoy the 2016 Halloween season in the wizarding world of USJ...

Hello! I'm Pancake Man Dumbledore.
It's Halloween season at USJ again in 2016! Also known as Halloween, www.

Now you're looking for friends in fancy dress and costumes to help you enjoy the wizarding world.

The contents of this article will now be written down for you to read through.Â

<Magic Society Conditions for Halloween in fancy dress...

1. any costume with Harriotta material is acceptable.
2. parade in costume around the park and in the Harriotta area
3. ride attractions, shop in shops, eat at the Three Broomsticks
4. you are free to disperse or join in midway.
5. if you are only an Annual Pass user, you might go outside the park on the way to Eggs 'n' Things w
6. people who can get along without criticising others (even if they are shy w)
7. living persons of secondary school age and above (one or more).
Under 18s are also welcome if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2015 Halloween! _7320.jpg
Even if you're a Hogwarts student in a robe.
Even interesting systems such as the Sorting Hat and Nimbus 2000.
Even Hogwarts professors like Snape's Army.



9 Sep (Fri) - 6 Nov (Sun), 2016

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during the Halloween season, excluding excluded days, are as follows.


Oct ★1(Sat),2(Sun),★8(Sat),10(Mon),15(Sat),★16(Sun),★22(Sat),★23(Sun),29(Sat),★30(Sun)
Nov ▲3(Thu),5(Sat),★6(Sun)
9/11 Makiron (last year's Snape Army) and others
17 September Students from other schools + darkness?
25 Sep Slytherin students from the south? Also from Taiwan â
10/1 Muggle world with Muggle Chakifoy and Headmaster, 14;30 - Wizarding world with Kikyo Bellatrix?
10/8 That Man from the North Country... W. Other (application closed)
23 Oct First Dumbledore and Friends (another secretary for the day, no longer accepting applications).
30 Oct Makiron (last year's Snape Army) and others (recruitment closed. You are welcome to join us in the area).
6 Nov (No applications for this date. Photos and meet-ups may be possible in the area!)
18 September (Sunday).
9 October (Sunday).
The dates that Pancake Man is due to impart are those marked with a *.
Changes are made as needed â
Gorgeous Hogwarts members + first generation Dumbledore + second generation Dumbledore = Double Door! I dressed up as the Wizard Pancake Man (USJ Halloween).

This year, a lot of our friends will be getting together in fancy dress and costumes with Harriotta stories...

There will be an even more enjoyable gathering of Hogwarts professors, dark camps, students and other fun friends than in the 2015 season!

Please contact Pancake Man Dumbledore if you are going on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday when he is not scheduled to be there.
Maybe I'll be there.
If you are going, please contact us via blog comments or Twitter DM!
1. nickname or name
2. what they will look like.
3. Twitter ID & LINE ID
4. availability of annual passes

See also below for more information on fancy dress rules & etiquette.

USJ fancy dress rules 2016.>>
Twitter tags>>
Enthusiasm in #disguise.
This tag is used to broadcast tweets about fancy dress at USJ.
It's an official USJ tag...
About the changing rooms(2015 Ref.)
 In 2016, as in 2015, it is stage 18.Â
In the USJ park The make-up & changing area (changing rooms) for fancy dress at USJ (Univa) is Stage 18 (left-hand side) Paid lockers are also available!

City Walk has changing rooms, too!
Costume & cosplay changing rooms outside the USJ parks are now available♪ Universal CityWalk 4F (in front of the Hard Rock Café)
*In 2016, the fee is now 500 yen. However, you get a golden ticket for 500 yen that can be used at USW.
Lockers from 300 yen.
The links are to content from 2015. Please refer to the W
The reason why I am recruiting loosely is that there may be days when I myself cannot make it due to my own business.
We want to have fun together in the park in a relaxed and easy-going way.
*Hogwarts students & staff attend the School of Wizardry.
★★Meals at the Three Broomsticks with lots of wizards & witches.
It would be fun to be able to do this with friends from the wizarding world.
(^. ^) No. See you in the USJ wizarding world!


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We will try our best to write even more enjoyable articles for you to enjoy...

Check for updates!

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